Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I'm Lovin'!

This is what I'm lovin', girls! Vintage cribs- JUST LIKE THIS... Too bad I don't live in Nevada and have some extra money! This crib was going for a really good deal! I'd skip on the mattress, thank you. ☺

And I'm *especially* lovin' vintage Meyercord pastel nursery decals!!! I think I am destined to own some and work with them. They make tears come to my eyes! My own baby bed must have had them... These below are vintage decals that Heidi Ann of Gold Country Girls told me about. They were sold off of eBay before I could get them but Heidi Ann and I have found some reproduction ones out there, too. I dream about the decals and the cribs and I have so many ideas of what I could do with them!
Hopefully these dreams will materialize some day. Stay tuned.

~ ♥ ♥ ~


Lisa said...

Cool! I'd love to put together a vintage nursery! I don't have any children and probably won't have a baby baby but I'd love the room!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so excited I won with Debi! I can't wait to get the goodies! I commented a couple of posts down too! I just love your blog! The background is super sweet!
Hugs, Lisa

*Noelle* said...

pretty old crib and LOVE that sweet bunny decal! so are you envisioning another baby for you someday;) (j/k)

my boys had wooden cribs and gavin chewed on the bar of his crib so we had to get a new one eventually that gage now has! boys are rough with everything aren't they??

how have you been???

noelle ♥

Holly said...

Thanks for coming by, Lisa! I love making new friends!

My craft room is decorated sort of little girl/baby style but I've never had a girl. I just use what I like whether it makes sense or not!

Hope you come by again! ♥

Holly said...

Good morning, Noelle! ♥

Boys certainly *are* rough with everything! Ya gotta love 'em!

I don't know why I love baby stuff so much... weird, huh?

I've been a bit low the past few days- clearing up the last bit of this stupid sinus infection. Had to take some Benadyl with its stupid side effects. Blah! Onward to better moods! ♥

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I LOVE those decals!! I have a bunny one just like that that is a tag. My friend Jenn of Sweet Eye Candy Creations made it for me. I also have a framed wall hanging of one too!! They are too cute. You can find them for cheap too! Try Etsy :)


Heidi Ann said...

Oh - I hope you are able to realize your dreams , too! I am happy that I was able to help you find the decals. I love them, too - and we did have them on our crib when we were little. They are adorable.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

These vintage baby items are irresistable. That's one of the reasons Lindsey and I started collecting the baby planters. I think it's the colors of the vintage baby things that draws you in and then the sweet images. Good luck finding some decals. Have a great day! Twyla

LBP said...

My baby bed had pink and blue "ball/knob" thingys on it and had a decal of a blue lamb and a pink lamb. I guess it could have been for a boy or girl. I apparently chewed the knoby things and they couldn't use it for my sister. LOL!

My craft room is full of stuff I love that doesn't fit anywhere else in my house!

Persuaded said...

you will never believe what i did years ago. i had two old cribs stored in my basement (one of which was the one i slept in as a baby). they had pastel colored balls on them and wooden bunnies on the head and footboards. well, our cat got down into the basement and well... *did his business* on some of the pieces. i could have cleaned them off. but i didn't... i just *gasp* put them out to the curb for trash. yeah. i know.

i still can't believe i did something so monumentally stupid.

Holly said...

Amy, I haven't seen Jenn making any tags like that. Then again everything she makes sells like hotcakes! ♥

Heidi Ann, It might be that all us 60s girls had those type of cribs! Thanks again for sending me those links! ♥

Twyla, The pastel colors and sweet images *are* irresistable! Just watch, years from now, people are going to think they walked into a nursery when they walk into my house! ♥

Linda, I wish my mom was still around so I could ask her if I *did* have a bed like that. well, there's tons of things I wish I could ask her! ♥

Diane, sometimes a woman's gotta do what a woman's got to do! ♥ (Naughty, naughty kitty!)

Beth Niquette said...

What fun! I'm afraid the days of babies and cribs are past for me.


But in the meantime I have my darling little niece who fills my eyes and my heart.

Holly said...

Hi, Beth! My baby days are over with too but I still love baby stuff! ♥

Peggy. said...

I'm the oldest of 10 kids and my mom still has the crib that we all slept in...it has the spinning balls across the top of one end and a big decal on the other end. Love it!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi again Holly :) Jenn didn't make them for sell, it was a gift to me :) It is hanging on my fridge. She even put a fluffy tail on the bunny :) Soo darn cute!

Holly said...

Hey, Peggy! How wonderful that your mom still has the crib! I'd love to see a pic of it! ♥

Holly said...

Thanks for replying, Amy! ♥ Have you shown the tag on your blog?