Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Has Anyone Seen This Plate? or A Beggar's Plea

I think I found this desert plate at Sally Anne's (Salvation Army) :>
I nabbed it quickly as I felt those familiar, sentimental tears welling.
"Mom... Mom had plates like this!" ~ Blink ~ Blink ~
THESE are the dishes of my childhood. ~ Hearts ~ Hearts ~
I think they were some of those gas station/grocery store premium dishes but I'm not positive. I'm also pretty sure they are from the 60s- not before. There's no name on the bottom to Google... They are thick and as you can see, this one has a chip.
Mom must have given away her set in the late 70s but now,
when I see this plate, I feel close to her.
AND- I want more.
I saw this pattern somewhere out in blog land.
Do any of you know this pattern?
And more importantly, would you keep your eyes open for it for me???
I'm not a rich girl but I am a sentimental one!
and I'm willing to pay thrift store/garage sale prices AND shipping for it-
even if it's just one more little plate.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Light, Life, Joy And Love In My Kitchen

Hey there, girlfriends! Light, life, joy and love! These are my favorite words! They hang out in my kitchen with me to remind me of all that I've been given by my Lord! The words were cut out from flower catalogs and magazines. Our coffee canisters are from the Goodwill (of course!) and I cut out flower pics from a calendar and glued them on. The walls in here used to be brown paneling. I'm so glad they're white now! I tried to keep red and yellow the main colors in my words but it was hard to find enough red and yellow flowers. All the words except LIGHT hang at the top of the wall like a border. I've done something similar in other houses I've lived in, too.

He gives me joy that's unspeakable! And I like it! And I like it! :>

The framed calendar pic below matches one of my canisters. Some day over the rainbow, the frame will be painted. It also sort of matches my table runner in a post past.
Much love to all of you! Thanks for coming by!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Yesterday's Treasure And A Present From My Gingergirl!

Since we are on vacation, we went to the big Goodwill in Christiansburg yesterday and this holly and ivy hurricane lamp was my main score. It was brand new and still in the box for $2.something. As Scrappy Jessi would say, "Cha-ching!" :> I really didn't have a Christmas centerpiece so I was real happy with it. And, well, my name *is* Holly. :>

And now! I'm happy to show my present from my very own Gingergirl- Noelle from Lil' Bits And Pieces Of Me! http://futuremrsk.blogspot.com/

I pouted so badly at not winning her Gingey give away that she gave in to my little fit and said she would send me something. Hee-hee! Is that how it went, Noelle? the package showed up at the house in this cute penguin envelope but I wanted to use my Gingerpaper so I wrapped it up! :>

See it peeking out down below?

See what's inside! See! See! Look, girls! Look! (Just a little Dick And Jane impression there.) ;>
Lots of cute Gingey goodness! See the little houses? They are so sweet! I'm going to put ALL of these in my kitchen- maybe all year! Well, that is- ALL except the mix! Noelle- you're saving me a lot of work with that mix! ;> I'll use it for New Years day when we have our Christmas dinner. (Nothing late OR traditional about me!)
I told Noelle it was hard to pick a favorite but I think the little guy on the tin really got to me so he wins. :> (I think it was his eyes.) ;>
This package was so special to me because I had just met Noelle and it meant a lot that she would send me something! Now it will be fun keeping my eyes open for cute Ginger things for the both of us since we both collect Gingeys! (You must capitalize their name or they will be offended and RUN away!)
Well, I hope you're all - "Simply- Having- A Wonderful Christmas Time"!
I sure am!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Inheritance!!!

This BIG Christmas box is for Holly!
This BIG box weighs 12 pounds!
And what is *IN* this box??? The mother load of all linens- that's what!!!!

That's right! All old, all delightful- filled to the brim- linens!!!Swoon ~ Swoon ~ Doilies and table runners, table cloths and delicate hankies, crotche' work and cross stitch! Layer upon layer upon layer!

Embroidery work done in every color and flower imaginable! all the way down to the bottom of the box! (Yes, there are a lot of pictures here but I wanted to try and give you the full affect!) I was overwhelmed as I pulled and pulled and pulled each item out!

Oh! Did you see the gloves? My mom had some like that! But I don't know what happened to them! (Blink~ blink) Do you think I can pretend they were hers???
Oh how happy and amazed I was as I unfolded each and every treasure. Some have wrinkles and age spots just like me! :> Some still look young and fresh.
And guess what? Many of these precious gifts came from a Grandma's attic! Her family didn't want them. :<
I can't wait to sort, wash, starch, iron and USE them!When some of these lovlies went from Grandma's attic, they first went to live with my sweet and giving e friend, Juli. She loved them as they deserved but when it was time for them to move to a new home she thought of me! Me! Me! Me! :>
Juli, if you read this, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Wow! what a Christmas! I think it was a couple months back when Juli asked me something like this, "Don't you like old hankerchiefs and things like that ?"
Ha-ha! Can you hear my beating heart? ;>
Well, she said that she had some things that she would send me...
Then she wrote some time later to say that she hadn't quite got to them yet- in the back of a closet or some such thing... I told her no worries and then I FORGOT all about it!
Imagine my surprise when 2 days BEFORE Christmas, Micah plops the box down on my bed and says, "Here's a box for ya, Mom!"
Woo-hoo! When I saw it was from Juli, I knew it must be the linens but it was too HEAVY for just a few linens... Oh my! Hmmmm... She must have added something to the box...
I decided to save the box for Christmas morn but the box was so big that I didn't have time to wrap it. Instead, I adhered a label, card and bow and WAITED!
~ Holly rubs her hands together in gleeful anticipation ~
Well, I found out that Juli DID add something that wasn't a linen item; a small(leather bound?) book on the VERY bottom of the box. :> It was an OLD 1895 book by my favorite author, George MacDonald!

There were 2 inscriptions inside. The first was the original:
a Christmas gift from a Sunday school teacher to her student in "99". And girls, we ain't talking Nineteen 99 either!!! :>

The second inscription: A Merry Christmas from Juli in 08.
I was speechless! So perfect! Juli said she bought it off eBay a couple years back but that she felt it was mine all along! ~Heart ~ Heart ~

God's love comes to us and through us in so many ways- each so different from the other -yet still God's amazing L-O-V-E!
Thank you, Lord for this inheritance and thank you, Lord for all my e girls...

Too Cute!

Okay, girls, I know that Santa season is officially over and I'm not even really a Santa collector but aren't these the cutest? I think they're vintage. Anybody know? I bought them at the Goodwill the day after Christmas for .35 cents a piece.

Come by later today and I might have another post up about an amazing Christmas gift!

~ Hearts ~

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meet My Good Friend

Girls, please meet my good friend, vintage wood cook stove! Many of the older homes here in the Appalachians have wood coke stoves in them. See my red and white enamelware? That was a basement find!

No, I don't cook on my stove but back in my "pioneer wannabe" days, I'm sure I would have. I do use it as a food warmer and I did cook on it once- just to say that I have, but it generally just keeps us warm and keeps me happy. We bought this stove from the previous owner of this house for $75.00! She was going to take it with her to "town" but I'm so glad she didn't. Bless her heart, I know she misses it!
My stove is decorated for Summer in this pic and I'm always changing it up. It doubles as counter and storage space when not in use. I actually miss it during the warm weather months but then I can have fun decorating it. This stove is a real gift from the Lord because I love to play with fire! Even when I was a young girl of 10, it was my job to do the burning in the family. I made candles too and I had them all over my room- even in my improvised canopy bed! Yikes! It's a miracle I didn't burn our house down!

It's nice and warm here in my kitchen! stick around and leave a comment!

Love you all!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my girls at heart!
(This is the card that I wish I could have made for all of you!)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Cutest Wrapping Paper!

I spied these adorable papers at Walmart and was going to wait till after Christmas to snag some at half price but then I noticed that the Rudolph paper that I also had my eye on, was sold out! Uh-oh! Better get it now! I can't wait to wrap presents in it. ( I can't wrap too soon or Micah goes bonkers!)

Merry Christmas, girls!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cupcake Before And After

Here's a small Goodwill picture I picked up over the Summer. The glass had a scratch on it and the picture was faded so I bought it just for the potentially cute frame. It went into my future projects closet to wait for its some day over the rainbow make over.
And finally in December, its day arrived! Here she is after I painted, glittered, added one of my cupcakes, matching ribbon and a flower to it! Whoda thought? Well, Priscila did. She encouraged me to try and frame one of my cuppies but I didn't think I had a frame. Yes, it's true. I had forgotten all about my poor little ugly Goodwill pic! :< I had been wanting to make something special for a friend so after its make over, this new little cuppy went to live with Twyla! The pink frosting on the cake matches the pink slippers that she made me. :> If you click to enlarge it, you might see that the pink flowers on the frame and the silk flower have been lightly glittered.
For me, projects like this one are even more gratifying than making something from scratch. Now just think, what if someone would have thrown that old Goodwill pic away instead of passing it on to me?! I just know that there has to be more picture frames out there waiting for a new home. That's just one of the reasons that motivate me to keep going back to the good ole Goodwill. And yes, Priscila, I'll make you one, too! ;>

~ Hearts ~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kitchen Peeks

Want another peek at my vintage kitchen? This is how I decorate the small farm style table I have in here. The table runner was a house warming present that served as the inspiration for my whole kitchen. I love it! It's so cheerful and vintage looking.

The rolling pin there in the back, belonged to my mother. It provides me with continual inspiration in all areas of life! That's a bracelet around the lamp.


See where I hung Priscila's Santa pendant?
One of these days, I'm going to clean the soot off of that shade and embellish it.
(Because of the wood stove in the kitchen, everything tends to get a bit sooty in the Winter.)
The rock/brick wall that you see here, used to be several shades of brown.
It gave my already sunless kitchen a horrible cave like feeling. Ugg!
My sweetie painted it stark white for me last fall.
I like it muuuuuuch better!
Thanks for coming by, girls!
I'll be giving you more kitchen peeks in the future.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Give Away Win And Another Shabby Find!

(Ha-ha-ha! Click to enlarge this picture and you'll see a nicely enlarged "me" reflected in the ornaments! Ha-ha!) I won my first give away! Can you celebrate with me? When I first learned about blog give aways, I was hooked! I was just blown away by the generosity of the bloggin' girls!
I'm just like a little girl when I receive a present! I giggle and even clap my hands! I just love presents! Maybe it's because I'm just a girl at heart.
Anyway, I won a Pink Linens give away, hosted by sweet Candy.Doesn't Candy have nice hand writing? I'm only showing you the envelope because I'm going to wait until Christmas to open it! Ha-ha! So you'll have to wait just like me to see what's in that envelope!

And now look at this, Girls! Another Goodwill linen's bin reward! Who would have thought that this Simply Shabby Chic shower curtain would be in there with all those twisted bottom sheets, plastic place mats and even an occasional empty pop can? I thought it was a sheet at first- so nice and thick but then I saw the top with the plastic holes for the shower curtain hooks. I originally thought I would cut it all up and make "Shabby" crafts to sell but this solution is much quicker and easier- is it not?

Add this yummy pillow case and Wa-la! Instant cottage charm for my cozy chair!

Oh, this find cost me $2.00. Not sure what it was at Target but it probably *wasn't* $2.00!

Merry Christmas, girls! I'm off this morning to do Christmas shopping for Micah!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Christmas Art Challenge

I've participated in my first art challenge! It was a lot of fun and it WAS a challenge! :> Priscila of Casa Bella Chic hosted it and she provided us with a few of her vintage card images to choose from. I love vintage girl cards! We could create any type of creation we cared to, using as many of the images as we wanted. I changed my mind several times but I decided to make this collage using 2 of the cards. This is one of those times that I really wish I knew how to take better photos because this really is so much cuter in real life. The doily details just don't show up here. The scrabble letters look much more glittery than the pic reveals, too. The sugar cube under the word "sugar" really looks like a little sugar cube in real life! Micah made it for me out of clay and I glittered it! He was so happy to have helped.

I'm off to go grocery shopping in the rain! Talk to you all later.

~ Happy hearts ~

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Craftily Ever After

Hello, girls! Here's a little before and after project. These are two, small, ugly fabric front picture thingies for the Goodwill for 35 cents each. Thankfully, my camera skills have developed a bit since this picture was taken!Now here they are after a little loving care. They now hang on my craft room wall where they remind me that all things are possible with pretty fabric and paint!

I'm busy finishing up Priscila's art challenge.
I hope you're all having a great week end!

~ Cinamon Hearts ~

Friday, December 12, 2008

Before And After

Hi, girlfriends! I Love before and afters, don't you?

I have 4 different types of cabinetry in my crazy quilt kitchen but this lower set are my favs. The door on the far right is the "before" and the rest are the "afters"!
That fake wood grain contact paper just about made me throw up! :>
I like the strawberry paper muuuuch better!
Ever tried doing a project like this with contact paper?
Hint- DON'T DO IT! Ha-ha!
I like my new knobs better, too.

If you click to enlarge, you'll see what an off job I did with the paper but it's not noticeable when you walk in here. I also need to touch up the paint one of these days. Oh, wow, after clicking to enlarge, you can also tell how dirty the cabniets are! GASP! How dreadful! Ha-ha!
So many fun projects- so little time!
Do you see my kitty admiring my work? She's one of the girls I have around here. Well, thanks for being one of my girls too and looking at the first of many -before and afters!
~ Cookie Sprinkles ~

Thursday, December 11, 2008

THE FIND Of The Year!

Ta-da! The thrift store find of the year award goes to:
Simply Shabby Chic book case!
Available at Target for $249.00 but at the Goodwill (in the original box) for $30.00!
Yes, there's some damage at the top but I don't care!
See the cool drawer with the glass knob on the bottom?
That little family to the left is when we were raising our first 3 boys.

This book case was an answer to prayer!
(Well, actually it was a whine with a long story attatched to it.)

There have been times of waiting years before I see God answer a request.
And some requests are still unanswered. But then there are those little wishes and whines that I don't even expect the Lord to intervene in but then He does, and it surprises and delights me!

Here's my favorite shelf with my pretty pink pumpkin. I don't have the heart to put it away!

This book case is doing double duty as a hutch since I don't have one anymore. (One of those "sold all my possesions" experiences.) Just about all the items in this book case are from thrift stores, too. Well, not Bobby and me! ;>

I had never seen anything like this at our Goodwill before or since and every time I look at it, it makes me feel happy!

Thanks for coming by girls and I hope you can be happy with me!

~ Hearts ~

Monday, December 8, 2008

Treasures Won In Battle

Don't you girls love treasure hunting?
I try to go to my local Goodwill at least once a week.
Here's this week's small bounty!
You have to really be brave to dig through the linens bin- but it has its rewards!
LOVE this sweet pillow case!

Here's a close up of a bowl that makes me smile.
I put it down in the basement until Spring.
I think It will make a good Spring centerpiece with something fun inside the bowl.
Maybe some hippy love beads or something? ~ Wink ~

This little treasure chest box will be altered some day.

Next time, I'll show you THE FIND OF THE YEAR!
Have a great day, girls!
~ Hearts ~

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Sweet Six Projects

Can I show you my Sweet Six projects?!
Back in Sept. I signed up for the Sweet Six Studio Online Art Retreat.
Although it was an only an online work shop, it's the closest I had ever come to crafting with other women. Really.
I only completed 3 of the 12 (?) projects but it really gave me the artistic boost I needed and it gave me soooo many ideas!

So, here are my projects. Please forgive me for forgetting which girl hosted each of these projects! All the girls were still pretty new to me and I had a hard time keeping them all sorted out! If any of you SS girls are reading this, THANKS!

This first pic is the photo board featuring my first born granddaughter, Elizabeth!
Isn't she cute?! Notice how everything is Pink? Her mom discovered her like that. Pink blanket, doll, purse and jammies and all given to her by me!

This is supposed to be a hanging photo board but alas, I used card board that was too thin and it bent, so I didn't finish it up with a ribbon. The bend is not as obvious sitting at an angle like this. The multi colored beads at the bottom are from a bracelet Liz made me. It says: I LOVE GRANDMA

Here's my fabric flower. Again, I wandered from the original design and didn't put a pin on the back.
I'm going to use it as a bow on a present for my next grand baby.

Now for my favorite and easiest project- The Vintage Hankie Bunting! I already posted a pic of it in an earlier post but here are some more.
This is a close up of the trimmings on the bunting.
See my wonderful fence through the window?

Here's a side view

This next pic was my first project- my embellished paper Lantern.
Isn't she cute?!
S-hhhh, don't tell her but she's really just a Mandarin Orange can!
I call her my baby fairy lantern. She hangs in my craft room which is in pastels.
(Can you tell I'm desperate for girls?!)
Here's some close ups

I think I stuck to the original intent with the lantern except that I added the name "baby fairy" to mine! This was an up cycled project using a can or oatmeal container if you didn't have a paper lantern. Well, I didn't have a paper lantern so I was very thankful for the options given us! I've since spied the Martha Stewart eyelet fabric paper lanterns and some mini ones that have lights inside, too!
I love eyelet!

~ Swoon~

Thanks for coming by, girls!
You mean so much to me!