Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, April 13, 2009

8 Things Tag

Hope you all had a happy Easter day! Julie from Shabby Wears tagged me with the 8 things tag! If anyone else wants to play- grab it! Here we go!

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:

1. Bobby coming home from Texas

2. My girl alone vacation when the guys go camping

3. The next time one of my boys come home for a visit

4. The next time Bobby and I have a real date

5. Retiring from Home Schooling

6. Seeing what the other side is *really* like

7. Having an empty nest

8. Being able to clean my house again once my back is better!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Went out to eat at Pizza Hut with Micah

2. Opened my Easter basket from Noelle- FUN!

3. Ate Easter candy in the sunshine

4. Talked to Caleb on the phone

5. Talked to Bobby on the phone

6. Looked up bird songs on the Internet

7. "Went" bird watching in our own yard

8. Played with baby kitties

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Drive in the city

2. Dance well

3. Decorative Painting

4. Hike the Appalachian trail

5. Make due with less sleep

6. Be at peace with all people

7. Have surgery on my legs to remove or repair the bad veins.

8. See my boys and grandchildren more often.

5 Shows I Am Currently Watching:
(I don't have TV hook up so I watch some shows on DVD or on the Internet but I'm not currently watching 8 shows.)

1. The Young Riders

2. The three Stooges

3. One tree Hill

4. Gilligan's Island

5. The Andy Griffith Show

My back is feeling so much better this morning! I pray that I won't overdue it and hurt it again... It's so hard for me to watch the clutter congregating in my house and there's so much yard work that I'd like to do!!!! Patience, patience, Holly!

Love you girls! ♥


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hold yourself back, Holly! Let your back rest another day. Sounds like you had a nice day yesterday. It rained all day here:( I hate it when it rains on Easter. When does Bobby get back? I know you are missing him. Hope your day is spectacular! Twyla

Holly said...

Good morning Twyla!

Well, at least it didn't snow on your Easter. I really hate it when that happens! Poor little Easter eggs all cold in the snow... ☺

Bobby will be home Thu. night. What a loooong week it's been so far! Thankfully Bobby has a cell phone so we get to talk to him several times a day.

As a precaution, I'm still having Micah pick things up for me but oh, it felt so good to be able to roll over in bed without pain last night!!! RELIEF!

Have a nice day! ♥

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Hi Holly, I hope you had a lovely Easter. Ours was nice. We had pizza too yesterday. I didn't feel like cooking after our Easter festivaties! I love love love your blogs new look, especially the banner. I want it! That would make such cute cards! Or scrapbooking epehmera. I am getting back into scrapbooking myself! I am starting to make stuff to sell on my etsy. I have been pulling out my stamps and punches, etc. I forgot how fun it is to do. I see you have been doing scrapbooking. Your pages are cute! I like the one of you and your husband!

hugs, Ellen

Holly said...

Thanks, Ellen! So good to see you! My friend Pearl made my banner. I'm not sure where she got the image... I'll have to go see what's new in your Etsy! thanks for coming by! ♥

*Noelle* said...

hi hun! glad to hear you and micah had a nice easter:) ours was good! the boys were definitely on candy overload; especially the little one!!

noelle ♥

*Noelle* said...

hi again! to answer your question, i have to get my wedding dress altered anyway:( they had me order a size bigger and its even too big in the bust now and the waist, length too! as if they haven't made enough money off of me, i indefinitely have to have alterations done regardless!!

noelle ♥

Beth Niquette said...

Wow! You have so many things to which to look foward to. (grin) Heehee....happy Easter!

Ulrika said...

Hi Holly!

I've thought for a long time that I should post on your blog and here I am finally! :-) When I saw your scrapbook page yesterday I thought of how glad I am that you did move to WA so I could meet you and get to know you so many years ago now.
My girls also enjoy watching The three stooges and Gilligan's Island - they love to laugh. I watch here and there too but I enjoy shows like Little house on the prairie better. :-)
Greetings from Rika in Sweden

Holly said...

Noelle, I hope the wedding dress question wasn't a nosey one! ☺ ♥

Beth, I'll never be a bored old lady who has everything! ☺ ♥

Holly said...

RIKA!!! ♥ I got so excited when I saw your name. Even though I knew you were reading here, I was so happy to see you comment! Thanks! You even made a profile so I can see your pretty face- and Michelle is just adorable. ☺ 3 girls... I remember you telling me years ago that you hoped you would have girls.

I only watch The Three stooges to make Micah happy. I do think Curly is really funny - especially when he hums and sings ☺ but I get so mad at Moe! He's so mean!

Gilligan's Island reminds me so much of my childhood and yet Micah loves it as much as I did! Gilligan reminds me *a lot* of Caleb, too! Ha-ha!

Thanks again for commenting! I love you! ♥

Michele said...

Oh Holly ~ don't overdo it! I'm still in so much pain with my back, but really can't afford to go to the doctor. Even when you have insurance, the cost is so expensive. I know he'll send me to PT and that's out of the question. Just have to deal with the pain and take it easy!

When does Bobby get home?

Have a great week...and rest!


Kelly said...

Oh Holly I pray each day that comes, your back is better and better!!!


Persuaded said...

oh dear, i'm so sorry that your back is still bothering you... i'll be praying that it's *all* better very soon!

Holly said...

Michele, Kelly and Diane, you girls are so sweet! I behaved all day and my back is still getting better! I'm a good girl- I am! ☺ (Eliza Doolittle)

Ya know, It's amazing how weak the rest of the body can get when you've been resting a lot! Whew!

Michele, Bobby comes home Thu. night. Maybe the time will start to go a bit faster now that I'm not in pain. Sorry to hear that your back is bothering you, too! I find that hot/cold therapy works wonders! ♥

*Noelle* said...

noooooo, not nosey at all!! i'd be happier have it taken in cause its too big, then let out cause its too small!! LOL

noelle ♥

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Holly,

I love the idea of the "8 Things Tag". It's such a fun way to learn new and interesting thing about your friends. I think I will grab this idea and do a post on it later in the week. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Easter and that you back is feeling better.

Until next time!!

Holly said...

Hi, Kim! I hope you do the tag. These types of tags really "get me to thinking"! (That's a southern expresion!) ♥

Pearl said...

Sure was fun to read your tags 'n learn even more about your wonderful self ♥ I'm really glad that your Easter was nice, Holly... and even happier to know that your back is healing... I'm keeping you in my prayers... I live with chronic 24/7 pain, so I can relate to what you've been going through... not a walk in the park, for sure... Hope you have a beautiful day, and before you know it, Bobby will be home!
God bless...

~hugs 'n prayers~

April ~ AUTISM Awareness Month~

Holly said...

Thanks Pearl! ♥ You're in my prayers, too!