Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jewelery Making

Happy Wednesday, sweets! ♥ I like to try all sorts of different crafts because you never know when you'll stumble across something you really enjoy! Here's a pic of the bracelet I made a few years back when I lived in South Dakota. I made the Brown swirled beads out of fimo clay and it was really fun. I really like the boho look in clothes and jewelery and I used to wear this a lot with my favorite brown outfits.

I go through phases where I wear a lot of jewelery and I thought I might really get into jewelery making but I decided it was too expensive of a hobby for me!
Paper, paper, who's got the paper?

Speaking of different crafts! I was able to go to Michael's Crafts over our vacation- a rare treat for me! I wanted more Gingham paper but alas! there was none to be found! There was no mini polka dot paper either! Sooo disappointing but followed up with a good ole- Oh well! If any of you know a source for Gingham paper, would you pleeeeease let me know? Thanks!
Good by vacation!
My vacation is over and it's back to the old grind stone today! Nah! I love my job! I'd hate to have to change it.
We had to put our air conditioners in last night; not because of the heat but because of the humidity! All the floors- everything- was WET! It's supposed to keep raining until the week end. I guess we didn't have to fill the pool up all the way after all!
Well, I spent some of my MD money on a scrap booking table but Bobby insists that he had hoped for one for Father's Day so he didn't want me to use my fun money on it! Isn't he sweet? ☺
I finished my bright rag wreath but I'm not happy with it yet. Something isn't right and I can't figure out what! I went ahead and hung it on the porch and it looks good from a distance but not close up. I think it's mainly because it is so large and it doesn't have any lace or tulle to serve as a filler... There's a science to being a perfectionist!
~ Wink ~
Thanks for coming over, girls! I hope you have a super powered Wednesday!
~ ♥ ♥ ~


Faye said...

I love the braclet.Thoes colors are some of my favorite! Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Holly said...

Good morning, Faye! ♥ I used to wear a lot of Brown but all of a sudden, it doesn't look right on me anymore! Must be that getting older thang!

*Noelle* said...

oh, i'd LOVE to make jewelery! when are you going to show that new wreath??? i am so curious to see what it is!!

that is sweet that you got your table:) yay!!

Holly said...

Good morning, Noelle! I'll try and show the wreath tomorrow- from a bit of a distance. ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

That's a very pretty bracelet, Holly. You should show a picture of your wreath. I would love to see it and I bet everyone else would think it was lovely. You'll also have to show your new table. Sweet hubby. Have a good day and don't work too hard! Twyla

Holly said...

Thanks, Twyla! Well, the table is sort of boring... It's a 5 FT one that folds in the middle and if you're strong, you can carry it by the handle! I'll probably show a bfore and an after I have all my scrap stuff set up on it.

I'll show a distance shot of the wreath tomorrow. ♥

Lisa said...

How cool you still have money left to spend! yeah! Love your braclet, have a great day at work!
Hugs, Lisa

Holly said...

Thanks, Lisa! ♥

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Holly, I love the bracelet and the colors are beautiful. I will look for gingham paper in my supply shopping. Do you have a Hobby Lobby?
Another thought, You could make a copy of some gingham fabric. I have done this when I like a fabric and want it to be in paper for crafting.
I remember humidity growing up in Michigan. Not pleasant!! Love to see the wreath. I bet it is pretty.
Have a great night.
hugs, Celestina Marie

Holly said...

Thanks for the tip, Celeste! Would you scan the fabric with your own scanner or what?

The humidity here is worse than in michigan. At least in Michigan we had that steady breeze from the lake. ♥