Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Inheritance!!!

This BIG Christmas box is for Holly!
This BIG box weighs 12 pounds!
And what is *IN* this box??? The mother load of all linens- that's what!!!!

That's right! All old, all delightful- filled to the brim- linens!!!Swoon ~ Swoon ~ Doilies and table runners, table cloths and delicate hankies, crotche' work and cross stitch! Layer upon layer upon layer!

Embroidery work done in every color and flower imaginable! all the way down to the bottom of the box! (Yes, there are a lot of pictures here but I wanted to try and give you the full affect!) I was overwhelmed as I pulled and pulled and pulled each item out!

Oh! Did you see the gloves? My mom had some like that! But I don't know what happened to them! (Blink~ blink) Do you think I can pretend they were hers???
Oh how happy and amazed I was as I unfolded each and every treasure. Some have wrinkles and age spots just like me! :> Some still look young and fresh.
And guess what? Many of these precious gifts came from a Grandma's attic! Her family didn't want them. :<
I can't wait to sort, wash, starch, iron and USE them!When some of these lovlies went from Grandma's attic, they first went to live with my sweet and giving e friend, Juli. She loved them as they deserved but when it was time for them to move to a new home she thought of me! Me! Me! Me! :>
Juli, if you read this, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
Wow! what a Christmas! I think it was a couple months back when Juli asked me something like this, "Don't you like old hankerchiefs and things like that ?"
Ha-ha! Can you hear my beating heart? ;>
Well, she said that she had some things that she would send me...
Then she wrote some time later to say that she hadn't quite got to them yet- in the back of a closet or some such thing... I told her no worries and then I FORGOT all about it!
Imagine my surprise when 2 days BEFORE Christmas, Micah plops the box down on my bed and says, "Here's a box for ya, Mom!"
Woo-hoo! When I saw it was from Juli, I knew it must be the linens but it was too HEAVY for just a few linens... Oh my! Hmmmm... She must have added something to the box...
I decided to save the box for Christmas morn but the box was so big that I didn't have time to wrap it. Instead, I adhered a label, card and bow and WAITED!
~ Holly rubs her hands together in gleeful anticipation ~
Well, I found out that Juli DID add something that wasn't a linen item; a small(leather bound?) book on the VERY bottom of the box. :> It was an OLD 1895 book by my favorite author, George MacDonald!

There were 2 inscriptions inside. The first was the original:
a Christmas gift from a Sunday school teacher to her student in "99". And girls, we ain't talking Nineteen 99 either!!! :>

The second inscription: A Merry Christmas from Juli in 08.
I was speechless! So perfect! Juli said she bought it off eBay a couple years back but that she felt it was mine all along! ~Heart ~ Heart ~

God's love comes to us and through us in so many ways- each so different from the other -yet still God's amazing L-O-V-E!
Thank you, Lord for this inheritance and thank you, Lord for all my e girls...


Bride2Be said...

wow! you did get a LOT in that box:) my mom would be fighting with you for that; she loves all that stuff! i thought maybe you'd post the gingerbread stuff i sent ya? yes i did get out of that bah-humbug mood once i got out and about yesterday!


Holly said...

Hi, Noelle! I *DO* plan on posting about your Gingey gift! :>

Queenie~ said...

Oh Holly! I can think of no better surprise! I think it's all beautiful and right down my alley, that's for sure. I know you were so excited and happy. It's amazing how many pretties were in that box! Juli is a doll and so are you. The new avatar pics. looks beautiful and perfect.

The wood burning stove is such a treasure too...I know you enjoy decorating it from season to season...and the little vintage santas are so cute that you found too...you have got the best Goodwill store in the world girl,....I'd be up there every day if I could! LOL!

So glad you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! Hope you have a happy new year too!
Love Ya,

Priscila said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh you licky girl!!! I always look for pretty linens and hankies at the thrift shop. One time I took up one to pay for (a hankie) and the lady didnt know I could understand her spanish...and she was taking about how gross it was to take them home because someones must have used them but then she said they were pretty haha

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Holly, I am SO happy for you! What a wonderful gift! I know that you will love and cherish these linens and the Grandma's who made them all would be happy knowing they were in your possession. Your little santas are cute in the post below too! Have a wonderful Sunday. Twyla

Heidi Ann said...

Oh, my - what a fabulous gift!! I cannot even imagine how delightful it must have been for you to lift out and admire each piece. What is the name of your antique book? Such a wonderful surprise!

TattingChic said...

Wow! You really made off with a haul on those linens, LOL! That book sounds wonderful; what? No photo of the book!? Hope we get to see one.
BTW, thanks for the sweet comment about my tatted angel! :)

gin said...

Oh my, Holly. What a great package you received from your friend Julie. I know you will treasure them always. So now we will be seeing all kinds of linens and things all over your house!! I have a few crochet dresser scarfs and crochet things that hang over the back of chairs and embroidary dresser scarfs from my Grandma. I treasure them as well. I must find a goodwill store --those santas are too cute!!

Holly said...

Prisicila, your story cracked me up! I told Bobby and Micah. Bobby wanted to know if you told the lady you could understand her! :>

Holly said...

Hi Twyla, I get tears in my eyes when I think about the grandmas! Only- now that I'm a grandma, I think they must have actually been GREAT grandma's! Ha-ha!

We just got back from the "big city" Wow, twice in one month! That's unusual for me.

Holly said...

Hi, Heidi Ann!
I wish I would had a recording of what all I said and all the funny noises I must have made as I kept going and going down to the bottom of that box! What's really so funny about it all is that my guys were totally oblivious to it all! Ha-ha! I just couldn't wait to show my e girls!

Holly said...

Hey Tatting Chic!

I will take a pic of the book just for you! :> I'm a bit behind on everything since my husband is home on vacation!

Holly said...

Hi, Gin! I'm glad you had a grandma to pass things down to you! I don't think my grandma did anyt handi work but she was a singer and dancer and I did inherit her flair for drama! :>

Holly said...

Hi, Queenie! Ooops! I thought I had already replied to you but that was the e mail!

I do love to reply to each of you because I am so starved for girl talk!!! :> I mean, the guys weren't impressed at all with my pink poka dot trim that I bought today! :> But you girls always understand such things. :>

Priscila said...

no i didnt tell her I understand. its funny because the mexicans dont really know what I am...i dont look mexican and I dont look american. So sometimes they try talking spanish to me and Im like no I dont speak spanish but its fun because I know what they are saying...

Hey was wondering do you have any red roses? pink or hearts in the mix? Ill buy them from u...I need it for a shadowbox im doing

let me know
love u

Melissa Wertz said...

Oh my goodness! I am having to wipe drool off of my lappy.... Those are just beautiful.

Jenny S said...

JEALOUS!!! I wanna box like that!! Looks like so much fun to play in! Could do with out the starching and ironing though!!

Holly said...

Here, Melissa, you can use one of my hankies to wipe up that drool! Hee-hee!

Holly said...

Hi, Jenny! Well, I don't like to iron clothes but I do like to iron old linens!

Shanda said...

I am soooo jelous of your sweet package. That is the greatest give I think. I love them all. I am so into old things like that. You are one lucky recipent I would say.

Holly said...

Hi, Shanda! I am still in awe over my package!

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Holly,
OK, you had my mouth watering through this whole post. What a wonderful gift from Juli. These linens are beautiful.
Patricia :o)

PS: And, Yes, I think it would be very sweet if you thought of those gloves as your mother's. Happy memories.

Holly said...

Thanks, Patricia! I knew you'd appreciate this post! I think mom would like me to think of the gloves as hers, too. :>