Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, June 19, 2009

Garage Sale Fun!

Yeehaw, girls! Check out this cow girl hat I found while garage sailing with my honey last week end! Bobby loves for me to wear hats so I quick bought it before he could see it and was wearing it when he came to the van! I wore it for the rest of the day! See the little flower on the side?
This is just one pair of super cute dangly earrings that I got at the same sale for 10 cents a piece! (Is that tacky for me to give the price? I don't care!) ☺

Who can pass up wicker? Not me! 75 cents! ☺ I've changed my mind several times about *what* I'll do with it!

My new cutie pie laundry basket for *my* powder room.

I snatched this shelf up for 25 cents at a sale that had ridiculously high prices on *everything* else! I was embarrassed for them!

I saved the boring craft supplies for last. ☺ Here's a bag of thin wood cut outs: Apples, pumpkins, angels, and a bunch of tiny gingerbread to paint! The Styrofoam balls are for... sticking in my craft drawer until they have a purpose! ☺ What craft drawer would feel complete with out Stryrofoam balls? Right?! ☺

I don't know if we're going sailing tomorrow or not but I hope so! It's a fun family outing.
We finished our living room wall last night! Now I'm just trying to get good pics so I can show you- hopefully tomorrow!
I hope you all live abundantly today!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

I bet you were cute as could be in your new hat! It's not tacky at all to tell the good deal you got on your earrings. We bloggers do it all the time. Those are very pretty and such a good deal. I hate sales where they price everything way too high and I hate ones where they don't 'bother' to price anything. I have to want something awfully bad to ask how much it is. I do hope you get to go this weekend. There aren't many sales this weekend in our town because of Father's day. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

*Noelle* said...

good finds! i SOOOO want to see a pic of you in that cowgirl hat; i bet you are Adorable!!! hehehe

those earrings are very cute too:)

i so wish we could meet up somehow, someway... i know we would get along SO great!!

noelle ♥

Rebecca said...

LOVE IT ALL! Share those prices! We are all rejoicing with you for #1 Saving $ from buying new and #2 Finding pretties to make you HAPPY! High prides at sales me embarrassed for the sellers AND unhappy for ME!


Persuaded said...

sooo, when do we get to see a picture of your adorable self in that cute lil ole hat? and with the dangly earrings too, if you please;)

Holly said...

Hi, Girls! ♥ ♥ ♥

Twyla, you know what? I felt really cute in that hat! Maybe because the rest of the day was spent out of town? ☺

I hate to ask for prices, too! I'm not sure why though... ♥

Noelle, We still have lots of good friends in Michigan and my DIL's family live thre still so if I ever head back that way- we will definetly have to meet up! ♥

Rebecca, I guess some people never discuss money at all but I love sharing a good deal! It's like I've won something! ♥

Diane, since Noelle wants a picture too, I just might take one! I'll have to be feeling really good and be in a good mood though cuz I always feel like I'm showing off when I wear a hat! I just wore it for my Bobby. ☺ ♥

blushing rose said...

What wonderful bargains for great items!! When are you going to model the darling hat? TTFN ~Marydon

Jenny S said...

Love all of it! You get some of the best stuff!!

Holly said...

Well hello there, Marydon! ♥ Thanks for coming by! Hee-hee, I'll let you know when I model the hat!

Ulrika said...

Nice hat! Brad likes me in my hat too, but it's often too windy to wear it (maybe I can attach strings to it...) I have my hat on the wall year around, it's too pretty to hide in a closet! I like the other things you got also.
Love, Rika

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly! I'm with everyone else, you need to show a picture of you with the hat on......Once again you have found some neat stuff..have a nice fathers day weekend! hugs, Jennifer

Holly said...

Jenny, I have an eagle eye! ☺ ♥

Rika, Well yes, there you are wearing a hat in your profile pic! I have a hat that I hang on the wall year round, too! It looks better on the wall than it does on me though! ♥

Jennifer, I hope you have a good week end, too! ♥

Lisa said...

WHAT GREAT FINDS!! You are going to look so cool in your hat and earrings!! Your magazine rack is great and I love the little metal shelf!! right up my ally!
Hugs, Lisa

Sweetina said...

What wonderful treasures you found!
Love the hat~adorable!
Thank you so so much fro the sweet card and beautiful tags!!! It was a complete surprise,Holly and really warmed my heart!
Big Hug my friend~

Tina said...

wow - you always seem to score it big when antiquing or thrifting - where do you live again???hmmm

fun stuff for sure

KatCollects said...

Cute hat, and I love hearing about the good deals people get! I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Holly said...

Lisa, Maybe *it is* good that we don't all live int he same place! ☺ ♥

SweetTina, Hi! Long time no see!! You're welcome! I wanted it to be a little suprise! ♥

Tina, well, you *could* come here to Virginia but you'd have to beat me to the sales! ☺ ♥

Kathy, So glad you came by! Yes us girls swap our own "hunting and fishing" stories just like some of the guys do! ☺ ♥