Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, December 11, 2008

THE FIND Of The Year!

Ta-da! The thrift store find of the year award goes to:
Simply Shabby Chic book case!
Available at Target for $249.00 but at the Goodwill (in the original box) for $30.00!
Yes, there's some damage at the top but I don't care!
See the cool drawer with the glass knob on the bottom?
That little family to the left is when we were raising our first 3 boys.

This book case was an answer to prayer!
(Well, actually it was a whine with a long story attatched to it.)

There have been times of waiting years before I see God answer a request.
And some requests are still unanswered. But then there are those little wishes and whines that I don't even expect the Lord to intervene in but then He does, and it surprises and delights me!

Here's my favorite shelf with my pretty pink pumpkin. I don't have the heart to put it away!

This book case is doing double duty as a hutch since I don't have one anymore. (One of those "sold all my possesions" experiences.) Just about all the items in this book case are from thrift stores, too. Well, not Bobby and me! ;>

I had never seen anything like this at our Goodwill before or since and every time I look at it, it makes me feel happy!

Thanks for coming by girls and I hope you can be happy with me!

~ Hearts ~


Bride2Be said...

that bookcase is to die for! i love white but know i can't have anything like that in my home till the boys are waaaaaaaaaaay older! lol what a darn deal too; $30!! my mom would bear you up for that shelf- she is a shabby chic lover:) so yes i have a nice bruise on my right shin today:( but, i haven't fallen again- knock on wood** my birthday is dec. 22nd; i'll be 30-ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


Holly said...

You'll love being in your 30s, Noelle! People take you much more seriously! :>

After the Goodwill put a SOLD sign on my case, I went and pulled the car up so the guy could load it for me. While I was standing there waiting outside, I could see some woman honing in on my shelf! She STARED at that SOLD sign, then went to the desk and asked about it and then the cashier pointed out the window at me. Oh, if looks could kill! Scary!!! She glared at me and then went and frantically looked through the other boxes leaning against the wall and she looked SO mad! Ha! I'd never experienced something like that before! Whew! Another treasure won in battle!

~ Hearts ~

Kelly said...

I am so glad to find you again! And your blog looks fabulous!!! It is like a little winter wonderland!
And this find of yours at Goodwill is the best blessing, oh it is so pretty!!! I have seen this before and it is gorgeous! And I just read in the comments about the lady looking at it, yikes!!! I bet she is kicking herself still today thinking only if she was there a little earlier!!!!

Warm Winter Hugs~

Holly said...

Hi, Kelly!
I sent you an email about my new blog but I guess you didn't get it. Anyway, glad you found me, too!

I actually was shocked when I found the book case, Kelly! I kept reading the label and thinking, "Is this really what I think it is?!" I was also a tad bit leery- afraid it would be missing some pieces or something- but it wasn't! Just some slight damage on top...

Don't be a stranger!

~ Cookie warm hugs back to ya! ~

Priscila said...

great find! Im proud of you girl!!!! Im starting my christmas challenge and if it turns out how I want...its going to be cute!

Holly said...

Oh I can't wait to see it, Priscila! I *KNOW* it will be cute because *everything* you do is cute! You cute thing,you!
I keep changing my mind about what I want to do for mine! I finally bought ink today so I better get busy!!!

~ Hugs with cookie sprinkles ~


Twyla and Lindsey said...

I just know that bookcase was meant for you. You decorated it so pretty. You have done well at the thrift stores. Your pink pumpkin is cute and there's no need to put away. Twyla

Bride2Be said...

What a stalker, huh? So I went to my goodwill today but didn't get a bookshelf, lol! Not evil glares either but I got some cute christmas decor and a pretty dish, come check 'em out! i don't think the 30's will be too bad! hell gravity has already set in not to mention some gray hair-lol! thank goodness for hair dye!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the awesome find, Holly! It's beautiful!!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

This is definitely a fabulous find Holly! I love the little drawer on the bottom. You have it decorated up sp cute too!



Hi Holly:)
I am so glad you came to visit me and I'll be adding you to my blog gal list thingy..you know..on the side bar:) I've been reading your past post and loved seeing your home and craft corner and the swap gifts and now the GREAT deal you got at the thrift store. I went today to find more stuff to resale at the 2 shops that I rent space at. I'm already thinking about Valentines day and Easter...I know...it's not even Christmas:)
I think you would love going to estate sales. Try one and see. It's addicting :)
Off to add you to my list and if you want to add me to yours, great.
Merry Christmas.

Somewhere In Time- Christie (Queenie) said...

Hey Holly!
I absolutely love that find! All of your pretties look so wonderful on the shelves too...I have that middle plate.

You and Darling Husband DH are such a beautiful couple...he is so handsome and you are so beautiful too! That is such a sweet picture of you two... perfect place to display it too....I am loving shabby chic find...that little crystal knob is the icing on the cake isn't it?!
Loved the family photos of you too.... when you were a little girl too....so cute all dressed in pink. Your mother is gorgeous too!

The Christmas Swap items were so pretty and sweet too...I know she will love them! What fun....Hope you have a great weekend! Love ya girl!

Holly said...

Wow! While I was having my movie (at home) date with my knight, I had some girls come over! It was girl's night out and i didn't even know it!

Twyla, Noelle, Cheryl, Amy and Deb, THANKS for coming by, leaving such sweet comments AND for celebrating with me! It means a lot- it really does!

I'm out the door to go see your finds, Noelle!

~ Warm hot chocolate hugs to all ~

Holly said...

Oops! I missed QUEENIE!!!

Warm sentiments to you, too, sweetie!

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Oh wow. So pretty. What a great find. I love that pink pumpkin. I couldn't bear to put it away either. :) What a good lesson on prayer, too... just what I need to motivate me to keep praying!

celestina marie said...

Holly, I just did not recognize you in the picture and I thought I was meeting someone new. Oh my, brain is on overload.
I still send all the same comments, just I do know you, good friend. You can delete the other comment.LOL !!

Love the case and all your pretties.
So sorry for my mix up. Forgive me please!!
love ya, Celestina

Holly said...

Hi, Jessica! I just love my sugary sweet pumpkin and it was so quick and easy to do!

Remember, Jessica, that I said the book case was an answer to a WHINE. :> Guess that means you should keep on whinning! Ha-ha! God is so good!

Holly said...

Ha-ha! Celestina! :> You gave me a good laugh this morning (middle of night?) I wondered if this would happen with me changing my avatar! Plus- my hair looks different in just about every picture of me so that doesn't help! Hee-hee! No need for forgiveness, sweetie!

Don't paint too hard!

~ Marshmellow hearts ~