Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bunny Love

Happy Winter, girls! Many of us across North America had snow yesterday. I went sledding! But yes, I'm still dreaming of Spring. One can't help it once March rolls around!

Do you see my bunny on my fence? He's quite weathered- just like the fence and the spent flowers in front. Bunny has a funky plastic eye that I'd like to replace, though. He was here when we moved in but what's really fun- is that I found a few of his relatives hanging around the place, too! They must have lost their eyes when they fell off the fence so they're waiting in my "to be painted" drawer and I want to re -attach them to the fence at random intervals. Sounds like a fun Spring project- doesn't it?

I won't be posting for the next 2 days. Not only is it hard to get on the computer when the guys are home but I'm also running out of things to post about! I'm sure once Spring returns, my energy level will too- and my creativity level!

Thanks for coming over!

~ ♥ ♥ ~


Jenny S said...

Do you need some buttons for the the eyes?? I have buttons on top of buttons on top of buttons!! I really like the bunnies! What a fun way to accent a fence!

Holly said...

Hiiii, Jenny! I'm hoping to learn how to paint eyes. A lofty goal? Perhaps.... Thanks for the offer though! ♥

*Noelle* said...

hi my hunny bunny! (hehe) i didn't forget about you; just late coming by. i had 2 tests today that wiped me out. i got a headache this afternoon and began to run a fever; gage has been so irritable too:( but... i did make it a point to get online before beddy-bye to say HIIIIIII!!!

♥ ya,

TattingChic said...

What a cute bunny on your fence! That would be a sweet thing to see everyday! :)

Holly said...

Good morning, Noelle!

Thanks for coming by! Oh, I hope that fever burned out quick and that your head ach went away. It's not easy caring for a sick child when you don't feel well yourself!

We'll be off to the city today to look for Easter surprises! ☺ ♥

Holly said...

Good morning, Tatting Chic! I like to see my bunny in the early morning light. He looks real! He's out side my computer room window. ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hey Holly! Sorry I've been absent from the computer lately, but simply haven't felt like sitting up long enough to get on the computer. I am feeling a bit stronger today. I love your little rabbit on the fence, what a cute detail. Just practice painting eyes and you'll get it. Hope you're have a great day! Twyla

Priscila said...

bunnies are cute huh? We had a baby one in the backyard...so cute...made a squiel noise...have fun shopping today


*Noelle* said...

p.s. i mailed your plate yesterday. gavin asked why i was driving around with it in the truck for "like a month" he said!! lol:) i felt guilty then and just popped it in the mail!!

gotta love lil ones!!

noelle ♥

Katie said...

That bunny is so cute and fun! I'll miss you, won't be the same the next few days!

Holly said...

Hey sweet girl friends! I'm home from the city and just finished a movie with the love of my life! ♥

*Noelle* said...

thanks for my blog hugs!! shopping for me; how fun!! i can't wait to see what i get from ya:) i'll probably open it before i even get in the house!!! lol

miss you bunches, hope you post tomorrow!!

noelle ♥

Priscila said...

arebnt u going to blog today?

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Cute Holly!! :) With the days being so drab, it is hard to feel motivated to post, hmmm?? I feel the same way.

Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures said...

Hey Holly! That's a Cute fence bunny...I really like that idea...he looks shabby chic to me. It sounds like you had fun in the snow too! Have fun with your guys sweetie!
Big Hugs,