Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, May 29, 2009

Favorites On Friday

Here's one of my favorite things! My daughter in law Sara gave me this pansy potpourri burner when we bought our farm house in Michigan. It will always remind me of her love for me and of that special time in my life. I had wanted to live in a farm house my whole life and I was so excited to move in there! I'll show you a pic some day.
See you for Scrapbook Sunday! No snakes- I promise. ☺

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rag Wreath For The Porch

Well girls, there really *is* a science to wreath making; the size of your wreath and the fabrics you use make a big difference!

I'm calling this my Fiesta wreath! It's so different from the other wreaths that I've made that we're still getting used to each other. ☺ Notice that there is NO GREEN in this wreath! ☺ Oh, that chair is supposed to be *under* the wreath. I moved it for the hanging and forgot to move it back! Ha!I haven't done much with the porch this season because it's currently a game field on rainy days and NOT so rainy days! We play porch hockey, porch basketball and porch bowling out there. Micah has blockades everywhere to keep balls from rolling off the porch so it looks all junky. I'm hoping he'll tire of porch games once we're swimming again and then I can pretty things up!

Have a great day girl friends!

~ ♥ ♥ ~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jewelery Making

Happy Wednesday, sweets! ♥ I like to try all sorts of different crafts because you never know when you'll stumble across something you really enjoy! Here's a pic of the bracelet I made a few years back when I lived in South Dakota. I made the Brown swirled beads out of fimo clay and it was really fun. I really like the boho look in clothes and jewelery and I used to wear this a lot with my favorite brown outfits.

I go through phases where I wear a lot of jewelery and I thought I might really get into jewelery making but I decided it was too expensive of a hobby for me!
Paper, paper, who's got the paper?

Speaking of different crafts! I was able to go to Michael's Crafts over our vacation- a rare treat for me! I wanted more Gingham paper but alas! there was none to be found! There was no mini polka dot paper either! Sooo disappointing but followed up with a good ole- Oh well! If any of you know a source for Gingham paper, would you pleeeeease let me know? Thanks!
Good by vacation!
My vacation is over and it's back to the old grind stone today! Nah! I love my job! I'd hate to have to change it.
We had to put our air conditioners in last night; not because of the heat but because of the humidity! All the floors- everything- was WET! It's supposed to keep raining until the week end. I guess we didn't have to fill the pool up all the way after all!
Well, I spent some of my MD money on a scrap booking table but Bobby insists that he had hoped for one for Father's Day so he didn't want me to use my fun money on it! Isn't he sweet? ☺
I finished my bright rag wreath but I'm not happy with it yet. Something isn't right and I can't figure out what! I went ahead and hung it on the porch and it looks good from a distance but not close up. I think it's mainly because it is so large and it doesn't have any lace or tulle to serve as a filler... There's a science to being a perfectionist!
~ Wink ~
Thanks for coming over, girls! I hope you have a super powered Wednesday!
~ ♥ ♥ ~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rick Rack Attack!

Hello, all my sweet girls! I sure missed you while I was away and now it's good to be back! Even though Bobby is still home for one more day, I don't think he'll be on the computer much so I decided to post anyway. (Hopefully, he'll be finishing up all those last minute honey dos!)

We had a good vacation but I had some major hormonal problems that rudely interrupted our regularly scheduled program! Grrrr! I had to have a stern talk with myself and set down some strict rules! Mainly- NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ALLOWED! NONE! I tell ya... the things my mind tries to get away with sometimes!

Rick Rack!
I just love rick rack! Diane, didn't we talk about starting a support group? ☺ I also love polka dots and pom- poms but that's another story!
I like rick rack big and I like it small. I add it to cards and craft projects.
I like it in sweet glittery pastels...

and in bright bold Reds - like in my country/vintage kitchen! Here's the jumbo rick rack that I bought from Etsy seller and blogger Sandi from Wayside Treasures. Sandi packs her items up so sweetly!

Here's that red in my kitchen again! It's just hanging there with some curly ribbon being cute!

Rick Rack reminds me of school girl days, although I don't specifically recall having any Rick Rack on my clothes back then. Maybe other girls did...
Mother's Day Money!
I have some Mother's Day money from my Christopher that's burning a hole in my pocket book! Don't you just love trying to decide how to spend fun money? Just when I think my mind is made up, it changes again! Should I buy some reproduced Meyercord nursery decals or hold out for vintage ones? Will the vintage ones work anymore- or fall apart? How many should I buy? Should I buy a bunch more flowers or a scrap booking table? Scrap booking supplies or new clothes? What to do- what to do!
I hope you all have some fun money to spend but even if you don't, I hope you still have a happy Tuesday. Maybe you'll have to apply my rule- no negative thoughts allowed! I'm telling you, those things will eat you for lunch!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I'm Lovin'!

This is what I'm lovin', girls! Vintage cribs- JUST LIKE THIS... Too bad I don't live in Nevada and have some extra money! This crib was going for a really good deal! I'd skip on the mattress, thank you. ☺

And I'm *especially* lovin' vintage Meyercord pastel nursery decals!!! I think I am destined to own some and work with them. They make tears come to my eyes! My own baby bed must have had them... These below are vintage decals that Heidi Ann of Gold Country Girls told me about. They were sold off of eBay before I could get them but Heidi Ann and I have found some reproduction ones out there, too. I dream about the decals and the cribs and I have so many ideas of what I could do with them!
Hopefully these dreams will materialize some day. Stay tuned.

~ ♥ ♥ ~

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lovin My Linens!

Well, girls, I've been working so hard on cleaning and organizing the house lately that it was time for me to have a little linen decorating reward! So here's more linens on the line for you linen lovers! Only 2 of these are true vintage but I loved the look of them hanging on the line so I thought they could be my opening pic! See the embroidered kitty from Juli at Christmas? I thought the colors might work best in my bright kitchen.

This bright table cloth was also from Juli. It's really thick and I'm wondering if it's bark cloth. Does anyone know?

I love the polka dots!

Sweet pinks on my Shabby Chic book case which serves as a china hutch! This one was also from Juli.

This one was a give away win from Candy.

Half cross stitch/embroidery from Juli.

My first vintage table cloth (at least I think it's vintage) which was found at the Goodwill. It's really thin and torn in a few places but I still love it. I have it on top of the wood cook stove now. The red bowl is my fruit bowl and the baskets hold vitamins.

Shelf on the wood cook stove. Isn't this the sweetest little cherry thing?

Dresser scarf on my dresser.

A close up of the embroidery. Such sweet colors! I had a hard time getting the wrinkles out so I decided I like the wrinkled look. ☺

Here's the kitty in my kitchen on the electric stove.

I feel so blessed to have all these given to me! I feel like so much of my child hood is missing and these old things help me feel connected to it in a special way.
Hope you all had a good weekend! I had lots of fun but I ended up battling a sinus infection, too. I get them easily if I'm not careful and careful is not my middle name lately! I get over infections easily if I'm diligent and I'm thankful I feel normal this morning- so far.
We didn't get to go garage sailing Sat. because Bobby had to work overtime and the weather was iffy anyway. We had fun movies at home though and we rearranged the living room in a very odd way that I never would have thought of! I'm hoping that by the end of the month, I'll have a new living room to show you!
Micah and I will be back to school this week but only for 4 days and then Bobby will have a 5 day "vacation" here at home!
Thanks for coming by and being my bloggy neighbors!
I hope you all have a great week!
~ ♥ ♥ ~

Friday, May 15, 2009

Favorites On Friday and Look What's Blooming!

Look here, girls! I finally found something wonderful at the Goodwill again and for a nice price- just like in the good ole days! These 4 pansy ornaments were only 44 cents! They are destined to become favorites. I have them sitting on my Shabby Chic bookcase on a pile of tulle. (I'm still trying to figure out how to get the date off my pics when I use the Q mode.)What's blooming around the cottage?
Here's my beautiful Mother's Day basket from my son, Caleb. He and I were gardening buddies when he still lived at home. Micah gave me little flowers to plant but I won't show those until they fill out a bit.

I Love my Lavender Irises! I'm giving you 3 shots of them. See how Green everything is now?! There's my woods in the back where I hike in the mornings. I say hike because it's uphill.

Here's the back of my house with my 3 Green chimneys! The little window you see there is my kitchen window that gives me a nice view of my Irises.

So what do you girls have planned for today? I hope to press some linens. (Doesn't "press" sound so professional?) Micah's glasses finally came in so we'll do some school work today too but then we'll be off for the REAL week end. We will now have Saturday and Sunday off just like most Americans do! Maybe we will do some garage sailing tomorrow if Bobby isn't too tired.
I won't be posting tomorrow but I'll be back for Scrapbook Sunday!
Cheers! ♥

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Happy Wednesday, girls! When we headed over to WV last week to go antique shop hunting, we found I shop still on the Virginia side and 2 antique malls on the WV side! The first antique mall we went to was in a big emptyish building and you could tell it was just getting started up. It wasn't organized all that well and the displays were not nice like the shop pics I've seen in blogland (Like Suzanna's!) But wouldn't you know it, that's where I found my best treasure! Here it is- my children's (baby?) chenille bedspread!

Eeeek! Isn't it cute?! It's quite small- must be for a toddler bed because it wouldn't work in a crib. I only paid $12.00 for it! Seemed like a good deal- do you think, Twyla? I loved this blanket so much that it sat in my lap all the way home and it was hugged and giggled over several times! ☺

I love the Yellow, Blue and Pink!

Although I was able to get the colors right, I never could get the lighting the way I wanted it.

Close up of the flowers! I love them!

At the same mall, I also found these salt and pepper shakers for $1.50. I liked them but they didn't make me Eeek. ☺ They go well in my Red and Yellow kitchen.

The next mall was *very* nice but all I bought was this Pink and Blue hankie that was on sale.

The colors are so sweet! I looked through all the hankies because I want one more with dark blue in it for the hankie bunting I have planned for my living room. I never did find one with dark blue in it but this one made up for it. ☺

I also picked up a few sweet things from the Dollar Tree! Our own Dollar tree closed down so it was a treat for me to get to go to a new one. Here's some polka dot tissue paper, rose candle holders and gift tags. Fun!

It was really fun to explore WV. We even found a day old bakery and bought some yummy bread. The main town we went to has a Chinese restaurant buffet so I think Bobby will be willing to go again some time. ☺ It's too far for me to want to drive there alone with my old van...
I've been planting lots of flowers. You'll hear me say that a lot. ☺ I plant April- June and then I stop and just enjoy. I have extensive flower beds in the back and I like to have a lot of pots and baskets up front, too. I've been wanting to get the porch all decorated up cute so I can show you but Micah has invented the game of porch hockey so for now, my porch is a gaming field!
I've been collecting fabric for the rag wreath I want to make for the porch. I really didn't have any bright colors to work with so It's taken some hunting at the Goodwill to find what I want.
Well, this is our first day back on day shift. Bobby was willing to let me sleep while he answered the alarm but I woke up before the alarm went off! Oh well! after 9 months of no alarm, it's quite jarring to have to obey one again!
Micah is still off from school until his glasses come in so we'll probably have another cleaning day and maybe some yard work if it doesn't rain- again.
Hope you all have an awesome day, girlfriends! ♥

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bunny Sighting Saturday!

Surprise! I didn't have a different post ready for today so I bring you one more bunny sighting post! This is a ceramic bunny basket that I found on my first garage sailing trip this year!
Cute, Huh?

Katie, if you see this, I don't know if my vase is real milk glass. The Milk glass I've seen in shops, etc. seem to have larger bumps than my vase does.
Yesterday evening, Micah happily reported that "the toad is back." (Oh, joy... I'm not too fond of toads but they like to hibernate in my flower beds.) When I got up early this morning I could here the crickets chirping. That's probably what brought Mr. Toad up- food!

We had a doozy of a thunder storm last night. (Doozy... That sounds like a word my Mom would have used!) We had lightning hit somewhere near the house- POP! CRACK! BOOM! Very exciting! Now I remember why we don't hike or camp more in the Spring. We have so many thunder storms here. Once the storms cease enough- it's too hot (for me) to hike or camp. Oh well, I'll have my pool! Speaking of thunder storms- I think I better get off of here!

Hope you all have a fun Saturday!

~ ♥ ♥ ~

Friday, May 8, 2009

Favorites On Friday And Look What's Blooming!

Hi, girls! I'm back in the bloggerhood! Welcome to my Monday! I had a great couple days off! We had one great family day and then I actually had a day all alone. I mean all day, too! I told the guys they could NOT come home- even if it started raining! ☺ More details about our "week end" later.

Well, this week, one of my favorite things is kittens! So much so that I decided to plant a pot full! ☺ They all "hog piled' in here one hot day! Funny! You'd think they'd suffocate! Here's my favorite but she'll just grow up to be a cat... Right?

Micah was able to get her to pose like this! Ha!

See this sweet gift bag? It's one of the things that helped me fall in love with Pink gingham and buttons! DIL Sara gave it to me a few Birthdays ago. Although I'm sure it was wonderful, I honestly can't remember what was in the bag but the bag has been used and used and used. It currently hangs on my brown bedroom wall but it's posing here in the white kitchen!

And now, here's what's blooming: Isn't this pretty? I have no idea what it is though! Any ideas girls? When we first moved in here, I thought they were Raspberry canes but then they bloomed in the Spring and I knew they weren't but WHAT are they?

These dogwoods did manage to stay in the vase on the front porch for a couple hours before the wind blew them out. I moved it in here to the computer room instead. After a couple weeks, they still look fine!

And here's my other Geranium that made it through the Winter in here. It's kind of leggy so I'll be pinching it back soon.

I have one Purple and one White Lilac bush. Neither bloomed too well this year because I went crazy with cutting it last year! Ooops! Oh well, it was worth it to have blossoms in several rooms of the house! ☺

For those of you wondering about Micah's Dr. appointment on Wed. here's an edited copy of a letter I sent Noelle:

Well, the doc went ahead and prescribed reading glasses for Micah although his vision is okay. His eyes are just strained- like mine. The Doc was very thorough but they still don't know what was causing the eye pain. I think it was a combination of things:

1. Eye strain

2. Sinus

3. He had a short fall out of a tree. (Even though he didn't hit his head- falls or accidents often trigger other things.)

4. He's 11 and growing fast.

5. School work has become smaller and much more difficult this year.

See how helpful it is to be your own doctor? Ha-ha!
Micah is off from school until his glasses come in so he's pretty happy about that but he's not happy about having to wear reading glasses. Hopefully he'll outgrow them.

After Micah's morning eye appointment,we grabbed a Burger and headed for WV. to hunt for Antique shops or Flea markets! It was really fun! The hills were so puffy and green- a perfect day for a drive!
I was so excited to find something that I really, really liked and Bobby bought it for me! I'll do a post about it next week but I won't leave you in total suspense! It's a children's chenille bed spread in pastel colors with a giraffe on it! It's so cute! I actually hugged it several times and just got a general all around thrill about finding it and the shops!
I'm not sure what we'll be doing today. Maybe finish cleaning Micah's room... My craft room/ school room/ guest room is all tidy! Every bit of it is de-junked and organized! I'm going to try really hard to keep it that way. (What is it about a newly organized room that makes kids want to play in it and mess it up?) I still have some actual cleaning I want to do in there like wash the windows and shampoo the carpet but other than that- it's done!
I hope you all enjoy your week end! I'll soon be back on your schedule, too!
~ Big hug ~

Monday, May 4, 2009

Aw - Again!

Look, girls! Remember the cute kitty hug from this http://holly-girlsatheart.blogspot.com/2009/03/aw.html post? Well here it is again! This baby is my favorite and evidently, she has a favorite spot!
Doesn't Mama Pinkie have the prettiest eyes? These babies are almost ready for their new homes! They look hilariously cute running through the grass after Micah!
Well, girls, it's a rainy day here is Virginia but that's okay. You should see all the Green trees and white dogwoods shouting for joy! I've been walking 2-3 laps on my hiking trail every morning but I just might skip it today.

I'm hoping to get Micah into an eye DR. today. He's been having unexplainable eye pain and his regular Dr. doesn't know why. (Do we see a pattern here?) We were maybe going to have to take him to ER over the week end but we were spared that. Thank you, Lord!

Ya know, when I was 11 years old, I had a year of health problems- some unexplainable. I wonder if it is isn't just the age... Micah has been one of my healthiest kids and then all of the sudden, he has all these weird things going on... We'll see.

What do you have planned for today?

~ ♥ ♥ ~