Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cleaning And Crafting

Hi there, Girls! Where have I been? I've been going crazy with these things- they're addicting! I use the off brand but I did buy the original to see if there is any difference and there isn't!Even though I think cleaning is fun, I don't have the energy to do it for too long so I'm still crafting, too. I'm still making lots of fun little valentine cards with my vintage images and the images of others. Here's one of mine that you're welcome to copy.
I've also been de-junking! Every day, I add something to the GW bag or throw something away. Things like the hard as a rock instant coffee that I know I'll never use go in the trash! It feels good to down size a bit.
I've also been adjusting to Bobby going back to work and trying to find a schedule for us all. One of the great things about home schooling is that you can bend your schedule all over the place. Yesterday was a rare sunny and windy day so I let Micah play outside all day and do his school work once the sun went down. I think he even studied better after all that wind and sun! But of course *I* was too tired and cranky to be much help to him once his studies began! Ha! I was close to tears trying to get him to care about spelling! But Micah also knows that I get just like a cranky 3 year old near my bed time! "Why don't you just go to bed, Mom?" Is a question he has often asked!
Well, girls, just like my puppy card says, "Have fun today!" I know I will!


Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I LOVE Magic Eraser too!! I cant live without it :) They are wonderful for flat top stoves!
I had to laugh about Micah saying just go to be, my boys say that to me practically every day!! I NEED my sleep, lol!!
Love ya sweets, have a great day!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
Don't you just love those darn erasers. I just use them on everything including the tile floor marks. Just wonderful. I even gave one to the girls in their Christmas stockings. I know they will thank me for it.

I loved your new Valentine card. Can never have to many of those. I am going to print a bunch out and work with them this weekend. I don't know what I am doing, but I am going to play with some.

Sorry that you were played out after a day of wind. It will wear you out, but at least you DS is still willing to do his work. Bless his heart.

Have a beautiful day today. Work as usual for me. Thrilled to hear that Bobby is back to work, and getting back to himself. It is a hard road to travel. Been there, done that.

Country hugs sweetie. Much love, Sherry


I too use the cheeper brand , as you said , no difference. Thanks for reminding me , I have a bag for good will that has been sitting for weeks , waiting for me to drop it off. I must do that this week. Don't work at cleaning too much, make sure you have fun time too!

Diane said...

Good Luck on your de-cluttering, I know it can be never ending. I have never tried those Magic Erasers I will have to pick one up. Thanks for the tip. oxox, Diane

Pearl said...

Awwww... such a cute puppy card ~ thanks for sharing!
De-junking feels great, and it's on my wish list of things to try to do this new year... Heaven help me!
Have fun with your magic eraser ... tee~heeee!

~ blessings ~

The Rose Room said...

Am off to google Magic Eraser, I don't think we have those here!

Yep, I am like a child throwing tantrums when I am tired.....

it must be my inner child trying to get out - lol


The Rose Room said...

p.s. oh we do have them, getting one today!!! lol


♥ Noelle ♥ said...

magic erasers rock!!

poor momma, i get cranky too at homework time! the boy i tutor now made me cranky today!! he was in a bad mood and uncooperative, what a stink!!

hope you got some rest:)

come check out my giveaway for OWOH!!

noelle ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I wish I could say I thought cleaning was fun. I would much rather craft. I'm going to have to try one of those erasers. Thanks for the adorable Valentine. I hope you are having a great day! Twyla

Anne said...

I've often wondered if those magic erasures work. But I don't get scuff marks on the floor, but maybe there good for other things to. I just love your vintage valentine cards on your sidebar. I think I might even remember some of those, lol!


Hi Holly,
Your new boots are great! I was looking for some just like them...guess I waited to long as none can be found.
I need to clean...however crafting has taken over for the time being!
Deb :)

Lisa said...

Magic Erasers are the BOMB!! I had them get them for work. My Dr. Boss is SUCH a neat freak it is sooooo helpful. Good on our dry erase board we use for who is in the hospital too! Good for you all cleaning out! I have been trying to just clean. I think it's what started my head cold but it has to be done!! Mom is on vacation so she too is cleaning this week. We both need to get rid of... but I was bad and hit the $1 bins again today!! I hope you have not over done it and are in bed now!
Hugs, Lisa

Free Pretty Things For You said...

i have never used a magic eraser!! i been missing out huh! :(

super cute puppy card!!
and thank you for posting my giveaway !!
Lots of love!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

oh by the way.. i hope you dont mind.. i made a button of your page for my blog!

Jacqueline said...

I'm smiling at the "GO TO BED" part. I am naturally a very early 4 am riser...up with those blue birds for sure. At night, I'm usually a mess that can turn cranky on a dime. My husband Len often says...Honey...are you a little tired? He has tucked me in every night between 8-9pm. I'm done for the day...Love you Holly. Hey, I was at the Old Curiosity Shop in Seattle last Sunday and found the JP Patches doll I sent you! Had to smile, then went to Value Village and saw a JP Patches video...go figure my Patchwork friend.

bellaboo said...

Thanks for popping over.I seem to be ever trying to catch up with everyones blogs!I have put that cute picture in my gallery ready for Valentines.Thank you!


Vickie said...

I love the Magic Erasures! When I get Koolaid on my counter I used to have to bleach it off which then leaves a halo affect. But the pads clean it up with no after affects:)

I should be doing some de-cluttering. Key word...should;)

Queenie said...

I haven't tried the magic eraser, but I have seen the off brand at the dollar tree...I will pick one up next time I'm there. Thanks for the tip! I've been cleaning this week too, still got the bathrooms to do...feels great to get the cleaning done done, doesn't it?! The Valentine is so cute that you shared!
Hope you have a great day too...I'm gonna go get some of that sunshine, as soon as I get finished with the work inside.
By the way...Thanks for visiting with me, and taking the walking trail with us!
Big Hugs,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm getting caught up today! Looks like you're having fun! Love those boots! ♥

Elyse said...


i feel like it's been awhile.

so nice to have a little sunshine this week!


Tina said...

You are so funny - I get really cranky if I don't get enough sleep - I think it is a total chick thing.

have a great thursday