Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Recent Give Away Wins!

Holly jolly! I feel like the Christmas Queen! 2 give away wins in one month! (Please note that I *do* enter A LOT of give aways!) This one was from Melissa at Piney Rose. Thank you, Melissa!! And this one is from Donna at An Enchanted Cottage! Thank you, Donna!!

The nativity set is from a kit that you can paint but I want to leave it White and sugar snow it!
When I was little, my mom had a whole full size Putz house village *but it was stolen out of our storage building along with all our other Christmas decorations!* That's the year we began stringing popcorn and making all our own ornaments out of wood and baker's clay. Thus began my journey in crafting!
Our stolen Christmas decor included lots of gorgeous shiny brights with cut outs in them and lots of other glam type of city decor. I guess that's why I have a soft spot for both types of Christmas decorating. I had hoped to buy some shiny brites this year but in light of our moving cross country, I decided to wait till we get to Idaho.
Many of you asked about my reference to moving to Idaho:

All our grown children and grandchildren live in Moscow, ID. and we hope to move out there too if we can sell our house this Spring. I can't tell you how much I want to settle down but I want my family more! I'm not looking at housing market statistics. I'm just gonna look to the Lord! He knows what our family needs. ☺ My eldest granddaughter called me yesterday morning and talked of crafting with me some day if we can move out there. I want that! It hardly even seems real that I'm a grandma when I only see them once a year or so! I also really miss my big boys and I better stop talking about it before I cry!!!
I have more card images to share and other fun posts lined up for the days to come!
Merry Christmas!


betty said...

Che meraviglia questo presepe bianco...
ciao ciao

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
I cannot believe you are a Grandma too. You don't look old enough to be a Grandma. How many do you have Ms Holly? I have (7) and one more due in June. I am very fortunate in that I do have them all with me here in Phoenix, so I see them all the time.

Now I know why you like to glitter so much. How sad that someone would steal from us at Christmas time. Especially something so sensitive as our ornaments. You are my glitter queen sweetie.

Have a beautiful day.

Country hugs...Sherry

Connie said...

You'll love it in Moscow, honey! Everyone does. Just a beautiful part of Idaho.

Julie said...

I'm so sorry all those treasures were stolen! Makes me sad--who would do that???

Lucky girl with the give aways--fabulous stuff! Can't wait to see your white nativity all glittered up!

Hope you get to Idaho--my brother lives in Idaho Falls--lots of family in Utah/Idaho for me--wouldn't mind it, myself! It's hard to be away from family, isn't it?

Hope your day is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your treasures with us!

Beth said...

That's terrible that someone would steal your Christmas things!
We have a pastor friend who just married a few weeks ago and believe it or not, gifts were stolen from their wedding gifts at their reception!!!!
I love all your wonderful new items! My hubby just won a Christmas tree that was downtown Indianapolis at the Circle Center Mall. He is very excited, especially since it had gift certificates on the tree! It should be delivered soon. (I'm not really sure what we will do with yet another tree, but, hey, I do love Christmas trees!!)
Have a lovely day!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Holly, I adore you! I want this move for you so badly. You want it for all the right reasons and I FEEL it happening for you!!!!

I feel so bad about your ornaments being stolen as a child :( How sad that you dont get to have them now. I hope you find lots!!

LOVE your giveaway wins! And I cant think of a sweeter person to get them!
Love you sweetie,

Donna said...

Oh, Holly, how sad about your Christmas items being stolen. I think it's a wonderful idea to look for some new (old) Shiny Brights when you get to Idaho (they probably don't travel well! ha ha)... I'm glad the little house ornament you won brings back sweet memories of the putz houses from your childhood Christmases. So gld you won both giveaways, and I can't wait to see the nativity set all sparkly! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!.... Donna

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh Holly, reading about your ornaments being stolen makes me so sad:( Congratulations on your wins! I'm happy for you! I am also excited about you moving to your new home close to your sweet family. You will so enjoy crafting with your granddaughter. I guess if the stolen ornaments led to your crafty lifestyle then maybe that's why it happened. I hope you can collect a lot of these when you get moved! Have a wonderful day! Twyla

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Sweetie!
Memories have a way of creeping into our current lives huh? One of the reasons I LOVE blue and decorate with it is cause of my mom. She has always loved the color and me too!

Wonderful giveaway goodies...I think your nativity set will be very pretty all sparkled up! I love too that you took lemons and made lemonade out of someone else's being bad. Neat things to remmeber how your crafting juices got started!

Love ya!

stefanie said...

goodness you are lucky, and deserving, i love all of your treasures, congratulations


Hi Holly,
Nice new treasures for Christmas and crafting with.
I hope that your house will sell quickly. I love that my Grandchild is just down the road and that I have her 2 afternoons each week.
Deb :)

PEA said...

Ok that's it, I'm coming over to rub your arm for luck! lol Congratulations on winning more giveaways, such lovely items. I think it's a great idea to leave that nativity white and sugar snow it!!

I don't blame you at all for wanting to be nearer your children and grandchildren so fingers crossed that it all works out with you being able to sell the house come Spring. I know how tough it is to be living so far away from your grandkids, as you say, seeing them once a year just isn't enough. xoxo

Joy said...

Beautiful nativity scene and you were really lucky this month. Good for you!

Creative Breathing said...

Holly, you Queen of Giveaways I hope you do find your way nearer your family. Christmas prayers to you. Elizabeth

twinkleshabbystar said...

Holly, congrats on your wins!!! What lovely Christmas goodies!!! I cant believe you are a Grandma. You look soo young! ;) Wishing you well on your move and a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! XO,Jenn

My Feathered Nest said...

I love your name and your site. We have a wonderful adopted doggie named Holly and we love her beyond words. I get inspired by sites like yours!

*Noelle* said...

wow, i need some of your giveaway win good luck to rub off on me:) i love that tray!!

Queenie said...

The giveaways are precious! Congratulations on winning them. I really am lovin' those cute little putz houses...I never even knew about those, until I saw them in blogland. That one's adorable! I would love to make some or find some of those. I see why you have such a love for them, and shiny brites too...that's so sad that someone would steal your family's Christmas treasures. One good thing came from it...you learned crafting and have sweet memories of crafting with your family.
That's great news that you are planning on moving, for sure. I'm So happy for you.... that you will be living near your children and grandchildren soon...you are gonna have such fun making crafts together! By the way, it sounds like you and Micah had such fun putting up your real tree...I would love to get a real one, one of these years! The lamb's so cute that you shared today too! Talk to you again soon!
Big Hugs,

Piney Rose said...

Hi Holly,
hope your package has arrived and that you love your things! Merry Christmas to you and yours..

Katie said...

Congratulations! I enter a lot of giveaways too and I just won two also! It's always fun to win isn't it and you got some fabulous things!

I completely hear you on wanting to be by your grandparents. It was a little bit of a financial set back to move to MI. Brad would've made more in CA but with the higher cost of living we decided to put family first.

I probably would've had to go back to work sooner too and we really wanted for me to be able to be with her at home. Seeing ER with her grandparents always makes me so glad and know that we made the right choice. After all, life is so short who wants to spend it so far away from ones we love the most?