Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Decorating File

Hey there, girly! Is this your first time here? If it is, then you're one of my girls! Come on in and see what I have to show you today!
I've been buying and subscribing to decorating magazines for years but I've been moving all over the country for years, too! I decided I would just cut out pics that I like and toss the rest of the magazine. Then I glue the pics on printer paper and tuck them in a file folder for inspiration. Here's a few sample sheets from my very LARGE file. Be sure to click to enlarge for a close up view.

It might be a decorating or crafting idea that hits me- maybe even a storage solution. I don't ask myself *why* I like it. I just clip and glue it. It's fun to flip through all the pages and see some themes. It's also fun to dream up a home with all these pics! See that wood stove bellow? I clipped it recently because It's JUST like mine!

How do you like this wrinkled Aqua back drop that I have? Ha-ha!

Look, that rose covered building below is a chicken coop!!!

H-mmm... I must like white, wicker, roses and quilts!
Do you think Country Cottage describes me?
I like so many different styles, though!
What ever your style is, I hope you've enjoyed your visit here!
Remember girls, I like to reply to your comments when I can so be sure and check the follow up comments box if you want to receive them!

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*Noelle* said...

hey you! good ideas on filing:) i am a magazine junkie and always end up just throwing them away, so that is a great idea for me, thanks!

i love wicker too:) those happy apples at the b&b looked so familiar to me, i want to say that my grandma might have had one too?? i'll have to ask my mom.

♥ noelle

LBP said...

I love your aqua background, it's one of my favorite colors! I keep a decorating file too, or I would have to have a storage building just for magazines, to which I am addicted.

I loved reading the 10 things about you, I talk to strangers like I've known them for years too.



gin said...

That is some really pretty styles there. BTW how is living room painting coming along? Is one of your file pictures going to be what your living room is going to look like???

Karen said...

Hi Holly,
Wow, what a busy week last week...finally get some computer time today so I wanted to stop by and say hello. Have been laughing about your last comment to my blog...about snapping pictures late at night...lol...I'm the same way!!! Actually my hubby is starting to say don't you want a picture of that for your blog! hehe
I love your inspiration pictures! I do the same thing, always cutting out ideas from magazines and pasting them where I can eaisly see them. Oh I have your package almost ready to go. I need some bubble wrap then it will be heading your way! This has been so much fun...best of all it was so great to meet such a great girl!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Good morning, Holly! I keep telling myself that I must do this too. I would love an inspiration book with great decorating ideas, but I am so unorganized. I noticed that all your pictures featured a lot of white. I love that too. I love to look at all the beautiful Dutch blogs that everything in their homes are painted white. In your picture of the white porch swing, I love that rug in front of it. I want one like that! Thanks for another great blog post! Have a great day! Twyla

Holly said...

Morning, girls! I had to go to town this morn and Micah's still feeling puny so I'm sharing the computer with him a lot.

Gin, no more painting yet. :< That virus wiped Micah and I out sooo bad and now it's "catch up" time. I'm hoping to find some wicker at garage sales this Spring... I'd love to have some in my living room. I used to have a whole set when we lived in Washington. Not real practicle with 4 boys but who cares?! :>

Jenny S said...

Very good idea, mine are just stuck in a folder somewhere!!

Queenie~ said...

OH girl....this post is so much fun! I love all of your inspiration pictures....absolutely beautiful...and what a great idea! I should do that. I love to look through magazines for inspiration too...there's just something about it...even If I don't use an exact idea...I still get inspired..Your pictures were an inspiration and so are you! I hope that you find some wicker this summer...Hope you are having a great day and I hope that Micah gets to fully better too.
BTW...I loved your comment today at my blog...of course I am a classy girl...LoL!! What classy girl wouldn't put her toothbrush on a blog? Say?

Holly said...

Ha-ha! Classy Queenie the tooth brush girl! I love visiting your blog every day. ♥

Shabby Kim said...

Holly, I guess great minds think alike. Love what you are doing with your decorating files. Come on over to my blog and look in my archives for my Nov 5th post and see what I've done to save all my favorite magazine pictures. Maybe you will find even more inspiration here... Kim

Holly said...

Hi, Kim! I *did* see your post back then!! That's what prompted me to show mine! :> Maybe I will actually scrap book mine sometime, too. ♥

Holly said...

Poor, Jenny1 You were stuck on my blog dashboard all night! :< I had a busy day yesterday and forgot to check. Sorry!