Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spending Mother's Day Money

I went to a funky store here in our area called Magic Mart. Their regular prices are pretty high but every once in a while they will have good sales. I wanted a new powder room towel for our guitar party so I picked this sweet one up for $2.00! Wouldn't you know it- not one of the women visited the powder room! Oh, well, maybe it impressed the guys. Do ya think? Ha! I also bought a bedspread/Summer quilt with 2 shams and a throw pillow for $33.00! It has embroidered Pansies, Irises and other flowers as well. It might be hard to tell in these pics but there is rick rack on it, too!

Here's a close up of the Pansies

This is NOT my bed- this is just from the package the spread came in.
The package picture shows the spread going (what looks to me like) sideways. I turned mine the other way and it works just fine.

I also spent around $7.00 on craft supplies but they are for secret projects so mums the word!
I still have money left so stay tuned! ♥


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Holly, WOW you found some great buys. The sweet hand towel is darling. What a goreous bedspread with all the accents to go with. Sounds like an interesting place to shop with good sales. I just love great finds like this!! So glad for you!!

Have a wondeful day and blessings always.
hugs, Celestina Marie

*Noelle* said...

cute stuff!! so is it a store like big lots; name brand items with cheaper prices???

Twyla and Lindsey said...

You got so much for your money! And there's more left! You sure know how to stretch a dollar. That bedspread must look so pretty on your bed. Who ever heard of women who don't need to use the powder room? Have a wonderful day, Holly! Twyla

Holly said...

Now see, celeste1 *You8 should have visited my powder room! ☺

Noelle, Magic Mart is not like big lots. It's what they had around here before Walmart came to town. It's kind of a weird store... Hard to explain... Most everything is way more expensive than Walmart but then you can find good sales. ♥

Holly said...

Twyla, now that almost half of my money is gone, I'm getting nervous! Ha!

Yeah, those ladies must have been too busy playing the guitar to have to go potty! ☺

Lisa said...

WOW Holly! you did so good!! I can't wait to see what else you get!
Hugs, Lisa

Vickie said...

Very nice stuff, Holly! I really like the towels.

You got money for Mother's Day!! I got a Happy Mother's Day said to me.lol

Beach Vintage said...

Oh I love that towel with the pretty flowers. Your blog is very pretty. I love it.

Holly said...

Lisa, the suspense is mounting! ♥

Vickie, My son Christopher has ALWAYS been good about giving me money! Yay! ♥

Simone, Glad you've come to visit with me and the rest of the girls! You are most welcome anytime!

Shabby Kim said...

Love your new bedding Holly. It brings summertime right into your house.

Stop by when you get a chance and check out my kitchen! I figured it was time for me to start showing more of my house instead of just my collections or new things I find.

Andrea said...

Hello, Holly! You have a beautiful blog, and you are so creative! I love it!

And I love how you describe yourself as a girl. I guess I am a 49 (almost 50) year old girl. I still love the sweet, precious looks of girlie things, even children's stories.

I have been watching Beatrix Potter stories with my little 2 year old granddaughter. It's great.

Many blessings to you,


Katie said...

Isn't that the way it always is, you try to get something to be nice for the girls and only the guys use it, LOL. I'm surprised no one had to use the powder room, the entire time they were over.

Jenny S said...

Love the new quilt! Very pretty!

Holly said...

Kim, I look forward to seeing your kitchen! I'll be right over! ♥

Andrea, I love Beatrix Potter! There was a little Pater rabbitt table at a sale recently that I wanted sooo bad! Thanks for coming by! Hope you come again! ♥

Katie, The girls hardly drank anything! I gave them several drink options... I must find a way to get them in there next time! Ha! ☺

Diane said...

Beautiful Summer quilt I too should switch out for the summer, I guess I will be out on the hunt. Your boys sure look darling and wow 13 mo. apart you must keep very busy!
Hugs, Diane

Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures said...

Hey Holly!
Your new bed linens are beautiful...I hope you had a very happy Mother's Day...I know you had fun spending your money. It's always fun to get "mad" money. Isn't it? LOL! (That's what my mama always calls money that you can just go spend like you want to "mad" money) LOL! I don't know why she always called it that...it should be called happy money. LOL! Okay, I know I got off track there...moving right along now...
You did great on all your garage sailing finds too in the other posts...it was so much fun spending some time at your blog this afternoon. I really really enjoyed every post. You look so pretty in your cowgirl hat too....that was a fun story about how the wind took off with it too! I love the make-over in your room. The plates look perfect and I love how you matched the vintage frame with the plates. The hanky bunting colors are perfect too. It's all precious! What fun and cheerfulness you added to the room!
Hope you have a great vacation and a happy fourth of July weekend! Miss you girl!
Big Hugs,