Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, May 8, 2009

Favorites On Friday And Look What's Blooming!

Hi, girls! I'm back in the bloggerhood! Welcome to my Monday! I had a great couple days off! We had one great family day and then I actually had a day all alone. I mean all day, too! I told the guys they could NOT come home- even if it started raining! ☺ More details about our "week end" later.

Well, this week, one of my favorite things is kittens! So much so that I decided to plant a pot full! ☺ They all "hog piled' in here one hot day! Funny! You'd think they'd suffocate! Here's my favorite but she'll just grow up to be a cat... Right?

Micah was able to get her to pose like this! Ha!

See this sweet gift bag? It's one of the things that helped me fall in love with Pink gingham and buttons! DIL Sara gave it to me a few Birthdays ago. Although I'm sure it was wonderful, I honestly can't remember what was in the bag but the bag has been used and used and used. It currently hangs on my brown bedroom wall but it's posing here in the white kitchen!

And now, here's what's blooming: Isn't this pretty? I have no idea what it is though! Any ideas girls? When we first moved in here, I thought they were Raspberry canes but then they bloomed in the Spring and I knew they weren't but WHAT are they?

These dogwoods did manage to stay in the vase on the front porch for a couple hours before the wind blew them out. I moved it in here to the computer room instead. After a couple weeks, they still look fine!

And here's my other Geranium that made it through the Winter in here. It's kind of leggy so I'll be pinching it back soon.

I have one Purple and one White Lilac bush. Neither bloomed too well this year because I went crazy with cutting it last year! Ooops! Oh well, it was worth it to have blossoms in several rooms of the house! ☺

For those of you wondering about Micah's Dr. appointment on Wed. here's an edited copy of a letter I sent Noelle:

Well, the doc went ahead and prescribed reading glasses for Micah although his vision is okay. His eyes are just strained- like mine. The Doc was very thorough but they still don't know what was causing the eye pain. I think it was a combination of things:

1. Eye strain

2. Sinus

3. He had a short fall out of a tree. (Even though he didn't hit his head- falls or accidents often trigger other things.)

4. He's 11 and growing fast.

5. School work has become smaller and much more difficult this year.

See how helpful it is to be your own doctor? Ha-ha!
Micah is off from school until his glasses come in so he's pretty happy about that but he's not happy about having to wear reading glasses. Hopefully he'll outgrow them.

After Micah's morning eye appointment,we grabbed a Burger and headed for WV. to hunt for Antique shops or Flea markets! It was really fun! The hills were so puffy and green- a perfect day for a drive!
I was so excited to find something that I really, really liked and Bobby bought it for me! I'll do a post about it next week but I won't leave you in total suspense! It's a children's chenille bed spread in pastel colors with a giraffe on it! It's so cute! I actually hugged it several times and just got a general all around thrill about finding it and the shops!
I'm not sure what we'll be doing today. Maybe finish cleaning Micah's room... My craft room/ school room/ guest room is all tidy! Every bit of it is de-junked and organized! I'm going to try really hard to keep it that way. (What is it about a newly organized room that makes kids want to play in it and mess it up?) I still have some actual cleaning I want to do in there like wash the windows and shampoo the carpet but other than that- it's done!
I hope you all enjoy your week end! I'll soon be back on your schedule, too!
~ Big hug ~


Jenny S said...

Glad Micah is okay!! I know that can be scary!! Great kitty cat planting. Gives a whole new meaning to "Pussy Willows" hehehe!!

Holly said...

Good morning, Jenny! You're my first visitor of the day! ♥ One of the things that the Doc checked for was Marfan syndrome. ever heard of that?

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Holly,
Good to hear Micah is ok :)
The kitties are so cute in the pot there, lol!
Don't have a clue what the yellow flower is but it sure is happy :)
Loving the lilac and dogwood, so fabulous :)

Holly said...

Hi, Natahsa! ♥ This has been the best year for Dogwoods! No hard frosts to ruin them. They just keep going and going!

*Noelle* said...

Wow-za, what a nice big post!! Love all the flowers and bushes; I can't wait to have things that come back every year! Those kitties in the pot are SO darn cute too:)

I totally agree that when you clean a room, its like a magnet for a child to come along and mess it up-LOL!!

I'll be back later to post my faves this week; I am off for a 1/2 massage and pedicure this morning compliments of brian and the boys!! YAHOO!!

Noelle ♥

Holly said...

Enjoy your massage and pedicure, Noelle! Must be a mother's day gift? ♥

Persuaded said...

1. cute kittens. (i am trying with all my might not to get sucked into the adorable-ness of kittens as jezebel is preggers. we'll soon have a bunch of little stray ones and i am a bit worried about who is going to take care of them and where they'll live. i think we all know what the kids' opinion on that subject will be;))

2. i love all of the flower pictures. i planted a couple of lilac bushes in my yard this year... wonder if i'll get any blooms?

3. i understand you affection for that gift bag. i have a christmas gift bag that i love so much i have it hanging on my closet doorknob all the time.

4. i'm glad micah doesn't seem to have any pressing problems with his eyes. and i'm sure he's enjoying his week off from school. noah would be in seventh heaven!

5. have a wonderful day, sweetie♥

Ann said...

Those kittens and flowers are so cute. Love those yellow flowers, they make their surroundings cheerful and vibrant.

Holly said...

Diane, we find homes for our kitties by bringing them to the Walmart parking lot. We sit near the road with a sign on top of the van. Lots of people stop just to look and hold them, some say they'll come back and don't but we always have takers. What I find interesting is that hardly anyone asks if the kitten is a girl or boy- they just pick their favorite! Micah has so much fun playing with them but he knows we can't keep any more!

Micah won't admit it but he's getting bored from not being able to do any close up school work! ♥

Holly said...

hi, Ann! I hope some one will know the name of my flowers! ♥

Jenny S said...

No, what is Marfan? I will have to look that up!

Holly said...

Hi, Jenny! Marfan syndrome is an genetic disorder. One of the most common characteristic is extra long arms and legs- like me and all my boys! I had never even heard of it till my older boys left home so now I'm looking into it. ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I'm glad to know that there is nothing serious wrong with Micah! Your kitties are so cute. I don't think I'd plant anymore you have enough already. You've been such a busy girl. I'm excited for you that you got some alone time and a shopping trip to a flea market! You had a good weekend. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! Twyla

Holly said...

Hi, Twyla! ♥ So good to see you!

I couldn't help but think about you and Lindsey as I browsed the stalls at the antique mall. ☺ I've been trying to get pics of my bedspread so I can show you all but I'm not liking how they are turning out...

Pearl said...

Hi Holly...
It was so nice to finally have some time to read 'n catch up with all that's been going on in your life... Those Kitties are just Adorable... and the photo of them in the pot is Precious!!
You know I just Love, Love, Love those Lilacs... Ohhhh how I wish I had some... ~sighs~
I hope that Micah does well with his new eyeglasses... and I hope you're doing well...
In case I don't make it back around for a few days, Please have the most wonderful, and...
DAY !!!

~hugs 'n prayers~

Holly said...

Thanks, Pearl! Hope you have a nice mother's day! I'm hoping for calls from my boys! ♥

*Noelle* said...

haha! it was an easter gift? yes, weird huh? i think brian did it to be a brat cause he was mad at me at the time, but oh well- i'll take it!!! lol

Holly said...

So, Noelle, Brian was mad at you so he gave you a gift? Hmmm... Interesting... ☺

Lori said...

Awe poor boy, I wish you the best! Now your melting my heart with those kitties! And flowers!!! Wishing you a wonderful Mothers Day!! Hopefully my Microsoft will be up and running soon, I am so BORED without it! Love,Lori

Katie said...

We love the garden of kittens you've planted. ER loved that picture and seriously, she looked at for like ten minutes! I actually got to go to the bathroom by myself for one, I know, I know TMI!

Love the pretty blooms you've got. My lilacs haven't come in yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Enjoyed seeing the dogwoods too, I just got a set of depression glass from my MIL as a hostess gift for the tea in a dogwood pattern.

Holly said...

Lori, hope your microsoft is all better soon! ♥

Katie, glad my kitties gave you some time alone! ☺ ♥

*Noelle* said...

he said the gift was from the boys; but he was irritated with me, so it surprised me that he got anything! he is weird like that!! lol