Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Quilts!

Hi, girlfriends!
I love quilts and would gladly take a whole house full of them!
Instead, I only own three- sort of 4- but here they are! :>

The "quilt" above is just one block but it's still a quilt to me!
It was a house warming present many houses ago.
As many times as I have moved, it amazes and delights me that I'm still given house warming presents! :>

Next is my oldest quilt: My Double Wedding Ring. This was a Christmas gift from my older boys back in 92. It's always hung on a wall or has been draped across the back of a couch. Right now it's in my BROWN living room that's (hopefully) soon to be painted. I've forgotten the name of this one below. Do you know, Gin? It's the only quilt in my collection that was made by a friend. It was a baby present for Micah and I stole it from him. ;> He dosesn't care- I promise you. I'll save it for his future wife in case *she* wants it. ;> Here's my pretty Honeycomb quilt. A Mother's day gift from the older boys in 2001. This used to be on my bed but now hangs on the wall in my computer room. I do not like the brown paneling in there either so this helps!

I don't have quilt hangers for any of my quilts and I know it's not good for them but I don't have the patience to wait for hangers! Ha-ha! I'll never be one of those old ladies who has everything!

Thanks for coming by, girls! I'd love to see any quilts you all have!

Gin? :>


gin said...

Your quilts are beautiful. I looked that one up in my quilt book. It could be a traveling star beam or a nine patch star. Can't tell if the center square is a whole square or a nine patch square. It's from the same family though. (Though I might be wrong too) Quilts are something to treasure and I can tell you do. I've already shown some of mine, but I'll post a few of the tops I have ready to quilt.

Holly said...

Thanks, Gin! I lost touch with the creator of the baby quilt but I know she told me the name... Could "bear claw" be part of it?

*Noelle* said...

I like the last one best:) I have been wanting to get one for my living room for a long time, but I always put it off.

My dream for that "big" window of mine is to make it a bay window; gosh, I love those! Brian and I have been playfully looking at houses for sale; we can't move for probably another 5 years or so; but everything that I want in a home would cost us over $200,000! He told me that I'd better find a rich man then, LOL!!

I think Valentine's too for the give-away;) That would be "lovely"! And... you are the pretty girl; I love your little default photo! My mom said she thought you were my age, you young-in!!

Chat later!

Holly said...

Hi, Noelle! Oh I love bay windows. I like lots of LIGHT!When I lived in South Dakota I had a huge bay (or bow) window full of flowers that bloomed all winter long. ~ Sigh ~ I miss that house!

Your mom thought I was your age? Ha-ha! Funny. I have that Sally Fields type of baby face that will keep me looking younger for a while but I do look much older in person- I promise! :>

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love quilts too and have always loved the idea of hanging them on the walls. I inherited a few from my grandma, but her quilts were very utilitarian and not all matching patterns like you want. I do have one from an aunt I should photograph though. Thanks for the idea and for showing your lovely quilts! Twyla

Holly said...

Morning, Twyla!

Some day I hope to own an old worn (but pretty) quilt. Even just pieces would be nice. But since I don't sew, I don't know what I'd do with them! Ha-ha!

Queenie~ said...

Your quilts are so pretty...there's just something about a quilt that warms you up doesn't it? Warms the heart for sure.....

Priscila said...

i need to make alittle banner/button for the shop...go to it and it just has the little doll face on it

Holly said...

Hi, Queenie! I love the art of quilting and the stories behind them!

the voice of melody said...

These are so beautiful, thanks for sharing!

LBP said...

Your quilts are beautiful. I have actually made a quilt top, but have never quilted it yet. For some reason I think that one quilt is a Ohio Star. or I could have just made that up! LOL!



Holly said...

Thanks, Melody and you're welcome!

Holly said...

Thanks for the tip, Linda- even if you did make it up!

Have you ever shown your quilt top on your blog?

I've been to 2 quilting Bees before. They were fun.

Priscila said...

omg my boys are soooooooo dramatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im going crazy...help holly haha

Holly said...

Go ahead and get dramatic with them, Priscila! Roll around on the floor and pretend to cry and just be goofy! Ha-ha!

Priscila said...

i always do that and Christian says im crazy haha

Holly said...

Well, if ya can't beat 'em, Priscila- join 'em!

Sweetina said...

Hi Holly!
I love quilts too and these are very pretty...i especially love the colors in Micah's eerrmm your quilt and the star pattern.
I love that someone makes these beautiful handmade treasures for you and your family.
They are truly heirlooms!
Did i mention that you little parcel went out in the mail yesterday>!
Thanks so much for your patience and for all the sweet comments while I was sick, it means the world to me!
And i was soooo thrilld to get my "deer" gift from you in the mail yesterday! I adore it and you are a super sweet friend,Holly!

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

What wonderful quilts you have....There is just something about quilts just just make a house a home...Love them..
Mo :-)

Sharon said...

Your quilts are just lovely! I have several old quilts, but they are not in very good repair and I don't think they are true antiques that are worth anything. I just like how they look, most of them are patchwork. I do have one very special quilt though that is from my mother-in-law and I LOVE it! It was made by her mother sometime during the 40s and it is yellow.

You have a very nice blog here!

Hugs, Sharon

Holly said...

Hi, Tina! Glad you got your dear deer!

Holly said...

So good to see you again, Mo!

Holly said...

Thanks for coming by, Sharon! None of my quilts are old but I hope to have some old ones some day.