Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, January 19, 2009

Highlight An Artist Part 2!

Hi, girls! This is part 2. Please see the post above for an introduction of our Two Crazy Crafters, Twyla and Lindsey!

The pics you see in this post are all the items you'll find at Twyla and Lindsey's Lolishop. http://www.lollishops.com/fancy-that (Unless of course some have been bought or I overlooked something!)

Look at this cute display for Twyla's dish cloths! Hand made dish cloths last and last!

Look! A Pink mushroom! How sweet! Twyla is making these in several different colors and she has them in both shops. Great displays, girls!

Lindsey made this sweet Gingerbread house over Christmas and it's still available!

Here's some more examples of Twyla's pretty scarves. Twyla, do you think I can order a waist like your dress form has? ;>

Twyla also has her cozy house shoes in their Lolishop. (I love to say that word- Lolishop!) Remember that Twyla takes custom orders.

Here's something else that Twyla makes- ear warmers! I bet all of us could have used these over the last week! B-rrrr! I think they are soooo pretty!

I just love this pink and yellow together- so sweet!

Oops! Gingerbread house! what are you doing here again? ~ Blush ~ Techno inclined, I am NOT! Ha-ha!

More sweet tags made by our Lindsey. This little girl so reminds me of my 4th grade!

When I was 8 or 9, I sooo wanted a muff like the little girl bellow has!

Sweet tags just in time for Valentines Day!

Eeek! I love the paper up top on these tags and the ones above.

I'm just so proud of Twyla and Lindsey and ALL my artist girls that have shops!
I hope you'll always keep creating and brightening our world with your crafts!
~ Hearts ~


gin said...

They have some pretty things in their shops. I haven't visited their shops but I might just stop today.

Holly said...

Mornin', Gin! I think it's so fun to go window shopping (and buying!)without having to leave home!

*Noelle* said...

OMG!!! I might have to get me that gingerbread house!!! Cute stuff- those girls are crafty!


Jenny S said...

So pretty! I am off to check out their shop right now!

Holly said...

Isn't the house so cute, Noelle? I've never made or owned one! what's wrong with me?! ;>

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thanks again, Holly! This post looks great too! Twyla

Holly said...

You're welcome again Twyla! Hee-hee!

Shirl said...

Hello Holly, thank you for stopping by. I forgot to tell you, my daughter has the inside of her cakebox on her blog. Go here and see. She has the stuff all spread out so you can see, probably you can click on the pic to enlarge. http://jenniferspetalpalace.blogspot.com/
Your friends knitted things are just beautiful. I'll have to check them out. I love your tags, I'm just getting started on papercrafts too and I love it. I'm setting up a craft area in one of my guest bedrooms.
Bless You, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Pearl said...

Ohhhh... I am fortunate enough to actually have a muff! It isn't white, like on the sweet tags Lindsey made... mine is brown. Several years ago, while Holiday shopping with my husband, I spotted it and fell in love... wore it around my neck while we finished shopping! I went to put it back on their display, but my dear husband took it from me and gave me a sweet smile... Just one of a zillion reasons why I'm so in love with that man!!!

Holly said...

Thanks for the tip, Shirl! Have fun setting up your craft room!

Holly said...

Hi, Pearl! Your husband sounds like a sweetie! Mine is the same way so I have to be careful or we'll be in the red!