Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vintage Kitty Card To Share

Hello blogging girls! Do you know what? Every one of you are like a Christmas gift to me so I'm going to be sharing my cards with you in the weeks to come!

Here's the front, inside and back of my favorite vintage Christmas kitty card! I erased the words on the front so you can add your own words if you so choose. I'm still in the process of learning how to do such things so the the front and back images are still a bit unfinished!
This back image has glue residue from being in a scrap book. I'm so glad someone saved it for us! This kitty is also missing some of his flocking due to being glued. Poor kitty! Flocked animal cards from the 50s are my absolute favorites! I was born in the 60s but for some reason, when I first saw these cards, they reminded me of my childhood and they tickled me Pink!

Many of you have commented on all the images in my side bar. Some are from my own collection and others have been shared by other bloggers and on Flickr. I don't know how well they would copy from the side bar but feel free to copy from there if you like. I was trying to keep track of who shared which image with me but I lost track and was afraid of leaving anyone out! If you see your image here but didn't give permission for its use, please let me know.
I'm having so much fun with all my Christmas preparations. I hope you are, too!
PS I just realized that this is my one year blog anniversary!


Persuaded said...

Well, Happy Anniversary to you! and what a blessing you are to all of us, my dear♥

You know, I am similar to you in my affection for things a decade or so before my birth. I was born in the 50's and things from the 40's remind me of my childhood... maybe it's because the things we'd most often see around were older things. I know my family didn't have the latest up-to-date things. My Nana's house in particular was filled with things that were slightly out-of-style and considered "dowdy" at the time, but looking back they really were the loveliest things!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Holly, how sweet of you to share these adorable images with us!!! Thank you so much. The kitty card is one of the cutest I have seen :)

Jenny S said...

One year?? WOOHOO!! Congrats! I see my little pink girl on her scooter over there on the side bar! I will be sharing her again on Saturday!! I have SOOOO many more cards this year!! I can't wait and I love the kitty with the stars! Thank you for sharing!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweet Holly...
Happy Anniversary Darlin. What a wonderful blogger you are. I so enjoy popping over and visiting with you. I was born in the 50's and I love these cards. They are just precious.

This card is the sweetest. She has such a sweet little face. Makes you smile. Whimsical and all. Thanks for sharing her Holly. Have a beautiful day sweetie.

Talk to you soon.

Country hugs...Sherry

*Noelle* said...

very cute!! i love the new winter/christmas blog look:) that kitty makes me smile ♥

Shabby Kim said...

Good Morning Holly.. Your vintage kitty cards are just too cute for words. Even a little tattered and worn, they are still adorable and I can just imagine all of the cute things you will create with them. Happy Blog Anniversary to you. Your blog has added much cheer to my days over the past year and I can't imagine blogging without you!

~~Carol~~ said...

Happy Blogiversary Holly! So glad that you are a blogger, because you're so sweet and talented!
Have a great day!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Holly, Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been that long. We are almost at our second year. That card is so adorable and so are the ones on your sidebar. You were right the one we showed with the elves was flocked too. They don't do that anymore. I don't even like cards being produced nowadays. I hope you have a wonderful day! Twyla

Rebecca said...

Darling images my friend. How sweet for you to share with all of us. Thank you soooooo sooooo much!

That kitty on your post is fabuloso!


Lisa said...

Oh this one is so cute! Thanks for sharing! I have some I need to post to share!
Hugs, Lisa

Queenie said...

Oh how sweet! Wish I had colored ink in my printer, that kitty is so cute.
Congrats on having your One Year Bloggiversary! I think mine is toward the end of the month...it sure doesn't seem like a year went by, guess time really flies when your having fun right!?
Big Hugs,

Shabby Cottage Shoppe said...

What sweet cards! I am the same age as you Holly but the fifties cards do remind me of when I was little too. Maybe they carried over into the 60's! :)

Tina said...

Holly - I adore vintage post cards and have a small collection as well. Thanks for sharing - just wanted to make sure that you read my thank you for the sweet PIF gift I got from you...don't want you to think it went un-noticed.

Thanks again for the holiday pumpkin - it'll fit right in with my christmas decor...


MiniMadWoman said...

Happy Anniversary, Holly! I hope the next year brings great blogging your way!

I love the old vintage cards from the 50s and 60s . . . they're so cute! I wish my mom had saved some of my birthday cards from back then . . . how fun would that be?!

Thanks for sharing!


Julie Ann said...

These kitty cards are sooooo cute!!!! Thanks so much for scanning them! Happy one year blogaversary!!!