Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Book, A Swap, And My Plate Has A Name!

That's right, girls! Heidi Ann from Gold Country Girls told me the name of my plate! the name is Swiss Alpine or Swiss Chalet! I love it! It was made by Stetson and distributed by Marcrest. It *is* from the 60s and it looks very likely that mom did gather hers from a gas station! Even if I never acquire another piece- I am so happy to know its name and history and it was so fun to be able to google it and see so many of the pieces I remember! Thanks so much for the info, Heidi Ann! In some sweet way, I feel like a piece of my past has been given back to me!
And now, here's my antique George MacDonald book that was at the bottom of my linen box from Juli! The book goes by two different titles:
This edition is called A Double Story but it can also be found under the title of The Lost Princess. Two names must have been common in days of old. I guess it's sort of like my plate!

And now for Priscila's Valentine swap! I originally told Priscila that I wouldn't be joining this time- too busy and all that stuff- but then... I started to feel jealous, left out and lonely! ~ Sniff ~ Sniff~ ;>
So, I told Prisciala she might could talk me in and she did! :>
Maybe you should be in, too?!

'CreateWell, this is the last day of our vacation! Bobby goes back to work tonight. :<
Have a great day, girls! You've all made my life so sweet and happy!
~ Hearts ~


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Heidi Ann is a collections expert! I love looking at her blog Every Day. I have learned much from her. She is also responsible for me starting a few new collections!(Okay, so it's not that hard to get me started on another collection). I'm so glad you now know the name of your plate. Sorry your vacation is over, you probably should rest one more day from all that cooking you did yesterday! Twyla

*Noelle* said...

oooh, maybe we'll end up as swap partners!! fun!!


goodwill today, huh? i'm jealous:( thats a good reason for me to sneak out of the house for a bit today!!


Holly said...

Hi, Twyla!

I found Heidi through *your* blog. Now just think... I love to see how the Lord weaves the tapestry of our lives.

Thanks for the encouragement to rest. I felt like I was floating in the van awhile ago so, yeah, whoa! I'm resting the rest of the day!

Holly said...

Hi, Noelle!

I saw you were in the swap, too! That's part of what made me feel jealous, left out and lonely. :>

Just got home from the Goodwill. I always enjoy chatting with the lady customers in there. One lady found a little white Christmas tree that I would have liked to have found first but fair is fair!
"It's for my granddaughter." she said. "For her room next year. She'll probably do it in pink."
I hope to do a little white/pink tree next year in my dinning or craft room. maybe next trip, I'll find one!

Catherine Holman said...

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a lovely New Years!