Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, December 29, 2008

Yesterday's Treasure And A Present From My Gingergirl!

Since we are on vacation, we went to the big Goodwill in Christiansburg yesterday and this holly and ivy hurricane lamp was my main score. It was brand new and still in the box for $2.something. As Scrappy Jessi would say, "Cha-ching!" :> I really didn't have a Christmas centerpiece so I was real happy with it. And, well, my name *is* Holly. :>

And now! I'm happy to show my present from my very own Gingergirl- Noelle from Lil' Bits And Pieces Of Me! http://futuremrsk.blogspot.com/

I pouted so badly at not winning her Gingey give away that she gave in to my little fit and said she would send me something. Hee-hee! Is that how it went, Noelle? the package showed up at the house in this cute penguin envelope but I wanted to use my Gingerpaper so I wrapped it up! :>

See it peeking out down below?

See what's inside! See! See! Look, girls! Look! (Just a little Dick And Jane impression there.) ;>
Lots of cute Gingey goodness! See the little houses? They are so sweet! I'm going to put ALL of these in my kitchen- maybe all year! Well, that is- ALL except the mix! Noelle- you're saving me a lot of work with that mix! ;> I'll use it for New Years day when we have our Christmas dinner. (Nothing late OR traditional about me!)
I told Noelle it was hard to pick a favorite but I think the little guy on the tin really got to me so he wins. :> (I think it was his eyes.) ;>
This package was so special to me because I had just met Noelle and it meant a lot that she would send me something! Now it will be fun keeping my eyes open for cute Ginger things for the both of us since we both collect Gingeys! (You must capitalize their name or they will be offended and RUN away!)
Well, I hope you're all - "Simply- Having- A Wonderful Christmas Time"!
I sure am!


Jenny S said...

What a "sweet" give away!! sorry! I can be phunny sometimes!! hehehe

Holly said...

Morning, Jenny! I'm in a teasing mood, too! Hee!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

How sweet of Noelle! Aren't bloggers just the best?! You did score with that pretty hurricane lamp. I think it had your name on it, ha. I love the pictures you have added on your side bar. You have such cute grandbabies. You're having Christmas dinner on New Year's day? Twyla

Holly said...

Hi Twyla!

Yeah, Christmas dinner on New Years. :> Bobby didn't want me having to cook a Thanksgiving and a Christmas dinner and I agreed! I guess you could just say I'm cooking a New Years dinner!

Bride2Be said...

Oh honey! I just sent it to you cause I adore you and well, the pouting worked a little on me too! lol I just wanted to thank you with a little something to let you know how much you inspire me to try new things:) And you are a pretty sweet pal too!!

I do love that hurricane lamp. My mom and I made a date for some Goodwill-ing next week!!


(I was just teasing you about posting the stuff I sent you:)

Holly said...

Hey, Noelle!

How fun to be adored! He- Hee!
:> ;> :>

I *HAD* planned on posting about your gift but I am waaaaay behind on things since Bobby's home on vacation AND a smart computer virus keeps nagging me!

Hope you and your mom have fun when you go Goodwilling!

gin said...

Nice gift for you from your nice friend!! I can't believe you have OUR HOUSE song on your playlist too. I think we are a lot alike, more than we know yet!!

Holly said...

Hi, Gin! I was such a little hippy that De Ja Vu was my favorite album when I was like 10 years old! I still like the whole album. Too many memories to excommunicate it. So much a part of who I am- even in Christ. :>

cityfarmer said...

Thank you so much for such a lovely comment....I don't consider myself a writer...I just love words...like you..let's stay connected and we'll read each other's words!

Holly said...

Yes, city farmer! But if we write- we *are* writers. :> To words!!

Protector of Vintage said...

Very pretty lamp!! Your grandchildren are adorable!!!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

AWWW, Noelle is such a sweetie to send you a gingey package! Love it all!

The linens are fabulous too Holly, WOW!! Great score on all counts, lol!


Holly said...

Thank you, Protector Of Vintage!

Holly said...

Hi, Amy! Good to see you!