Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meet My Good Friend

Girls, please meet my good friend, vintage wood cook stove! Many of the older homes here in the Appalachians have wood coke stoves in them. See my red and white enamelware? That was a basement find!

No, I don't cook on my stove but back in my "pioneer wannabe" days, I'm sure I would have. I do use it as a food warmer and I did cook on it once- just to say that I have, but it generally just keeps us warm and keeps me happy. We bought this stove from the previous owner of this house for $75.00! She was going to take it with her to "town" but I'm so glad she didn't. Bless her heart, I know she misses it!
My stove is decorated for Summer in this pic and I'm always changing it up. It doubles as counter and storage space when not in use. I actually miss it during the warm weather months but then I can have fun decorating it. This stove is a real gift from the Lord because I love to play with fire! Even when I was a young girl of 10, it was my job to do the burning in the family. I made candles too and I had them all over my room- even in my improvised canopy bed! Yikes! It's a miracle I didn't burn our house down!

It's nice and warm here in my kitchen! stick around and leave a comment!

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

I love your wood cook stove! I wish we had one like that!! I wonder if all us girls have those "pioneer wannabe" days sometimes, lol! My mom had one and said it was the best stove she ever cooked on!
Hope you have a wonderful New Year's!


Holly said...

Hi, Dara! What a sweet baby girl! Thanks for coming by. It's so nice to meet you.

Our wood stove saves us so much heating money! This is a boxy house that would be hard to heat without it.

I'm a country gitl at heart but I don't desire the hard labor that comes wth being a "real" country/pioneer girl! Hee-hee!

I look forward to visiting at your blog.

~ Hearts ~

Twyla and Lindsey said...

You are so lucky to have that stove! That takes me back to my grandma's and her wood cookstove. It was all cast iron and had a reservoire for water. I was always fascinated with that stove and I sure would love to know where it went. Have yourself a happy little Saturday! Twyla

Holly said...

Morning, Twyla! Looks like I've had a virus sneak past Norton! If I disapear, you'll know why!

gin said...

Hi Holly, that stove is so cool -- or rather so hot! We haven't used heat since the snow a couple weeks ago. The last few days have been like 70 degrees. Your pink linens gift is very pretty. I wouldn't want to use the pot holders either, they are very pretty. Tell us what you found at the after Christmas sales???

Holly said...

Hi, Gin! we're having computer problems this morning! Some sneaky virus. Grrrrrr

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

What a great stove! You don't see those too often. I love all of the Peanuts and Rudolph icons you have on your side bar. Thanks for visiting my blog!


Holly said...

Hi,Donna! I enjoyed visting your blog. Thanks for coming by mine!

Wood stoves aren't too girly girlish but it does make me feel like "one capable woman"! :>

Sweetina said...

What a treasure,Holly!
Heating bills can be so high~way to go, my friend. I lived in Bermuda most of my life and the houses (new ones do) didn't have heat or a/c.
The walls were 1ft thick limestone and if you leaned on one it was freezing! So we had space heaters and big kerosene heaters.
It was cold and damp out there in the middle of th Atlantic!
We had a fireplace and burned wood...really helps.
I'm proud of you for being a country girl and saving money and energy.

barbara said...

Holly, I finally clicked on your girl blog, and I'm so glad I did! What cute stuff you have! The stove - mmm, love that! I'm clicking my subscribe button soon as I finish here!

Bride2Be said...

thats a neat old stove! i did get away this morning by myself; woo-hoo! and... i got that gingerbread wrapping paper from wal-mart for $2.50 for the 3 rolls; i told ya i'd still get it. got some other good finds too. i need to scrape some energy up to do a post later tonite. i'm giving the boys 3 more hours then its bedtime; gage hasn't even napped today but they have been good! must be the weather; its 63 degrees here today and almost all the snow and ice has melted, but now there are thunderstorm warnings out for tonite! CRAZY!! you'll only find that in south bend, indiana!!


Holly said...

Hey, Tina! I didn't remember that you lived in Bermuda. I lived in SE. Texas- right on the gulf for 11humid years. I'm sure we could relate! It's a subtropical climate... so, wet... mold is a big problem there. well, you're sweet to be proud of me. ;>

~ Hugs ~

Holly said...

well, thanks for coming by, Barbara! I hope you'll stop in often and visit with us girls!

~ hearts ~

Holly said...

Hi, Noelle! Glad you got out and snagged the paper on sale but I wasn't taking ANY chances!

It got up to 67 here today. NICE!!!! I sat in the sun for a little while but I've been on the computer most of the day trying to destroy a virus! I think I killed the bugger!

~ Hearts ~

Jenny S said...

How fun!! Nothing neat like that in this house! Thanks for the comments on my blog!! I love that snowman pic too!!

Holly said...

You're welcome, Jenny!

Thanks, I love old houses! They're so full of charm (and holes and spiders and drafts and uneven windows and...) :>

Priscila said...

i love it...i would have fun using it!!! haha just not cleaning up the mess...i hate that part...i want to see more of ur home!

Holly said...

Morning, Priscila! Good to see you! Don't be such a stranger! :>

I don't like cleaning out the ashes or wadding up newspaper but my wood isn't too messy because it's all small untreated lumber remnants from a near by factory. No twigs or bark or anything like that to contend with...

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