Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cupcake Before And After

Here's a small Goodwill picture I picked up over the Summer. The glass had a scratch on it and the picture was faded so I bought it just for the potentially cute frame. It went into my future projects closet to wait for its some day over the rainbow make over.
And finally in December, its day arrived! Here she is after I painted, glittered, added one of my cupcakes, matching ribbon and a flower to it! Whoda thought? Well, Priscila did. She encouraged me to try and frame one of my cuppies but I didn't think I had a frame. Yes, it's true. I had forgotten all about my poor little ugly Goodwill pic! :< I had been wanting to make something special for a friend so after its make over, this new little cuppy went to live with Twyla! The pink frosting on the cake matches the pink slippers that she made me. :> If you click to enlarge it, you might see that the pink flowers on the frame and the silk flower have been lightly glittered.
For me, projects like this one are even more gratifying than making something from scratch. Now just think, what if someone would have thrown that old Goodwill pic away instead of passing it on to me?! I just know that there has to be more picture frames out there waiting for a new home. That's just one of the reasons that motivate me to keep going back to the good ole Goodwill. And yes, Priscila, I'll make you one, too! ;>

~ Hearts ~


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Everyone is going to be so envious of me! Holly, it is even prettier in person than it is here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a lovely creation. You did a great job on it! Twyla

Holly said...

Oh, you are so welcome, Twyla! It came together so easily and well. It was meant for you!

Too bad the enlargement doesn't show the glitter.

~ Hearts ~

Priscila said...

oh my gosh...look at you! Your my little crafter cutie! Im proud of u...its sooo cute! You are darling! I love that "priscila" is on almost all your post....hehe...I feel special! blush

Priscila said...

hey...if u decide to make more and sell let me know...i want one

Bride2Be said...

oooh, i want one too! lol that is super cute:) i did mail your goodie/s last night; man, the post office was busy, even at 6 pm!! i am so excited to see what you think; i mailed a card today that was supposed to be enclosed with the package!


Holly said...

Hee-hee! I'm a crafter cutie! Well, Priscila, you're my own little personal crafting cutie cheerleader! :> AND you are special! Thank you so much for all the encouragement you've given me! ~ Big hugs ~

I don't know if I'll ever be able to sell anything because I enjoy giving things away too much!

Holly said...

Hi, Noelle! I felt so silly asking for your address again and then telling you never mind! But that's okay, feeling silly keeps me young! Ha-ha! I mailed *your* little treat off this morning, too. So now we've both been good instead of bad. Hear that, Santa? ;>

So, you like cup cakes too, Noelle? I think they are SO fun! I would love to find more frames like the one I used for Twyla but I don't know if I ever will... I have an idea for making some frames similar to that one but I don't know if it would work. Ideas, ideas, if only I could make a living coming up with ideas that other people could implement! Ha-ha!

Sweetina said...

Me too! I want one too!
heeheehee...you have a wait list,Hols!
Beautiful and sooo cute!
I totally agree with you about Goodwill~I have alot of luck there.
Most days there is usually a frame or something else that is perfect for wonderful projects like the your cuppy cake!
Can't ever beat the prices too and helps with the planet.
Big Hug

Holly said...

Hi, Tina! Stand in line, stand in line! :> Ha-ha! Glad you like my little creation. Looking at cupcakes make me feel so happy so making them is doubly fun!

It's been over a week since I've been to the Goodwill! Too much "other" shopping going on. My honey's vacation is coming up so then I'll be able to get out more without little boy company.

I think I heard a rumor that you finsished your challenge so I'm off to go see!

~ Hearts ~

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Holly, THat cuppie cake is so adorable. I love it! It looks perfect in the oval frame and the pink accents on the raised areas on the frame are sweet!

Thank you for stopping by. I must say that I agree with you. I should have been romping in the snow with the girls. But in defense, I did get my toes numb. I was wearing my flip flops while taking pictures standing on the front porch. That must count for something! LOL :)

Look forward to more repurposed fromed goodies!

hugs, Ellen

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

I agree with Priscila. You should make those and sell them! hugs, Ellen

Holly said...

Oh, Ellen- flip flops?! Ha-ha! Yes, that certainly counts. ;>

Glad you like the cuppy and thanks for the encouragement!

Somewhere In Time- Christie (Queenie) said...

Hey Holly!
Oh girl....this is precious and so unique! I know your friend will love it! Still reading...I'm off to the next post...

Holly said...

Thanks, Queenie! I'm on my coffee break so I'm going to see if I can follow you around! Hee-hee!