Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Member Of The Family

Please welcome happy apple to Girls At Heart! ☺ I picked him up at the antique mall in WV over the week end. I'd seen him there before but I didn't have enough money for the adoption but wouldn't you know it, he was on sale this time! $5.00 and he's mine! I had started collecting these musical happy apples in the early 90s when I still found them at the thrift stores but I chose to give them away when we moved to Michigan. He fits perfectly here on top of my wood cook stove doesn't he?

I also picked up this sweet little plate that was on sale! Gotta love those antique booth sales!

Even though I only bought 2 little things, it was still fun to look and be able to buy something!
Tomorrow, you'll get a sneak peek of my living room wall re-do!


Persuaded said...

OH! OH! OH!! a happy apple!! i have such dear memories related to these toys. my first professional position was teaching a group of developmentally disabled adults in the profound range. i know you aren't supposed to have favorites, but i did (secretly;)) a young man named david with down syndrome and autism. he adored his happy apple and would rock it back and forth on his hand.. he'd play it almost like a musical instrument. it was amazing the tones he could get out of that thing. ahhh.. i really miss my old friend david♥

thanks for the spur to my memory☺

Holly said...

Good morning, Diane! Yeah, I love the "music' that they make! When I first saw a Happy Apple in the thrift store years ago, my heart told me that I must have had one as a child. I don't know if that's possible or not because I haven't researched their age but hmmm... maybe I'll go do that now! ♥

Holly said...

Okay, Diane, Happy Apples were made in 72. I was still a child but I wouldn't have played with baby toys then! Oh, well, they still remind me of my childhood! ☺

Priscila said...

i would like to purchase one of those apples for Carters room. They are really cute. Im going to look on ebay right now!

I was laughing so hard at ur comment about "thinking u chopped off the toads head"......haha Im just imagining u screaming hahaha

u are so cute!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I don't know where I've been, but I don't think I've ever seen or heard of happy apple! I like him thought. He looks adorable in your kitchen and I bet he makes you smile every time you look at him. So glad you were able to buy him! That little saucer is so sweet. It doesn't have to be lots of treasures to make us happy. Just not coming home empty handed makes me happy! Have a wondeful day! Twyla

Holly said...

Hi, Priscila! Looking at ebay's prices, I see that I got a good deal!

Yeah, me and toadies don't get along! Ack!

Holly said...

Oh my, Twyla! Never heard or seen Happy Apple? Glad I could introduce you then! I found out this morning that there are Happy Apple videos on Youtube as well as a Happy Apple fan club on facebook! Ha! All young people too! So sweet! ♥

Lisa said...

So glad the apple has a good home! And your saucer is lovely!! Mostly I'm glad you had a good time!
Hugs, Lisa

Persuaded said...

ok, now *i* am going to ebay to look for a happy apple;)

Vickie said...

What a cutie apple! I love picking up antique plates! I have a few myself, just no place to put them:(

Though right now, my thing is Depression ware. I collect all colors. Those I do keep in a glass case. Jason's Mom got me into them.

Oh! I photo tagged ya! Check it out when you have time:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Apple is adorable! and I like the plate too, it would make a nice cupcake plate!!! have a great day!! hugs, Jennifer

LBP said...

Happy Apple! My cousin had one of those! I would have never remembered it if you hadn't shown of picture. I was too old for happy apple but I loved playing with my cousins.

Katie said...

love your new little friend, I used to have one of those!

PEA said...

Omigosh, I had forgotten about those happy apple toys! My boys had one when they were little and I still wish I would have kept them. I haven't even seen them in the thrift shops! Also love the plate you found:-) I'm due to go to the thrift shops around here soon and see what treasures I can find! xoxo

Holly said...

Lisa, I was very glad to give happy a home! ♥

Diane, I was amazed how many Happy Apple fans I found today! ♥

Vickie, I'll probably do the photo tag sometime next week! ♥

Jennifer, Cupcakes look good with anything, eh? ♥

Linda, I think I was too old for happy apples too but I'm not now! ☺ ♥

Katie, Did you have one?! They are so fun and cheerful! ♥

Pea, back in the early 90s they were in the thrift shops and maybe, just maybe I'll find another one there someday! ♥

*Noelle* said...

my grandma had one of those happy apples in her kitchen:) memories! i love that pretty plate too! thanks for stopping by my CRAPPY post to give me a hug! thanks hun!!!

Beach Vintage said...

Such fun things aren't they. Bring back 1000 memories.

Elyse said...

hi holly,

your little happy apple is too cute (and reminds me of my son's friend! is that crazy? LOL)



Shabby Kim said...

Hi Holly...

That Happy Apple you found is just too cute. He sure is going to add a lot of cheer to your kitchen.

Love that darling plate you found too. I am so drawn to vintage china pieces that have a "cottagy" look to them. I am always looking for them when I'm in the antique and thrift stores, but they are very hard to find these days. Back when I first started collecting small plates myself, I found them all the time and for very little money. Most times, they were around $2 or $3. Nowdays, it's very rare that I find them and when I do, they sure cost alot more than they used to.

Guess that's what happens when a new decorating style becomes all the rage like the cottage/vintage style has over the past several years.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh mygosh, I had that same apple when I was little!!! I love it! What memories that brings back,I havent seen that in so long, lol! Too cute!

Holly said...

Noelle, oh how fun that your grandma had one in her kitchen, too! I wonder why I never meet such people in the 3D world? Hope it's a better day today, sweetie! ♥

Simone, you should check out the fun Happy Apple vids on Youtube! ☺ ♥

Elyse, your son's friend must be a happy guy! ☺ ♥

Kim, that's why I was so happy that my plate was on sale! i think it ended up being $1.50! I'm hoping I can get the cup to match next time. ☺ ♥

Amy, in my research this morning i found out that the happy apple was reisued in the 80s. who knows, myabe your Happle apple is now mine? ☺ ♥