Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, January 8, 2010

My New Doo and No Surgery

Hi, girls! I don't *really* have a new "Doo". Since my hair is ultra dry, I can't blow dry it so I always go for a natural look. They're still a bit too short, but see how happy I am to have my bangs back? This is BEFORE I left for my vein Dr. appointment yesterday!

Too make a longer story long:
My primary Dr. thought that my medical program would pay for the vein Dr. to do surgery on my varicose veins. I guess she thought this because my veins are some of the worse she has ever seen and I have a family history of clots and stroke. But, after sitting through a lengthy ultra sound and consultation with the vein Dr. about the surgery procedure and having my hopes SOAR that I might have pretty and pain free legs next Summer, he then informed me that although his consultation and the ultra sound were covered, I would have to pay CA$H for the surgery!

I DO NOT have a poker face so he was very apologetic and so nice and he really tried to make me feel better. He even came back out to the waiting room to talk to me some more and he put in writing that he'd do my surgery for half price! Well, that just made it worse!!! You know how it is when you're already feeling sorry for yourself and then someone comes along and shows pity? ☺ Ha-ha-ha! I spent the rest of the day in town blinking back tears and blowing my nose! Girls, that is not like me! I am NOT a crier- especially in public!!!

I was even blinking back tears while in line at K-Mart buying my Winter boots. And then do you know what happened?! The lady 2 customers in front of me paid for the lady behind her- a random act of kindness and we had this whole line of ladies blinking back tears! Ha-ha-ha! Oh my! I couldn't wait to get home and Boo-hoo in private! Ha-ha! And boo- hoo I did! Over and over and over!

To make it EVEN worse, Bobby said he thinks we should go ahead and use our moving money to get the surgery but that it is up to me! And I'm thinking, It *is* half price but.... I want to move! (Insert more tears here) Micah even hugged me and said, "Mama you just need to go watch Star Trek." I even tried watching what I thought would be a funny movie but even that made me cry! Ha-ha! What a mess! I was so glad to finally go to bed and wake up feeling better- a little anyway!

Well, it's back to work for us all on Monday so I intend to enjoy my 3 day week end! Maybe I'll get some crafting in... I know that will make me feel better... Maybe I'll work on decorating my blog for Valentine's Day, too.
♥ ♥ ♥

(PS Doc did not feel that I am any more at risk for blood clots than the next person.)


Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Holly :( I am so sorry about the surgery, I feel so bad. I think you should have it done if you are in pain and suffering! The thought of a blood clot really scares me and I would hate for something to happen to my sweet Holly girl!! You are so ADORABLE in that picture!! I love your hair, my gosh you look so young!! I hope you enjoy your three day weekend and are able to craft and have fun!
Love ya sweetie!

Faye said...

Oh Holly, I am so sorry. Something will work out.I love the pic. You are so cute! Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye

Diane said...

You Know That just sucks, we are having fun here my hubby is feeling off and we have NO medical Insurance and I don't have a clue what to do?? Very Scary we are both Realtors and that in itself is scary in this market. I would love to hang with you and have a good cry! Hugs and Kisses, Diane

Persuaded said...

Oh girl that is really too bad! You know yesterday must have been the day for this sort of thing. I went to my doctor and heard that my hearing loss is "very severe" and permanent. I started crying too (which, like you, I never do!) They said I need to get hearing aids (yikes!) and of course, my insurance doesn't cover hearing aids. How about I pray for your legs and you can pray for my ears? ((hugs))

If it's any comfort, your hair looks adorable. You have such a precious smile☺

gin said...

Oh, I am sorry about the bad news day you had. Glad you are feeling a little better about it today. Hope things work out for you and you can get the surgery and move.

stefanie said...

What a day...those days are the worst. Maybe something will come up and you can do both. You are so cute, love the bangs!!!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Holly~
Oh my a crier?I should have been in line with you, I have been the boohoo queen lately and I think its either hormones or lack of sleep.I guess I've been out of the loop I didnt know about the move. Where are you planning to move to? Come to CA its 70* here, can you believe it? We are facing a drought though. Hope you have a good day. When I'm caught crying in public I balme it on a cold/allergies and that alleviates those funny looks from strangers! LOL!!

Jenny S said...

Oh sweetie! I am so sorry! There is a reason for everything, so MAYBE when you move, there will be another Dr in that area that will be cheaper? I know that a procedure here in NC is way cheaper than one in Calf., so maybe it will be the same for you???

Julie said...

I'm so sorry things didn't go the way you wished, Holly! Things will work out, somehow, I'm sure! But what a wonderful, loving family you have! And your hair looks beautiful! Hope you get some crafting done--that always helps me feel better!

Gerry said...

I don't know what to say to you. I know your heart is about broken.
I'll do the only thing I can do - that is to send positive thoughts your way.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh Holly, you must be overwhelmed. Too many decisions and such life altering ones too! Thank goodness we have prayer to help guide us. When I get started crying I can't hardly stop. I'm just so sorry it didn't go well. How do they expect people to be able to afford these surguries?! I really enjoyed seeing your picture. You look so cute with your bangs. I always get mine cut extra short because they grow back so fast. My heart is sad for you. Twyla

Katie said...

Aw hon I am so sorry! I hate it when insurance companies make decisions and not doctors! Your picture is adorable though, no sniffles then!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You look really cute with your new bangs...but my heart goes out to you, sweet friend. I'll keep you in my prayers that something works out good for you.

Shabby Kim said...

Holly, I feel like crying right along with you. What an awful situation for you to be put in with needing surgery to fix your veins only to find out your medical program won't pay for it. I sure hope you can work something out in order to have the surgery while still being able to save the money you had planned on for moving back to Idaho. I'll definately be keeping my fingers crossed for you. On a lighter note, love the haircut with the new bangs. Looks fabulous. Have a great weekend!!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

aww! well first, your hair looks great!! second, that sucks sooo bad about the surgery!! i need to get to the eye dr, have no vision insurance and no $$ for that right now!! i have been having terrible headaches and its affecting my vision. i've hardly been able to watch tv or be on here:(

ugh, why does healthcare have to suck so bad???

noelle ♥

Julie said...

Sweet Holly...I am so sorry you had such a hard day.
I LOVE your picture.....Big Texas Hug...Julie

Jacqueline said...

Look at those baby blue eyes, but I know you are not five foot two!
Okay, lets talk veins...I say MOVE...a little bit selfish of me. I'd rather have you over here. This is not over yet...keep your fingers crossed, wish upon a star, drop a coin in a wishing well and put a penny in your shoe. Throw salt over your shoulder and believe in a wing and a prayer. Go ahead and cry if you want to, it's healing. Nice Doctor to go half price but your veins are not a lets make a deal!

Julie Ann said...

Your bangs are so cute :)
I'm sooo sorry that you were misled about the surgery!!! Hm, it is going to be tax season soon- do you think you would be able to use your return to help with the cost of the surgery? I think it's insane that your health insurance won't cover it.
How sweet that you were able to witness a RAK in person! It sounds like that person touched everyone's hearts!

Vicki said...

Holly, I am sorry that did not work out about your surgery. I know how disappointed you must feel after getting your hopes up and then the doctor saying no. I love your bangs and cute hair style. You look wonderful!! I also love that sweet Valentine header and all the other Valentines on your side bar. Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. Hope you have fun crafting, sweet friend, and enjoy your weekend! Sending lots of love your way! Vicki

Elyse said...

oh holly,

so sorry to read about your teary day. that happened to me at the dentist one only i just blurted out sobs. yeeks.

you and your husband sound like a great team. i'm sure you'll figure out what's best to do. hang in there.

meanwhile, you hair is so cute!


Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweetie! Just stopping by to say hi! Love your new Valentine background and header!! It is so very Holly! Enjoy your weekend!

Ginger said...

Holly, I know what you mean. I thought I had the ugliest veins in my legs!!! I had a water skiing accident when I was 16 and have had the ugliest vein on my knee every since and they have spread. Like you, they call it cosmetic, so insurance won't pay, so what is a person to do? I feel for you and understand. I will pray for you and your situation.


Sandi said...

Oh Holly,
I am so sorry!!!! I wish I could wave a magic wand and make all your cares disappear. I think there are a lot of "cares" out there in this day and age. So many without jobs and health insurance. Speaking of...I just thought we probably don't have it anymore since hubby is laid off either. I need to check into that. Scary times.
BUT your hair is cute...just like you!!

Beth said...

Oh Dear Holly...
I have felt like crying a lot lately, too!
I had a GOOD cry...because I have a new grandson, Brody, and he is adorable and precious.
But I had a terrible day at work yesterday, I put a dent in the company van (Yikes), a client at work had a major seizure, I got sick after that (nerves??), my feet were so swollen that I could hardly wear shoes,I was grouchy with EVERYONE when I finally got to come home...so yeah, I understand crying.
By the way, I love your cutie pie hairdo! I got a new cut, too!!
Feel better, dearie!

Vickie said...

I am so sorry! What a kick in the gut!What a great family you have to try and make you feel better! I am surprised that the insurance will not cover it. You say it is painful. Sounds more medical then cosmetic. Maybe you can write a letter or maybe have your doctor write a letter to the insurance.

I love your hair!

Lisa said...

It is nice when you can cry in public with others!! It was nice to have that happen at K-Mart!! Glad your veins are not a health issue. Sorry you had to let the Dr. know you couldn't do it. I know exactly how you feel. Medical is so expensive and my Dentist is the best at acting like I'm crazy I cannot do the $3,000 worth of work he wants to do! I just cannot. Are your boots great??
Hugs, Lisa

Queenie said...

Holly, I am so sorry about your trip to the doctor...what a day...thank goodness it's behind you and you are feeling better today...great news too, that you are not at a high risk for blood clots. I know you wanted to get your surgery though so that your legs wouldn't hurt you. Maybe after you get moved you will be able to have it done. I think you made the right choice...I know it will be wonderful for you to get moved, and live closer to your children and grands too! I am excited for you about that!

Your hair looks great! Like I said before...you look pretty no matter what hairstyle you sport around in. A pretty face is a pretty face.
Hoping for warmer weather down here too, I think it's on the way! Yay!!
Big Hugs,

The Rose Room said...

Oh I am so sorry about your legs. If you are in so much pain maybe you should have the surgery, health and well being first!

The bangs are nice, young looking. We just call it a fringe over here, I was born with one and had it ever since! Hide the frown lines - lol


Tina said...

Holly - you look mav-elous...love the bangs - I personally think bangs make u slook younger - I have them too...but they always slide to the right...Love the new look of the blog and your vintage VAL post cards - yummy...

hope all is well...have a happy day.