Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here's the Cowgirl!

Here's a pic for you girls who wanted to see the cowgirl hat on my head! Ha-ha! Can you tell I'm laughing? Bobby makes me laugh when he takes my pic! Bobby took a few shots and I thought it was funny how he caught my nose so well in this one! Ha-ha!

Okay- here's a funny hat story that I already briefly told Noelle:

I wore this outfit to the city last weekend. Bobby kept telling me, "Thanks for wearing the hat, you're so cute, etc, etc." and I was feeling so VERY FINE! ☺ We went out to eat... and to the Flea Market... and our last stop was at Lowes. It was really windy that day so I stepped out of the van and was about to put my hand on my hat but I wasn't quick enough! Off FLEW my hat and it went tumbling across the parking lot at an alarming rate! "Eeeeek!"

Off I RAN, Eeeeking and blushing and feeling like an absolute idiot!!! And wouldn't you know it, my hat was tumbling and flying strait toward the feet of a MAN who kindly caught it for me! "Hee-hee! Thank you! Hee-hee! Blush, blush!" (Where's a hole to crawl in?)

These type of things could only happen to me! I'm like a magnet for them! Isn't it enough that I'm already SO TALL and attract enough attention with that? But do I have to add a hat to it, run and then screech about it?! ☺ Evidently so!

I felt so flustered after all that happened that I didn't want to wear the hat anymore but Bobby insisted that I looked REALLY CUTE running after it and he wanted me to keep wearing it! Ha-ha! Do you think my hand left my head after that? NO!! and was I sure that everyone in the parking lot and in the store was staring, pointing and laughing at me? YES! Boy was I glad to get home and jump in the pool! ☺

Girls, I've come down with some sort of Summer cold or something so if you see a typo or I say something today that doesn't make any sense, you'll know why! My brain is NOT moving out of first gear. Blaaaaaah..... I know enough to be thankful for my blogging girls, though! Love you all lots! ♥


Persuaded said...

awww.. honey, i hope you get over your cold. summer colds are the worst- noah says all you want to do is snuggle under a pile of covers and it's too warm to do much of that!

and i have to agree with your dear hubs- you look adorable in that hat. and it gives me a smile to think of you scootin' and scurryin' across the parking lot after it☺
blessings to you, my dear♥

Holly said...

Well Diane, yesterday I had the chills so snuggle I did! Bobby came home saying it was so hot out but I was like, "Huh? is it?"

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Holly, I see why Bobby likes for you to wear the hat, you Do look cute in it! Maybe you could make a deal with him that if it's windy you won't wear it. Lindsey had a summer cold and I caught it from her. I've never had a summer cold in my life! So, I know how you feel. I can't wait to see what you've made us! You're so sweet! Twyla

*Noelle* said...

OMG!! You look so flippin' adorable!!!! I just wanna squeeze ya:) Have you ever seen the movie Urban Cowboy with John Travolta? You totally would make a WAAAAY better Sissy (his girl in the movie) in that hat!!

I love ya girl; hope you feel better soon! Oh and for running across the lot to get your hat, hubby just wanted to look at your behind while you ran... thats why he didn't help you!! LOL

Noelle ♥

Jenny S said...

You ARE cute!So pretty!

Holly said...

Hi, Twyla! Yes, the hat has definitely lost it's charm in my eyes! Windy or no! ☺

I actually feel a bit better today-now that I'm remembering to take stuff for it! Every time I take some cayenne- I come to life for a few minutes! ♥

Holly said...

Noelle, I know I've seen that movie but it would have been when it first came out...

Yeah, I would have liked to see the look on Bobby's face while we just sat and watched me run! Ha-ha! Well, it will be a fun memory even if it is an embarassing one! ♥

Holly said...

Thanks, Jenny! Since i can't show off my legs, I gotta do something- right?! ☺

Anonymous said...

The hat looks great on you!!! you look adorable!!! I love the story...and I thought I was the only one these things happen too.... Feel Better holly and rest up....hugs, Jennifer

Ulrika said...

I have a summer cold too! And a lot of other people in our area, I wonder why? They are not fun! You do look real cute with that hat and curly hair!! And your story made me smile! That's why I hardly ever where my hat. :-) I wouldn't want to have to run down the street to catch it. We found out yesterday that we have to move by 1st of August because the lady that owns this house (and recently became a widow) wants to move here....We didn't need any more stress right now but hopefully everything will work out good - this house has many negatives, but we were hoping to possibly buy it and fix it up.
Hope you get better soon!
Love, Rika

Karen said...

Hi Holly,
Your hubby is right you look so cute! I love, love that hat and the fun story to go with it. Don't worry things like that always happen to me too.
You feel better soon.
Big hug,

Lisa said...

Cute hat! Cute story! Sorry about the cold!! I hope you feel better and get to swim again soon!
Hugs, Lisa

Beach Vintage said...

Hope you feel better soon. Everyone I know of late is getting this thing.

Holly said...

Jennifer, oh the stories I could tell! ♥

Rika, sorry to hear you have to move! Oh, the thought of moving just makes me want to cry! ♥

Karen, glad to hear I'm not the only one! ♥

Lisa, thanks! ♥

Simone, it sure seems like a strong germ! Just when I think it's backing off, it comes and bites me again! ♥

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Holly. Just call me the slacker... Sorry I haven't stopped by for a visit for a while. I just love your picture with the Cowgirl hat. You look adorable and you made me giggle just picturing your running across the parking lot to catch it when the wind took and blew it away. Thanks for starting my day out on a good note. Take care....

Holly said...

Hiiiii, Kim! Oh my, well, glad i could give you a laugh but I don't even want to think about what I must of looked like running! I am not a graceful creature1 Too much arms and legs! ♥

Katie said...

I think we might have a new profile pic☺