Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Saturday, January 17, 2009

WARNING: Silly Kitty Post Ahead!

Look, girls! (Unless of course you don't like cats.) This is my silly kitty, Siva. When she's in the house, this is one of her favorite places to sit! She's BLOCKING THE PICTURE OF ME! Is she jealous? I don't think so because look what else she does! She's my pouch baby!

She's full grown now but she used to ride in the front of my robe, jacket or even a button up blouse and I would carry her around just like a real baby. :>
(Okay, I'll admit it- I'm addicted to kittens!)
Siva won't let me walk around with her much anymore but she will still try and find a pouch if I'm at the computer. Silly kitty!

I did very little painting yesterday because I had several little nagging duties to perform. I feel much better now that they are out of the way. My mind works best if it is on ONE track!

With this cold weather, many of us are longing for Spring.
Hang in there, Girls!
We can do this Winter thing.
We did it last year and we'll do it again-
one day at a time.

~ Hearts ~


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your kitty looks so sweet! I love cats and used to have them in the house until I realized I was terribly allergic to them. It's so cute that she likes to get in your 'pouch'. Hope you are having a great day. Lindsey and me are going to hit some flea markets today. Look out! Twyla

Holly said...

Have fun Twyla! I'm crafting, writing, painting and schooling a little boy who is becoming a young man. I've done this 3 times before but "rooster management" is still a challenge!!!

*Noelle* said...

Hello! We have 2 cats and the one kinda looks like yours:) The other one is always in Brian's lap and follows him around like she's his little dog! Cats can be very loveable;)

Still hoping I can get though this winter!

Holly said...

Good morning, Noelle! We have 3 Mama cats and two kittens right now. ;> If I could always have a 6 week old kitten around, I would be so happy! Only thing is- they just grow up to be cats!

What a tough winter, huh? Man, it's so cold but at least we have sun here. That helps!

LvPoohBr2 said...

How silly!! I've had many cats in my years but never a cat that loved to be carried around, much less carried like a baby. I do have a little maltese dog now who loves to be carried and go with me in the car. Great pictures!

Holly said...

Hi, Syndee! That's right, you have a maltese. I had one as a teen. I never groomed mine properly so her hair would matt. :<

Queenie~ said...

Ohhh Siva is so pretty....I love kitties too! Hope you are having a beautiful day...

Sherrie said...

Awww...cute kitty. Hubby is allergic to cats, so I have to love on everyone else's. LOL! Thanks for visiting my blog, and how funny that we both have a Caleb and a Micah. :) What great taste in names we have...LOL! Have an awesome weekend!

Holly said...

Morning, Queenie! Micah is sick today but it's still a beautiful day!

Holly said...

Hi Sherrie! Thanks for coming by! I love to make new friends! Hey, We do have good taste don't we? :>

Sweetina said...

Squeel!Siva is such a Sweetie!
And a poser! She looks like a beautiful statue up on the dresser and she knows it!!!
How adorable that she loves to be a little Kangaroo Joey and ride in a pouch!!!
Love cats!!!
Lurve Siva!
I know what you mean about getting the "to do" list out of the way so you can think...or relax to create!
And yes...we will get through Winter all together!
All the shops have flowers and Spring decorations and they are really sparking creativity and sunny feelings!
They are also tempting me with Cadbury Mini Eggs far too soon!
I will not I will not....

Holly said...

So good to see you, Tina! I usually don't have much company on the week ends! I'm so glad you love my Kitty. :>

Having lots of projects going on helps me through the Winter. But coffee and chocolate does, too! I will- I will- eat and drink and be merry! That's what exercise and salad is for! :>

I can hardly Wait till you see what I'm making with the supplies you sent me!

~ Hugs backatcha~

Pearl said...

Isn't your cat a cutie-pie! Great photos! I have 2 cats, 3 ferrets, and a puppy... a very entertaining zoo, to say the least! Thanks for the visit 'n sweet comment about swinging 'n dreaming... Gotta Love the Beach! Hope your weekend is wonderful... God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~


Holly said...

Hi, Pearl! I love your puppy!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, I love your kitty! She's beautiful!
Happy Crafting, Lindsey

Holly said...

Hi, Lindsey! I do think Siva is pretty but the only reason we kept her is because she LOVED me so much! :>

Oh you are just going to faint when you see what I made for you today! ;>

gin said...

Oh sweet baby kitty! Siva is precious. I love cats but we don't have one right now. Yes, bring on summer Holly, I am ready!!

Holly said...

Good evening, Gin! Well you must get yourself a cat! Every country home should have a few! :>

Katie said...

Hi Holly, your blog is super cute, I love the design and background. Did you make the cookies in the top banner? They are adorable. Aren't kitties fun, I love our two little pests; their antics keep my family in stitches. Mabel is always finding new and inconvenient places to burrow in but as of yet hasn't been inside my shirt!

Holly said...

Hi, Katie! How fun to see a brand new face on the porch! ;>

No, I didn't make the cookies. They are just a free blog banner that I found.

It's my bed time but I'll try and remember to go visit you tomorrow.

Nighty night!

Kelly said...

That kitty looks like a great friend to snuggle up with on these cold blustery days!!! How cute to just be tucked inside like that!

I hope you are feeling better!!!


Holly said...

Thanks, Kelly! Siva is currently on strike because of two new baby kitties hanging around. The new ones are fun to snuggle with though. :>

I'm thankful that tomorrow is a new day!