Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

Howdy, girls! Welcome to Favorite Things Friday where I show some of my favs from the present and the past! This week- it's the present! Like this little vintage looking heart/rose potpourri holder.

Isn't it sweet? It was in this house when I moved in.

It usually hangs on my powder room mirror but I wasn't going to try a mirror shot. Ain't I just getting so good at taking pics? Hee-hee!

And then there's this old card . I love wedding ring quilts, robin's eggs, and lilacs so I took this card and stuck it in a criss cross frame. I love those, too!

And then there's this teddy bear/heart garland and matching heart wreath. The wreath is much more faded than the teddies because it once hung on my front porch in Michigan. These are the little things that bring smiles to my day.I hope you enjoy your favorite things today, too!
~ ♥♥ ~


Faye said...

thank-u for sharing this beautiful post!have a blessed weekend!faye

Holly said...

You're welcome, Faye! So glad you could come by this morning! ♥

*Noelle* said...

the cris-cross frame is very cute!! we are supposed to get up to 81 today! yahoo! both boys are wearing shorts ans are so excited;) me... yeah, well thats another story!i did find some jean capri's yesterday and bought them- they were pretty cute and cozy!! maybe i'll wear those today! i SO wish i could skip work today, go buy flowers and plant them!!! that would be so much more fun!

noelle ♥

Holly said...

Good morning, Noelle! I wish you could stay home today, too! I bought some more flowers yesterday and hope to plant some today.

I just came in from my morning hike and it's so lovely outside! we must be sharing the same weather. It's supposed to be nice here for awhile. Yay!

I'll probably end up wearing my capris today too- or a skirt. I wear a lot of skirts in Spring and Summer- they are cooler than capris and no way am I wearing shorts!

I've always liked criss cross frames. That's jsut what I call them- I don't know what their real name is!

Hang in there, sweet girl! ♥

Beth Niquette said...

How creative you are! And what a gifted designer and photographer you are!

Thank you so much for sharing your favorite things so beautifully.

Holly said...

Good morning and you're welcome, Beth! And thanks for the lovely compliment! ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I did enjoy one of my favorite things today, Holly, I came and visited you! Thank you for showing sweet things from your home. That little heart is like a gift from the former owner. Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

Michele said...

Hi Holly ~ ooooo, I'm in love with your criss cross frame and also the picture inside! Just too cute! We're supposed to hit 85 here...I'll believe it when I see it. Yesterday it was barely 40 degrees..windy and cold. I want warm weather so I can plant some flowers!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Katie said...

Hi Holly, it's so much fun seeing all your treasures! It's so nice to be surrounded by pretty things that you love.

Pearl said...

Hi Holly... What a pretty little heart to have found in your home... So nice to see some of your favorite things. I'm snuggling with my Cocoa Puff puppy today... Hope all's going well...

Holly said...

Hi, twyla! You're so sweet. I'm *glad* you come and visit me!

I know the previous owner of this house. She's a real quiet 80 something named Bula. She hated to give up this place but it was just too much for her and she had to "move to town" as they say around here. She left us *lots* of gifts. ☺ She misses her apples and and blackberries so I bring them to her and she has come to get cuttings, etc. from her beloved plants.

Hope you're having a fine day! It's hot and humid here after our slight snow 2 days ago! ♥

Holly said...

Michele, It's 80 something here! Nice! ♥

Katie, I'm so happy to have some girls to share my favs with! It's like being neighbors. ♥

Pearl, enjoy that puppy! ♥

Always a Southern Girl said...

Your pictures are great! I like girly stuff like that too. Have a great weekend.==Renee

Holly said...

Hi, Renee! You have a great week end, too! ♥

Rebecca said...

Isn't the entire garage sale thing fabulouso? I love to venture out because you never know what you will find....

I simply adore you sweet, sweet blog! What a JOY to visit. I will come back soon for more...beautiful!


Holly said...

Aw, thanks, Rebecca! It's too hot for garage sailing this week. maybe next! ♥

Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures said...

Hey Girl!
It was so much fun catching up with you! I have been gonna get over here and see you all week, and never got around to it. I had you on my mind though, and I miss you too! We finished the deck porch painting (the monster job that I thought would never end! LOL!) and it turned out really pretty I think. We are now getting ready for our oldest son's high school graduation coming up...it's been really crazy busy around here. We finally found him a car for his graduation gift. It's really nice, it's what he had in mind. We got him a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It's our graduation gift to him. He is thrilled to say the least. Say a little prayer for him for God to keep him safe on the road Okay?.
I will be back again soon to dig deeper into the blog posts, and read more of the posts. I sort of scrolled through this time and didn't get to read everything....I was really behind. Your kitties are so precious! I know you and Micah are having so much fun with them. You found some really great finds lately too! Isn't Spring and Summer just the best for finding finds!? I know you've been having alot of fun treasure hunting too! I am sorry I haven't been by sooner to see everything....
Just know that even if I'm not over here visiting as often as I used to, that You are in my thoughts. You are my dear friend and I'll never forget you girl! I am so glad I can stop over to visit you.
Big Hug,

Holly said...

Thanks for the visit and the big hug, Queenie! ♥