Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Sweet Six Projects

Can I show you my Sweet Six projects?!
Back in Sept. I signed up for the Sweet Six Studio Online Art Retreat.
Although it was an only an online work shop, it's the closest I had ever come to crafting with other women. Really.
I only completed 3 of the 12 (?) projects but it really gave me the artistic boost I needed and it gave me soooo many ideas!

So, here are my projects. Please forgive me for forgetting which girl hosted each of these projects! All the girls were still pretty new to me and I had a hard time keeping them all sorted out! If any of you SS girls are reading this, THANKS!

This first pic is the photo board featuring my first born granddaughter, Elizabeth!
Isn't she cute?! Notice how everything is Pink? Her mom discovered her like that. Pink blanket, doll, purse and jammies and all given to her by me!

This is supposed to be a hanging photo board but alas, I used card board that was too thin and it bent, so I didn't finish it up with a ribbon. The bend is not as obvious sitting at an angle like this. The multi colored beads at the bottom are from a bracelet Liz made me. It says: I LOVE GRANDMA

Here's my fabric flower. Again, I wandered from the original design and didn't put a pin on the back.
I'm going to use it as a bow on a present for my next grand baby.

Now for my favorite and easiest project- The Vintage Hankie Bunting! I already posted a pic of it in an earlier post but here are some more.
This is a close up of the trimmings on the bunting.
See my wonderful fence through the window?

Here's a side view

This next pic was my first project- my embellished paper Lantern.
Isn't she cute?!
S-hhhh, don't tell her but she's really just a Mandarin Orange can!
I call her my baby fairy lantern. She hangs in my craft room which is in pastels.
(Can you tell I'm desperate for girls?!)
Here's some close ups

I think I stuck to the original intent with the lantern except that I added the name "baby fairy" to mine! This was an up cycled project using a can or oatmeal container if you didn't have a paper lantern. Well, I didn't have a paper lantern so I was very thankful for the options given us! I've since spied the Martha Stewart eyelet fabric paper lanterns and some mini ones that have lights inside, too!
I love eyelet!

~ Swoon~

Thanks for coming by, girls!
You mean so much to me!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your vintage hankie bunting is so beautiful! I think everything you made in the SSR turned out great. Lindsey did the retreat also, but I'm not thinking she completed anything so you should be proud of yourself. I love how your craft space is so girlie decorated. Ours is just - well- crammed! Have a nice Sunday. Twyla

gin said...

Very pretty project creations. You did a great job. I love them all. And your craft room looks very comfy and relaxing to work in.

Holly said...

Hi, Twyla!

It's so fun having you come over in the mornings! I sit down for my computer/coffee break and there you are!

I didn't know Lindsey signed up for the SSR! I never did see a list of everyone. I wonder if she "saw" me there. I started a few discussions on the flickr group.

Yesterday and today, I've been trying to clean up the craft room and I'm not making much head way because I'm getting so many ideas as I move my supplies all around! Ha-ha!

I sent you and Lindsey an email this morning. Did you get it?

Holly said...

Oh, thanks, Gin! I think we were here at the same time! Did you grab yourself a cookie? :>

Hopefully I'll be able to work in my craft room again soon, instead of just plow through it!

One of the first things I did this morning was put a tart melting! LOVE those things!

Thanks for coming by!

Priscila said...

i love everything...but Ill have a "grandbaby for you" if you include the fabric flower....hahahahah!!! I LOVE IT! Would be great as the front of a card...to put on baskets, presents! Its pretty

Holly said...

Thanks, Pri!

I'm glad you like it but do you know that was the hardest project for me!? My iron was barely hot enough to fuse the stitch witchery in between the layers of fabric and I kept cutting my petals all crooked, etc. Ha! It took me hours to make and then tweak, tweak, tweak! ( What a weird word.) :>

Today's Bobby's Birthday so while he's sleeping, Micah and I are going to go get his present!

Talk to ya later!

~ Hugs ~

Somewhere In Time- Christie (Queenie) said...

All of your craft projects are just darling and your grandaughter keepsake is absolutely priceless...she's so beautiful...By the Way you look so young....I would never think you were a grandma Holly.
I am really loving the vintage hanky bunting and I am gonna be on the hunt for some vintage napkins in various colors so that I can make one....yours is precious....I love the vintage material. Thanks for sharing...this was so fun to see. I really love your blog girl!

Holly said...

Thanks, Queenie!- for liking my projects, thinking my Liz is beautiful and for thinking I don't look like a Grandma. I really do look much older in person. :>

Aren't the buntings lovely! I'm pretty sure that was one of Heather's projects. I have the makings for another bunting for my other computer room window. I just need to make it!

Holly said...

PS Queenie- and thanks for lovin' my blog! Makes me happy! :>