Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, July 13, 2009

Simply Shabby Chic Bookcase Fun!

Hey there, girlfriends! Happy Monday! For those of you who are new to my blog, this is my favorite thrift store find last year! I paid $30.00 for this SSC bookcase at my own little local Goodwill! It was still in the box and everything but it did have some slight damage on top. No worries to me! I still love it as it brightens up my dark little house. I don't have a hutch so this baby does double duty.I had cleaned house all week long last week, so re- decorating the hutch was my little reward.
The shelves are movable so I decided to put my Eeekily ever after chair on here!

See the Aqua inside cup? I got that at the GW in the city a couple weeks ago! It seems pretty old. See my cuppie cake that Twyla made me? So sweet!
Since this is meant to be a book shelf, there's no plate groove for my plates. But I just put a blob of sticky tack on the bottom of my plates and it works pretty well. I have to put something in front of the plate to hide the blue blob though!

This is a good shot of the bottom drawer with it's cute glass knob! I'm still working with that poor bottom shelf... I have the hutch sitting on a board to make it stable. My wonderful safety first man insisted. ☺
I know my hutch is a bit sparse compared to others but I like the wide open feel of it AND I don't have a lot of "things" to put on it anyway!


Thanks for coming by and I hope you all have a great week! ♥


Connie said...

You got a "steal", sugar! I've love to score at something like that.....

Holly said...

Hey, Connie! Good to see you! I can't begin to tell you how happy finding that book case made me! ♥

*Noelle* said...

its SO cute! i love all the girly things you have on it too!!! what a find! how was your weekend? we had a GREAT one!!

Holly said...

Thanks, Noelle!

Glad you had a good week end. It seems like I didn't have one... I had a head ache all day Sat so I didn't go anywhere and was tired all day yesterday from all the meds I had to take to get rid of the headache! But I did have a girlfriend over yesterday. We all had fun playing Farkle! ♥

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Holly,
You certainy found a gem in this piece. I love how you have your treasures displayed. So pretty. What a nice ending to a great week and especially one of cleaning. LOL!!
That little pink chair is too sweet and I love your little linen accents. You sure have a talent for display.
Have a great day and week ahead.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Persuaded said...

Adorable! and oh my gracious.. what a great price. Love all of the little doodads you have on there too. I actually prefer the open look myself, although my house does tend to get a bit cluttery. I have a hard time throwing things away... until I go on a cleaning binge, and then nothing is safe;)

Have a wonderful day my dear♥

Michele said...

Ooooo, I love it and all the treasures you put in it! Very lucky find girlfriend!


Holly said...

Celeste, thank you for the compliment. Displays don't come easy for me! ♥

Diane, if I hadn't moved so often, my amount of possesions would be scary! ♥

Thanks, Michele! Good to see you! ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your bookcase looks so beautiful! I know that it must make you happy every time you look at it. I was surprised to see my little cupcake sitting there. So glad you like it. I had to laugh when you said that about your 'safety first' man, mine is the Same way! Hope you are having a great day! Twyla

Katie said...

Very pretty and lots of sweet details to that piece so 30 bucks was a great deal. I love how you've accessorize it and displayed all your pretties. I don't think it looks sparse at all, it lets all your thing shine!

Holly said...

Thanks, Twyla! Yes, I do like my little cupcake! ♥ ♥ ♥
I didn't know you had a safety guy, too! It can be quite humorous at times!

Thanks, Katie, I'm glad you don't think it looks sparse. ☺ ♥

blushing rose said...

Your bookcase & treasures are beautifully presented. I love it. TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly, I had to go back and look at all your posts I missed since I haven't been on here alot lately, it's been busy, you know how that gets...Anyway, I love the shelf and what a great buy too. you decorate so nice, you just seem to know where everything goes...mine seems to look like clutter at times...I love the cupcake that Twyla made, she makes such sweet things....The card in your previous blog is gorgeous it almost looks like a hankie, very pretty....Have a nice week! hugs, Jennifer

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

The bookcase looks darling Holly! You did a great job :)


Shabby Kim said...

I am so jealous Holly. I've wanted one of those Simply Shabby Chic bookcases myself, but it's way over my budget to pay retail for it. You are so lucky to have found one at the Goodwill for the price you did. It looks wonderful displaying all of your pretty and vintage collections.

Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Take care and I'll be back to visit again soon.


Holly said...

Thanks, Marydon! aw, I already forgot what you TTFN stands for! I'll have ot go look again! ♥

Thanks, Jennifer! Ya know i've been doing okay about posting but getting around to visit everyone else just doesn't always happen! We'll touch base when we can. ♥

Thanks, Amy! Oh my goodness! Your new "bunny" pic is just adorable! ♥

Thanks, Kim! Please don't be jealous of me because I don't even HAVE a budget! Just the $30.00 was a big splurge for me! ☺ I'd share it with you if I could. ♥

Lisa said...

So super cute Holly! I love it! You have a super Goodwill!!
Hugs, Lisa

Beach Vintage said...

What a complete bargain. Well done. Looks great.

Holly said...

Thanks, Lisa! I don't know what it is with treasure hunging... I mean, it's not like there's always Shabby Chic book cases hanging around my tiny old Goodwill! ☺ ♥

Thanks, Simone! Wish you could have heard my beating heart when I found it! ☺ ♥

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How could I have missed your blog for so long? I love anything girly and I love your blog! I'm going to put you on my favorite list!

Holly said...

Hi, Diane! So many blogs so little time, eh?! I'm pretty sure we've met before. I'll be by your place for a longer visit soon! ♥

Kelly said...

Oh I remember this piece!! It looks amazing, I love what you have done with it! Doesn't it just make you smile!!
Hope this day finds you well!!!


Holly said...

Thanks, Kelly! So good to see you! Yes, my bookcase/hutch does make me smile! ☺ Hope you're enjoying your Summer! ♥

Stephanie said...

Hello! I just purchased this same bookshelf and am curious if I am missing pieces. I have three shelves, but can't get them to fit in the notches in the actual bookcase.is there an extra piece or trick to fitting these into the notches? Thank you!