Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Has Anyone Seen This Plate? or A Beggar's Plea

I think I found this desert plate at Sally Anne's (Salvation Army) :>
I nabbed it quickly as I felt those familiar, sentimental tears welling.
"Mom... Mom had plates like this!" ~ Blink ~ Blink ~
THESE are the dishes of my childhood. ~ Hearts ~ Hearts ~
I think they were some of those gas station/grocery store premium dishes but I'm not positive. I'm also pretty sure they are from the 60s- not before. There's no name on the bottom to Google... They are thick and as you can see, this one has a chip.
Mom must have given away her set in the late 70s but now,
when I see this plate, I feel close to her.
AND- I want more.
I saw this pattern somewhere out in blog land.
Do any of you know this pattern?
And more importantly, would you keep your eyes open for it for me???
I'm not a rich girl but I am a sentimental one!
and I'm willing to pay thrift store/garage sale prices AND shipping for it-
even if it's just one more little plate.


Jenny S said...

I will keep my eyes out for it!! Blogland is so fun isn't it??

Holly said...

Thanks, Jenny! Blogland *is* a magical land!

Bride2Be said...

eeeek, i'm smiling! love those cupcakes on your background!!! i want to swipe them!

that is so sweet about those plates:) i wish you lots of luck finding them!

happy new year sweets! i can read my emails, i just can't reply to them. i think our computer has a bug:( i need to do some updates on it and hopefully it will help.


Catherine Holman said...

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy New Year!

gin said...

Oh Holly, such a sweet post. I love sentimental things too, so I will keep my eyes out for those plates too, and I hope I find some to help you get a set!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I'll be watching for it, Holly. I have seen this pattern before. I don't know what the pattern is called or who made it though. I know what you mean about the sentimentality of pieces we grew up with. I hope you have a happy New Year! Twyla

Holly said...

Hi, girls, my computer virus is back! Grrrrr!!!!! Communication could be scarce today!

Sweetina said...

Oh Honey...we are rich in heart and spirit where it counts!
I will definately look for this each and every time I go thrifting.
It may very well be Corningware or Corelle? Very pretty.
I havent sent yoor ornie yet cuz I want to send some more goodies too.
On Monday or Tuesday I'll send it out K?

Holly said...

Ooooh! Sounds good, Tina! Thanks!

Queenie~ said...

Hey Holly! I will keep my eyes out for plates like this....I have never seen this pattern before anywhere....it's very pretty. I love those colors. Isn't it funny how an object can bring back so many fond and special memories. I can't even tell you the times I've picked up things because it reminded me of someone.

The Gingery package is so cute...and how sweet. You made me chuckle when you said that you have to capitalize the g or they'll run away...you are a hoot girl...and I love it!

Such a pretty Hurricane Lamp too...perfect for a centerpiece.

I'll tell ya Holly...your home is filled with a lot of love, I can tell...the words on your kitchen walls are so pretty, very creative....you are a light, ya know it?

Btw, Thanks for coming by the etsy shop...glad you enjoyed browsing around....that's neat that you had that same tea strainer. Come over there anytime.

A Very Happy New Year to you and your sweet family! I'll be by again soon!

Holly said...

Hi, Queenie! It's been a tough day but your kind words will help me have sweet dreams!

~ Hearts ~

Lori said...

Can I cry now?? My dear sweet Mother had the same ones!! I think they came from the Jewel Tea Company. It was a home delivery service of goods in the 60's and 70's I may have some here still, will look. But I can assure you by this time in 09 I'll have some for you! The Goodwill has pieces here every so often! Happy New Year! Its offically Midnight, 2009!!!! Love, Noelle's Mom Lori

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Oh Holly, How sweet! That plate does look familiar. I wish I could help you with more. But I will keep a look out. If I see one I will scoop it up and let you know. Many Blessings in your New YEar hugs, Ellen

Holly said...

Hi, Lori! Wow, how special that your mom had them, too! Thanks for the leads! You are so sweet!

My mom was from the city so it would make sense that she would have bought those dishes from a door to door salesman... My Dad was a DTD salesman and so was her dad.

I try so hard to remember my early childhood and when I think of those dishes, a gas station pops up in my mind. Also seems like we were aquiring more and more- like we would have if they were premium dishes but it could have been something else I'm thinking of.

There are so many things I wish I could ask my mom if she were still here!

~ Hearts ~

Holly said...

Thanks, Ellen! Do you know who hosted the red and aqua swap? Seems like I saw one of those plates included in someone's swap package but WHO?

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Holly!! We had some of those dishes, too, when we were growing up! I know it - these are words to search with if you want to look at it on Ebay. Stetson Marcrest , and the pattern is Swiss Chalet or Alpine. Sometimes, you may be able to get pieces fairly inexpensively - but the dang shipping costs are a bear!

Holly said...

Eeeek!!! Thank you, Heidi!

Anonymous said...

Wow, just blog hopping tonight and ran across your blog and saw this plate... Memories, memories, memories for sure!!! My Meme had that set!!! I have one plate that she gave me several years ago, under a plant she was giving me, using it to hold the water that may run out on the way home. I am so happy that I washed it and put it up. She has passed away and this makes me feel close to her. I needed a pick me up tonight...You gave it to me though this plate, Which is now pictured on my blog (come on by) and setting on the table beside me with her and Grandaddy's oil lamp.