Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Kitchen Mirror Weight Loss Project :>

Happy New Year, Girls! Hey, girls! Wanna loose weight?
Just hang a full length mirror like this one next to your fridge!
That's what motivated me back in April to start dieting.
I almost took this mirror down after seeing my need but I decided to defy it instead!I've lost 12 pounds so far. Yay! go, Holly!
(I was real brave here and wore my "fat pants" instead of my snug ones!)

But there is ANOTHER reason why I took this pic. ;>
I wanted to show you my mirror!

It was just a plain, cheap, brown mirror but I decoupaged flowers all over it for my floral kitchen.
(I forgot that you would be able to see the mess behind me!)
(Ha-ha! Hey, I'm on vacation and I can have a messy kitchen if I want- right?)

In the next post, I'll show you some close ups of the mirror and include some instructions on how to make one yourself.
On to Part 2...


*Noelle* said...

good job on the 12 lbs! i need a mirror by my cupboard! gage woke up at 4 am last night and what did i do? ate some oreo's and milk!! SO BAD! but i threw the christmas cookie away last night and am going to do my workout video today. i need to stick to that routine:)

happy new year! i stayed up till almost 1 am trying to fix our computer last night:) and was jumping for joy when i fixed my email accounts, lol! so nothing excited! brian was watching poker on tv, then flipped to times square- i heard the countdown to the ball drop and he came over, gave me a smooch and said happy new year, i love you! AWWWWW!! it was cute:)



Holly said...

Thanks, Noelle! I really don't care HOW much I weigh- I guess it's just the inches I want to get rid of! It's so silly because I have these loooong small boned arms and legs and this "gave birth to 4 huge boys" MIDDLE. :>

If I ate something sugary at night like you did, I wouldn't sleep well and I'd have bad dreams! I make up for it during the day though. :> I have a very sweet tooth.

~ Hugs ~

Twyla and Lindsey said...

This really is a great motivator for losing weight. You are such a clever girl! I clicked on the picture to make it bigger and I was so tickled when I got to the bottom and you had your house shoes on! I thought you looked great in your picture, by the way. How many more lbs do you want to loose? Have a great day! Twyla

Priscila said...

i cant stand it...i just think ur so cute. Please join the swap...haha its going to be fun...and like I said...not huge like the stocking swap. just fill a heart shapped box with some supllies...vintage cards and whatever girl!
Im going to do some crafting today and post some of the goodies ive made for valentines


Holly said...

Hi, Twyla!
I about lIVE in your house shoes!!!

I really don't care if I loose anymore weight but inches would be nice! For my height- my weight is average- not over- but my middle says different! :>

I would really like to get back into a size 12 jeans but I don't know if it will happen... I lost most of my weight over the Summer when I was swimming almost every day but now I'm just holding steady.

Have a great day!

Holly said...

Okay,Pri, you talked me into it! Ha-ha!

Melissa Wertz said...

Happy New Year! Congrats on the 12 lbs. I have a health and fitness blog you are well to come visit, lurk, post to, glean, whatever. Just keep up the good work!!!

Holly said...

Thanks, Melissa! Your site will surely get lots of hits in Jan. :>

Priscila said...

realllllllly? REALLY? REally? Your going to join? i already have the perfect partner...


Happy New Year Holly !!
Thank you so much for praying for my Mom.She is at home and we are all praying that the new meds are perfect for her blood pressure.
Never thought about putting a mirror in the kitchen??!! Hurray for you for losing 12 lbs :) !!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Good for you for maintaining your weight! I didn't think you looked like you needed to loose any more! Twyla

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Holly, You did a great job on the mirror. And what a great idea. Perfect way to remind you what one needs to do when looking for something to eat. I should do that! Of course I would need one next to the fridge, the cubboards, etc. LOL

hugs, Ellen

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Holly, you crack me up!! LOL! Congrats on 12 pounds, that is great!

Happy New year,

gin said...

Great way to loose the pounds. I will try that. Your mirror project is very cute. And you are in the drawing for my giveaway!! Hope you had a nice New Year's Day today. Our daughter Jennifer came today and spent the day while her husband was at work. It was nice to just hang out together today.

Holly said...

Hi, all my sweet e girls! Thanks to all of you for coming by!

I've been cooking ALL day and we just finished eating. I'm taking a quick break before I go wash the dishes! :> Bobby and his friend Terri are in the living room playing oldies on their guitars. I love to here my baby laugh, play and sing!