Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, June 22, 2009

Papers And Presents From Lindsey And Twyla

Happy Monday, girls! Are you awake? ☺ Bobby is off again today (LOVE these 3 day week ends!!) but they are supposed to go fishing at some point so I decided to post anyway!

My friend Lindsey works at a scrapbook store so when I couldn't find any Gingham papers in my area, I asked if her store had any.
Wouldn't you know it, her store had a garage sale and she picked me up a whole pack of gingham papers in different colors! She sent them off to me as a friendship gift and she and Twyla tucked in some other little surprises for me, too! ~ Holly claps her hands ~ Thanks again, girls! Your friendship (and that of other bloggers, too) has filled a real mother, daughter, sister void in my life! ♥ ♥ ♥

Lindsey still has her blog with her mom, Twyla but she also has started another blog- Lindsey's Paper Scraps ! Check it out if you haven't already!

I started moving all my scrapping supplies into the living room last night and started organizing, too. It's going to be so nice to have a scrap booking station again! So now, all my other crafting supplies are in the craft room but the scrap stuff will be in the living room. Next thing ya know I'll be setting up specific tables in every room!

Okay paper crafters, WHAT do you do with all your tiny scraps? How do you organize them or ~ gasp ~ do you just throw them away? Those tiny scraps come in so handy but finding them is another story!

Thanks for coming by and seeing my presents! Have a great day girls!


Persuaded said...

if i did scrapbooking i know i'd love those gingham papers as well... in fact i love them anyway! amelia does all sort of nifty things with scrapbooking paper: covering boxes, origami, etc. maybe i should have her give me some ideas... ;)

have a wonderful day with your sweet hubby, dear!

Holly said...

Good morning Diane! My scrap booking began as a need to get all the old photos out of those sticky acidic albums! Sometimes I feel real artistic doing it and at other times, it's just "Get 'em out"! ♥

Sandi said...

What wonderful ladies to give you such nice gifts! Absolutly wonderful paper items! I used to scrapbook, but not so much now. I still have gobs of supplies though! LOL
Have a wonderful day!!

Melinda said...

Hi Diane...I am not a scrapper myself, but I do use scrapbook paper for decoupaging and this stuff is super pretty!! What sweet friends you have!


Holly said...

Sandi, Um, well, gee, Sandi! If you ever want to get rid of those gobs of supplies... ☺ And yes, Lindsy and Twyla are wonderful ladies! ♥

Melinda, I haven't used scrapbook paper to decoupage with but I want to try it! ♥ And yes, Lindsey and Twyla *are* so sweet! They make me feel spoiled and that feels good! ♥

Adrielle said...

Thank you for sharing your blog! I have several favorite family blogs that I check daily and I will have to add yours to the list!

Holly said...

Hi, Adrielle! ♥ I just finished writing to you on facebook!

LillySue said...

Hi Holly~
I LOVE my scrapbook papers. I am addicted in a bad way to new papers and stickers. I put my nice scraps in a big ziploc so I can keep them together but still see what I have. I love gingham...and not just in paper!

Michele said...

Hi Holly ~ I have so much paper and I'm soooooo far behind in my scrapbooking. I'd at least want to finish the kids books...like maybe before they get married??!!!!

Twyla and Lindsey are so wonderful...you're one lucky girl!


P.S. I love your room re-do...marvelous!

Rebecca said...


You are SUCH a dear! Let me know what you like as far as graphics and I'll make you one. Tell me the size you need because it needs to be sized BEFORE the lettering is put on it!

I'm have hundreds of images as I collect vintage postcards!

Thank you for your kindness and MAYBE you will will next time. I'm going to post another Bloggie Give-a-way very, very soon! Keep watching!

Hugs..Rebecca Don't forget to email me about the graphic & size! xo

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Holly, I am so happy to see you today! Shortly after I commented on your post yesterday morning, our computer died:( All day long, no luck getting it back on and today sweet hubby bought us a refurbished tower so that we could get back on line. It's been a long 30 hours without internet. I don't like feeling so disconnected from my girls! Such a sweet post about your goodies. We were happy to do it. I know you are going to make some lovely things with all of it. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Twyla

Holly said...

Lilysue, a ziplock bag is a good idea- I guess as long as all the pices are right side up! ♥

Michele, Hi! I haven't seen you in awhile! I don't think I'll ever be "caught up" with scrapbooking. I just do it when I want to! ♥

Rebecca, you mean my shameless begging worked? ~ wink ~ I'll e mail ya! ♥

Twyla, hurray for sweet hubbies! I *did* miss you today but hoped you were busy having fun- not being all by your lonesome! Glad you're back! I've already made some tags with what y'all sent me and I'm going to send you and Lindsey each one! ♥

Lisa said...

Love your presents! How very sweet! You deserved it! Hugs, Lisa

Elyse said...

hi holly!

i haven't seen gingham papers in years. i have a few sheets and i know they are old. how fun to receive all of that!

i'm still learning the ins and outs of blogging. are you unable to follow me because i haven't posted the followers gadget? i haven't even started "officially" following blogs. i just scroll through thumbnails to see who's posted something new. i guess i should get organized! LOL

thanks as always for stopping by! blogging is the best little place.


*Noelle* said...

Hi! Love all the stuff the girls sent you; how sweet:) My paper scraps go in a clear file thingy I have for scrapbook paper. Its SO not organized though, lol!!

Glad I made it by today; its not been a very good day today:(

Hugs ♥w

Beach Vintage said...

So you were meant to have these paper.....wow, they are lovely. I am trying to organise all my craft scraps...trying I said...

Holly said...

Lisa, thanks! ♥

Elyse, if you "follow" somone, their new posts will show up on your dashboard. No need to click through all your saved blogs. It saves time for you and your followers if you add the follow feature. ♥

Noelle, I saw on facebook that it was a rough day for you! Hang in their darlin'! ♥

Simone, I have to stop and organize all my stuff every so often or I can't think! Then I can mess it all up again. ☺ ♥

Katie said...

Such fun papers, you're right regular ol' gingham is hard to find. Love the little treats they packed in there for you. I organize my scraps by color.