Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, December 8, 2008

Treasures Won In Battle

Don't you girls love treasure hunting?
I try to go to my local Goodwill at least once a week.
Here's this week's small bounty!
You have to really be brave to dig through the linens bin- but it has its rewards!
LOVE this sweet pillow case!

Here's a close up of a bowl that makes me smile.
I put it down in the basement until Spring.
I think It will make a good Spring centerpiece with something fun inside the bowl.
Maybe some hippy love beads or something? ~ Wink ~

This little treasure chest box will be altered some day.

Next time, I'll show you THE FIND OF THE YEAR!
Have a great day, girls!
~ Hearts ~


gin said...

Yes, very nice finds. I love finding treasures too - at flea markets, garagae sales, antique booths. Never tried a Goodwill though, but I will now!!

Holly said...

Morning, Gin!

I always come home with something from the Goodwill. Salvation Army is my favorite thrift store though because their prices are like a garage sale. But I only make it in there every once in a blue moon! (Too Far away!)

Well, I acidently slept in this morning, (I hate that!!) so I feel hours behind in my work and play!

Thanks for coming by!

~ Hearts ~

Priscila said...

u did good! I usually dont go to goodwill cause ours never have anything. I go to this other HUGE thrift store that usually will have something I love...I got a couple things this weekend Ill post about!

Priscila said...

i have a suprise at my blog for u

Holly said...

Morning, Pri!

Yes, do post about them!

I'd also like to know how the rest of you girls can tell if something is vintage or not. I mean, if you get it at an antique store, garage or estate sale, then you can take the dealers word. But if it's from a thrift store????

~ Hearts ~

Holly said...

Really?! Oh! me go see!




Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE that bowl because it reminds me of SPRING!!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

That pillow case is beautiful! What could you have found that was better than that? I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I'm on my way over to see what Priscila has for you! Twyla

Holly said...

Isn't it happy looking, Amy?!
Bless your heart- You're in the wrong state for the Winter! :>

Holly said...

Hi, Twyla!

Since I don't have a flea market near me, I'm always happy to find something like that pillowcase at the Goodwill! That's the best "linen" I've found there. I just love embroidered linens of any kind! I don't know how to tell if it's old or not, though. Do you know how?

Bride2Be said...

That bowl is cute! My mom always finds neat stuff at good will. I've gone a couple times but don't seem to find anything:( Well, I didn't get my pedi after all today, I spent too much time searching for a gift for someone on my list! I did get a very cute gingerbread frame for myself though!! I told you I am obsessed!! Anyway, You soooo need to get a pedicure sometime; its so relaxing:)


Holly said...

I'm glad you got yourself a gingerbread frame, Noelle!

I wouldn't mind getting my finger nails done some day but ain't no one touching these feet! Ha! I'm too ticklish!

Ya know, at the Goodwill, I walk slowly back and forth in front of the shelves. There is so much stuff that's it's easy to miss things. In fact, the last time I went, a women "behind" me reached out and picked up a Gingerbread house that I didn't see! :< It was only my first pass by that shelf, so I somehow missed it. Oh well, all's fair in trasure hunting!

Your "Elf" avatar is cute!

Somewhere In Time- Christie (Queenie) said...

Hey Holly!
oh, thrift stores are soooo fun! You really made me laugh out loud girl...lol...when you said that you have to be brave to venture into the bins of linens....I usually am feeling brave...but a couple of times at yard sales I am cautious in my digging...hey, there could be something live in there! LOL! Oh your finds are wonderful and I know you had such fun finding the treasures...I love the pillow case...embroidery is my favorite thing to look for.... I can't wait to see what you do with the box...I bet it's gonna be cute!

Holly said...

Thanks for coming by, Queenie!

You can tell they don't clean the linens bin out too often... There's just so much! I often find things in there that don't belong and I'll take them out and put them in their proper place if it's not too far away! But what do you do when you find an empty pop can? Ewww! Yeah, pretty scary!

So, yes, finding that lovely pillow case was just such a reward for my weekly "battle"!

I'm hoping to go to some garage sales in the Spring. My husband LOVES to go but he spends such a LONG time at each one! ~ faint ~
I end up sitting in the van tapping my foot and smiling sweetly out the window at my junk lovin' man! Oh he'd love to have a junk yard! Yes, he would! So, I'm hoping we can go garage sailing together this Spring by reaching a compromise; I'll slow down if he speeds up!