Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cute AND Pretty

I have so many secret (and FUN) projects going on right now that I'm relieved to be able to show you at least one that *isn't* a secret! I took my pretty pink pumpkin and turned it into a CUTE and pretty pink pumpkin with one of my vintage reproduction nursery decals! This bunny is hangin' on to Summer! I think I'm finally finding my style, girls!

Fun, huh? ☺
Yesterday, I worked on embellishing my new paper lanterns and some more secret projects and more creating my Sweet Retreat for girls only! Come back tomorrow and you'll get a teeny, tiny, baby peek at the retreat!

Have a great day, girrrrrrrls!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Birthday Treat!

Howdy, girl hearts! Even though my Birthday isn't until Oct. 3rd, I found a surprise Birthday package from Queenie in my mail box the other day! Look at this sweet/cutie pie/ polka dot bag she made! She made it with the fabric that she won in my give away and she is going to make another one like it for herself and then we'll be polka dot bag sisters! ☺ LOOK at this hanky she had inside! LOVELY! ♥ It even had pink tissue paper wrapped baby shells inside it!
But that's not all! My box was filled with fun and pretty little things! Like pink, pretty eggs! The one with the cut out is beaded just like the ornaments my mother used to make! My mom's fell apart but now I'll always have this to remember her by.
This egg opens up and Queenie had little treats wrapped up inside it, too! Why is it that us girls love little things so much? Wish you could have heard me giggling while opening these little treasures. ☺

Look! An old bottle with Florida sand and vintage bling, bling! I know I'll always regret not claiming my mother's vintage costume jewelery. I thought it was tacky and knew I'd never wear it. I never dreamed I might want to decorate with it some day or just plain have it to remember her by! Sorry mom! But now, i have this vintage bling- again to remember her by.
Now here's all sorts of pretty paper treats! Such great colors!

Including hydrangea decals. I can't wait to use them!

And look at this sweet bunny girl with a felt hat and great roses! I love the colors! She's holding the bird and nest that was in the egg. ☺
This little kitchen bonnet/ potholder is made with vintage fabric and the tiniest red rick rack. Again, I love the colors! And there's all the baby florida shells that were wrapped up one by one in the hanky! The Sand Dollar is so thin and delicate- I can't believe it didn't break!
Queenie also included some pretty Fall paper treats! Fun, huh?

This package was so much fun because my guys usually just give me money for my Birthday. Money is nice. I use it. I like it. And it's true- they just don't know how to put together a box like this! But Queenie does, cuz she's a girl! Thanks again, Queenie! I love you! ♥
Thanks for looking at my presents with me! You're all just like sisters! Come back tomorrow to see my latest little craft project that *isn't* a secret!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Video Hello!

Hey there, girl friends! I can't believe I'm doing this (!) but I've felt so overwelmed with thankfulness for all of you lately that I wanted to post this little video clip of me blessing all my Internet friends. This was self taken back in the Spring of 08 with my messy computer space as a back drop! Ha!

The vid is a bit out of sinc but not too bad for a little digital camera like mine. For those of you who do not have video viewing capabilities, I laugh a lot, chatter, act nervous, flip my hair, wave my bony fingers around, give you a close up and most importantly, tell you I love you and tell you how much of an impact you have made on my life- and on a lot of lives- and don't you ever forget that! (BOSSY!)
Just click on the link bellow. I'm going to go hide now! ☺


Monday, September 21, 2009

Looky Here!

Happy Monday, girls! Well, I didn't win M's big give away over at the OC Cottage but *before* the give away drawing, she sent me a little OC package just because I'm me! ☺ I was so tickled! (Still am, actually!) Thanks again, M! I'm officially in love with Chintz! and this is mine, mine, mine! Isn't it sweet?!

M is my favorite photographer and I love to look at her pics! (I'm hoping she dedicates her first book to me.) ~ Wink ~
I thought I'd play like *I* was M and try to get some OC shots! Hee-hee! Well, I tried. ☺ I did catch a tiny bit of sparkle- yes?

She sent me some little crepe paper medallions, too. Think Pink!

This one is personalized with my very own "h"

All these sweet lovelies are contributing to the girl cave I'm creating. I must come up with a better name than "cave", though. Any suggestions?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hurray For Retail Therapy!

Fun bits of stuff, treasure hunters! I thought these were Bunnykins at first but no. Still cute, though. The blue base is a portable/mini ironing board. About 3 dollars for all. ☺ Isn't the frame sweet? It's for my new room.

Loved this egg, even though it's not Easter time.

I've always wanted one of those portable/mini ironing boards- even if it is a shocking Blue!

No therapy appointment today so we get to stay home! Yay! I'm not used to going out so much so my house is a mess!
I'm still having to help Bobby a lot but it gets easier every day and I'm not as afraid of hurting him by doing something wrong! He's taking less and less pain meds, too.
Thanks so much for all your comments. They mean so much to me! Hope you all have a fun day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Fall Wreath!

Happy Friday, girls! Here's the new Fall wreath that I made for our Fall lovin' Noelle! She got it in the mail yesterday so I can show it to you now. I'd never made a Fall wreath before so it pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a lot of fun!Because I didn't really have any Fall fabric, I used only one main fabric and then ribbon, rick rack and raffia! I love how it turned out.

And then of course a big, bad, scary scarecrow! Well, maybe not too, too, scary. ☺

I also glued some of my favorite Fall confetti all over it. Turns out that Noelle is going to use this same confetti at her wedding!

I had fun wrapping it up cute, too! I made the bow with my 25 cents a roll scarecrow ribbon! (Man I love a good deal!) I realize now that the middle piece should have been larger. Oh well. Live and learn.

Girls, my Bobby has his out patient shoulder surgery this morning (Friday) at 7:30 AM central. I'd appreciate your prayers! I had been feeling so fearful but I asked the Lord to take away my fear and cowardice and give me His faith and courage- and He did! How about that? Do you think it was a good trade? ☺
Love to all my girls! ♥

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seeing Your Dreams Fulfilled

I probably won't ever climb MT. Rainier or MT. Jefferson or any of the other big mountains but my eldest son Adrian does it for me! Here he is on top of Mt. Jefferson in Oregon.

He's living some of my dreams. I'm seeing them fulfilled through him.

I don't even have to get sore muscles, blisters on my feet *or* throw my back out!
If I've been slow to reply to comments and letters, it's because I have out of town company! ♥

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Rewards In Treasure Hunting

Come on in, treasure hunting girls! It's been a long time since I found anything really sweet at the GW! These tiny rose plates were 25 cents each! I think I'm going to hang them in my bedroom! That room gets neglected since my hubby works midnights and usually sleeps in there during the day. But with him off work for another 4 months, the room is freed up so I'm planning on doing some sprucing up! Sweet hubby picked up these big plates at a garage sale for me. He called me on the cell and told me they had hangers so I said get 'em! I think the green one is a Currier and Ives but I'll probably use it as a serving platter and use the hanger for a different plate. The silver rose plate is going to go in my room to benefit the cause of making a girl's retreat! There was another plate too but it was too UG-U-LY to show!! (It was still worth the hanger, though!)

I ♥ Pansies- especially from the GW! This is a napkin holder but I'll use it as a paper/crafts holder. 44 cents. ☺

I Love this crinkle stuff! It makes packages so much fun. The GW has been having a lot of it in different colors. 4 bags for a dollar!

Does anyone remember the last pic I found like this and what I did with it? Another 44 cents. ☺

My pocketbook continues to be on a strict diet so you won't see me dragging home shabby book cases or any big haul from the antique shops but these little bitty GW shots of retail therapy are better than none at all!
Hope you all have been having fun treasure hunting, too! Have a great day, girlfriends! ♥

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Tag To Go With The Dorothy Wreath

Happy Labor Day, Girls! Hope you have the day off!
You may remember that I made this Dorothy wreath for Twyla and Lindsey's Wizard of Oz Gala. I thought Twyla would like it so I actually made it with her in mind and sent it off to her. I wanted a tag to match, so I made this. It's sort of odd with just that one little White pom pom but for some reason I still liked it that way.

I'm loving making tags! I made a cute strawberry one recently too but I sent it off to Elizabeth with my 5x5 block before I remembered to take a picture of it!

My husband, Bobby *does not* have to have a total shoulder replacement! Yay, God! BUT, he *does* have to have the tear in his shoulder repaired surgically. (I'm just trying to figure out why it took them over a month to figure this out.) Anyway, he will have surgery this Friday and then be off work for 4 MORE MONTHS! It should be interesting! And it might mean that I'll have to take another little blogging break the first couple weeks after surgery since he won't be able to do much and will want to be on the computer- but then again, he might sleep a lot. I don't know what to expect!
I'm planning on making a girls escape cave. ☺ Have a lovely day! ♥

Friday, September 4, 2009

Girly Ever After

Hi, girls! Here's a girly ever after that I finished up recently. I had so much fun making it! That's what it's all about for me. If it ain't fun- we ain't doing it! As the mini banner states, this pic is for Lindsey (of Two Crazy Crafters and Lindsey's Paper Scraps.) I was sending Twyla the Dorothy wreath that I had made (see here) sort of as a thank you for hosting the Oz party and I wanted to give Lindsey a little thank you gift too but I wasn't sure what. The next thing I knew, this little sweetie jumped off my craft table! ☺ Gr-r-r-r! I couldn't get that banner to curve the right way!
I just had to make another one of my little rose covered picket fences that graces my imaginary cottage!

But this time, there was a vintage Deer and Teddy visiting!

Do you like the frame? It's just plastic and...

here's the before. It was a GW special from over the Winter. I can't read the price tag now but I know it was under a dollar.

One fun thing about this project is that many of the elements used in this project were gifts from you blogging girls! So, when I'm creating, you're creating with me!
I really enjoy making things for other people, although it does make me nervous that they might not really like it! If I ever make you something, and you don't really like it, feel free to give it away to the Good Will! Ha-ha! Maybe some crazy girl will find it and blog about it! ☺
I've been crafting all sorts of things but I can't show you what they are until the projects are received by their recipients! I'll keep you posted!
Have a great week end. ♥

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September First!

Happy September, bloggin' girls! Should we just pretend it's Fall already? It seems like that's what most of us do! This is my pretty pumpkin that I made last year. I love how it turned out and I hope to make more One Of A Kind pretty pumpkins this year.
I'm bringing the Fall decorations up from the basement today plus uncovering the stash I've squirreled away from thrifting all year. I'm excited to see what I find! I plan on grouping it all together to show you, too!
So what's everyone doing today? I might be having a girl friend over but it might end up being tomorrow before she can come so most of my plans are on hold.
I had fun cleaning yesterday while Bobby was gone and then I crafted on my breaks. I took lots of breaks but got a lot of cleaning done, too!! What a deal, eh? I guess I'm on a crafting streak. It's helping me to deal with Bobby being off work and not being able to have a routine.
The Dr. is talking about the need for a possible shoulder replacement and if that happens, I just might have my husband home for a long, long time! It's a good thing we get along so well!
Whatever you do today- I hope you enjoy it as much as you can!