Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rick Rack Attack!

Hello, all my sweet girls! I sure missed you while I was away and now it's good to be back! Even though Bobby is still home for one more day, I don't think he'll be on the computer much so I decided to post anyway. (Hopefully, he'll be finishing up all those last minute honey dos!)

We had a good vacation but I had some major hormonal problems that rudely interrupted our regularly scheduled program! Grrrr! I had to have a stern talk with myself and set down some strict rules! Mainly- NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ALLOWED! NONE! I tell ya... the things my mind tries to get away with sometimes!

Rick Rack!
I just love rick rack! Diane, didn't we talk about starting a support group? ☺ I also love polka dots and pom- poms but that's another story!
I like rick rack big and I like it small. I add it to cards and craft projects.
I like it in sweet glittery pastels...

and in bright bold Reds - like in my country/vintage kitchen! Here's the jumbo rick rack that I bought from Etsy seller and blogger Sandi from Wayside Treasures. Sandi packs her items up so sweetly!

Here's that red in my kitchen again! It's just hanging there with some curly ribbon being cute!

Rick Rack reminds me of school girl days, although I don't specifically recall having any Rick Rack on my clothes back then. Maybe other girls did...
Mother's Day Money!
I have some Mother's Day money from my Christopher that's burning a hole in my pocket book! Don't you just love trying to decide how to spend fun money? Just when I think my mind is made up, it changes again! Should I buy some reproduced Meyercord nursery decals or hold out for vintage ones? Will the vintage ones work anymore- or fall apart? How many should I buy? Should I buy a bunch more flowers or a scrap booking table? Scrap booking supplies or new clothes? What to do- what to do!
I hope you all have some fun money to spend but even if you don't, I hope you still have a happy Tuesday. Maybe you'll have to apply my rule- no negative thoughts allowed! I'm telling you, those things will eat you for lunch!


Faye said...

Everything looks great.Glad you are back.Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Katie said...

I think I'd have to be a charter member of your rick rack support group☺ I love that stuff too, why use plain 'ol ribbon when you could be using rick rack. Love the many ways you've used it and LOVE LOVE LOVE the strawberry curtains!

Glad to hear the negativity has gone! You sure don't need that stuff☺ Big hugs from me to you to keep all that nonsense at bay ♥

Sandi said...

Hi Holly,
Glad you are back all safe and sound! Love your rick rack ideas...that banner is adorable!

Fun money is the best money to spend isn't it?? YAY! Have a wonderful day!

Holly said...

Thanks, Faye! Blessings of healing to you! ♥

Katie, I'm glad you love rick rack, too! I love my strawberrie curtains, too! They are so cheerful. Thanks for the hug! I love to feel happy! ♥

Thanks, Sandi! I did a post about the Ginger banner back in April. ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Why must hormones do such horrid things to us? Good thing you can talk yours down. I always get weepy. Fun money is just the best. I try to hang on to mine for a long time because half the fun is thinking of all the things you can buy with it. I change my mind a lot too. It's sad when it's gone. Hope you have a great day! Twyla

Holly said...

Hi, Twyla! ♥

My hormones make every little problem into huge ones that block all blessings! Mine need a little bit more than a good talking down- they need progesterone creme,too!

Guess what Bobby's doing today? Finishing my living room wall! Nothing slow about us! Ha!

Lisa said...

Lve your ric-rac! I'm sorry you are having to worry over your fun money! hehehe I know you will have a great time spending it!
Hugs, Lisa

*Noelle* said...

what a long fun post!! i saw pamper yourself with as much as you can spend:) lol

your rick rack is cute on everything... gave me an idea just know!! (waaahh hahaha, evil laugh over here!!!)

noelle ♥

Holly said...

Hey, Lisa, don't worry, I'm not *too* worried! ☺ ♥

Noelle, evil laugh huh?
Hmmmm... ☺ ♥

debi @ life in my studio said...

I agree with you about rickrack...I love it too....and lace and ribbon...I love trim.
Your kitchen curtain is darling!! Love it!

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Holly,

Sorry I haven't been by to visit for a while. Things have been crazy busy this past week but they are finally starting to settle down so I have more time for visiting my favorite blogs. Love the pretty rick rack. It adds such a sweetness to craft projects.

Hope you find something really really good to spend you fun money on. Can't wait to see what you end up buying with it.

Holly said...

Thanks for coming by, Debi! Good to see you. Yes, I love any type of trim- really! I'ts hard to pass it up at the stores! ♥

Hi, Kim! I haven't been able to visit as much lately either but we all still love each other, right? ♥

Persuaded said...

oh the rick-rack!! however did i miss this post for a whole day?! i love all the sweet ways you've used yours... especially the tie around the jar. i never would have thought of rick-rack in the kitchen, but now that you've given me the thought my mind is a'whirlin';)

and hon, i so so so know what you mean about those horrid old hormones. here's a ((hug)) from me. you can use it now or save it for an emergency if you prefer♥

love ya my sister rick-rack-addict;)

Holly said...

Good morning, Diane! Well I *had* wondered how you missed this post but thought perhaps you were having a busy day! ☺ My Gooseberry cookbook served as my inspiration for rick rack in the kitchen. I never use the cook book but it sure looks cute!

I think I'll save the hug for the next time that all seems wrong in my world, and then I'll remember that Diane knows, understands, and loves me! ♥ Thanks!