Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thrifty Thursday!

Well, girls, the shelves are stocked at the Goodwill again and the prices have gone back down! So here are my Goodwill scores from this week! Here's a cutie pie pillow. (Cutie pie is my new favorite word.) This will soon go in my soon to be newly re-done living room. ☺ Soon. ☺ And now we have a red wire piggy for the kitchen. Since we were once were piggy farmers, I like to pick up cute piggys from time to time.

And how about a small, light weight shadow box for a future project? I'm always on the look out for shadow boxes.

I'm always picking up seasonal items at the GW and garage sales too but I will wait till the appropriate season to show those to you. I have a "seasonal" box under my craft table for stashing the things I get throughout the year and it's almost full!

Hope you all have a super -duper day! ♥


Melinda said...

Hi...LOVE the pillow. It is a cutie pic! lol

I have a shadow box just like that!!!

Great scores. Don't ya just love Goodwill?


Holly said...

Good morning, Melinda! Yes! I love the GW and I'm so happy I have my own right down the road! ♥

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Holly, The pillow is so adorable and I love the wire piggy too. Yes, cutie pies for sure!! The shadow box is also a great find. You have a wonderful Good Will source! Have fun!
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Persuaded said...

those things definitely qualify as "cutie-pies"... seriously thrift stores are so much fun i don't know why anyone goes to the mall!

am i weird?

Holly said...

Celeste, thanks! I am having fun! I love the life the lord has given me! ♥

Diane, no way are you weird! I went to the mall with a gift card last Winter and I felt like I was going to have a panic attack! ☺

LillySue said...

G'mornin' Miss Hollykins
(That's what I call my Holly, heehe!) Isn't it fun when you have a good Goodwill day!! I can't wait to see your pillow all settled in your redone space. It is raining here today (still) and Jesse has eight grade graduation tonight but Holly has High School thru Monday morning so our "Summer" will officially start Tuesday morning, yipee!! It can rain till then, but it better knock it off by Tuesday!!

Holly said...

Good morning, Lilysue! Hollykins... I like that! ☺ We've had so much rain this year but Virginia has been lacking in rainfall for the last several years so I'm trying to be patient! ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Good morning, Cutie Pie! I'm glad your GW is full of wonderful surprises again. We need to go check ours out! It's been a long dry spell of not much. That pillow is precious. I can't wait to see your 'new' living room! Have a spectacular day! Twyla

Jenny S said...

I got a great shelf at my goodwill the other day! It's been a while since any good stuff has been there!

Anonymous said...

The pillow is sweet.....and so is the wire piggy. You can never have too many shadow boxes!! have a nice day! hugs, Jennifer

Holly said...

Hi, Twyla! (She called me cutie pie!) ☺ Somone is definitely Spring cleaning around our town! Maybe they are in yours, too! ♥

Hi, Jennifer! I'm wanting to paint my shadow boxes. I always have so many painting projects waiting in the wings! ♥

Karen said...

Hi Holly,
Great finds! I just love the pillow, it's perfect for summer!!!
They just opened a new thirft store near us, I can't wait to check it out. *Fingers crossed*

Hope you have a great day too.

Shabby Kim said...

What fun treasures you found at the Goodwill store. I love that shadow box. I can see it already painted a creamy white and hanging on the wall displaying some miniture treasures. Very cute!!

*Noelle* said...

hi hun! i LOVE the pillow the most:) so cute and cheerful! what'cha gonna do with the little shadowbox? i don't know why i keep calling flower boxes for windows, "shadowboxes"!! LOL i think i am losing my mind!!!

hugs ♥

Holly said...

Jenny, I know what ya mean. There for awhile, I thought it was the end of the thrifting world as we know it! ♥

Karen, we have a new store too but the hours are all funny so I haven't been yet. ♥

Kim, It might showcase something vintagey, kitchy and cute! ☺ ♥

Noelle, you're not losing your mind! ☺ Us females use so many words that they just get a bit jumbled at times- that's all! As far as what I'll do with the shadow box, see my reply above to kim. ☺ ♥

Lisa said...

LOVE the Pig!!! Great finds! Well done you!
Hugs, Lisa

Holly said...

Hi Lisa! Have you aver held a baby piggy? ♥

Katie said...

That pillow is the definition of cutie pie. If that's a hint for the redo I can't wait to see it! Back from Philly now and catching up on seeing all my girls. Hope you've had a nice week Holly!