Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pink Bunny Fun!

Do any of you girls remember this bunny that sits on my fence? I found 3 more in various places around the property. I fixed one up and gave it away a few months back but last week, I made one up just for me!
I love how it turned out! The flower garland came from my fairytale friend, Jackie at Once Upon A Fairyland! And the Pink toile paper came from my fairy blog mother Twyla of Two Crazy Crafters! I sure do love my bloggin' girls! Let's see... I think I'll name this bunny Mandy...

Here's Mandy on top of my roll top desk.
Do you see the scuffed paint on the wall behind the desk? I have a problem. I do have left over paint from the previous owner of this house. I could use that paint to touch up the wall *if* it wasn't for the fact that my wood stove provides a nice smoke coating on everything! If I try touching up the paint- it won't match- which means I would have to paint the whole wall. I think I'll save that job for the (hopefully soon!) new owners to be.
I hope you enjoy your week end!

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Spring Peek!

Hello girls! I've been washing up my vintage linens and decorating for Spring! Here's a sneak peek of one of three vignettes! I have been a busy bee lately! I've been painting the living room for just about 10 minutes a day. I'm so proud of myself for not over doing it but it sure is boring pacing myself!

On the crafting front, my main project is working on a new wreath for my friend Rika. I will show you once it's done and she receives it. I also hope to write up a little tutorial on how I make my wreaths.

I've also started making a garland for my kitchen out of the "red and yellow country thingy" I bought at the thrift store. I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet but it will have polka dots so it has to turn out cute! Right?! I decoupaged a sweet bunny the other day and I'll show that to you soon! Fun stuff going on here and I hope you have something fun going on, too!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fun In The Mail

This sweet and fun domino necklace came in the mail as a "just because" from Sherry at Country Wings In Phoenix! Isn't it cute!? She glittered and personalized the back of it, but I couldn't get a good pic of it! Thanks again, Sherry! You're a real sweet heart!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Well, girls, it's still Winter outside my window but Spring has arrived here at Girls At Heart! I don't think I'll keep this blog background for long. It's not really me but I was craving some flowers and COLOR! The sweet image above was shared by Nan from Retired In Alaska with her readers and now with her permission, I share it with you! Please feel free to copy and click on her name to go visit her in Alaska!

It's always fun to find other bloggers who love these cutie pie images as much as I do! As far as I can remember, all of the images in my side bar were shared by other bloggers or taken off of a card sharing group on flickr so feel free to copy them if you wish. Let me know if there is one you would especially like and I can post it large size in another post.

I'm having some time off from teaching since Micah is sick. I'm giving my wrists a break from painting today but I've been cleaning, crafting, de-junking, decorating for Spring/Easter, chatting on facebook and now blogging! I've been having a great day! I really am sorry that Micah is sick, though! ☺

Have a great day, sweets!

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Beginning Of A Collection

Eeek! My first vintage (?) baby planter! Isn't it sweet? Actually, it's not my first planter. I began a collection some years back but because someone made a negative comment about them, I gave them away. No more! Thanks to my fellow baby planter lovers, I am now comfortable and confident in my baby planter loving nature! Hurray for bloggers! I picked this sweetie up at the GW when Bobby and I went on our Valentine's Day date. I also picked this scarf up for a few pennies. I love winding scarves around my long neck!
Here also is a Red and Yellow country thingy that I'm going to re- do for my kitchen. I'll show you when I'm done.
I picked up a few more little treasures here in town over my week end. I'll have pics of those another day!
I hope you all have a good Monday! This is actually my Wed since we're off on Thursdays and Fridays. I've been getting lots done around here because the sun has been out! So energizing! I finally put up the rest of my Christmas decor. Twyla, it made me sad to pack away your pretty pink trees! And Noelle, I finally took down you cutie pie snowflakes. ☺ But the trees and the snowflakes will be there to greet me next year- hopefully in Idaho!
Micah and I have been sanding our paneling for painting and we started priming it last night. Even though I only primed for about 15 minutes, my wrists hurt so bad afterwards! (Because my wrist bones are deformed) I was so discouraged that I even threw a little pity party and Micah attended and everything! His opening greeting was, "I warned you." Boys are such a comfort. Today, I'll try priming for just *10 minutes* and see if my wrists can handle THAT! Grrrr!
One of the "blessings of the week" is that Micah has been making real headway in spelling. Such a relief for a home schooling mom! It's funny... most people tend to think that if a child who attends school outside the home is a bad speller, then they are simply a bad speller but if a home schooler is a bad speller, it's because they were home schooled! ~ Groan ~ But sometimes, I'm my own worst critic. Oh well, after 15 years of home schooling, I should be used to that!
Be good to yourselves today, girls!

Friday, February 19, 2010

One Last Card

I didn't show this Valentine's Day card to you girls yet. If you read the front of it, you'll know why. When I saw this little red haired girl, I just had to make a card with it for Amy. It wasn't until after I made it that I realized that it didn't have a heart or anything on it to do with Valentines! Ha!

I had such grand plans to make cards for all of you but my Valentines plans came to a screeching halt with my almost surprise visit from the grands! First things first!

If you didn't get a card from me, maybe you can hold out till I make some Spring/Easter ones!

I'm awake early and ready to get something done today! Will it happen? We'll see!
Have a lovely day, sweethearts!
♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Old House- Carbon Cottage

(I hope to have a "grand kids short but sweet visit" post put up soon but in the meantime, here's a post from draft. )

Hello girls! Given the fact that I've moved approximately 30 times in my life I thought that from time to time, I would show you some of the old houses that I have lived in. This is*not* the house that I'm living in now.

The longest I've EVER lived in one house was 5 years and it was in this little cottage in Washington state- my home state. I wish I had a better picture... See those Blue skies? Yup- the Bluest skies you've ever seen! See the picket fence? I loved it! My husband and older boys made it for me from cedar siding. I was so sorry to leave that fence but we wanted to move our boys to the country. My older boys made a trip to this house recently and their fence still stands!

This is the only house in town that we have ever bought. Other than this cottage, we've always bought or rented country homes. See the cute lattice work? My idea. ☺ It was when Burgundy was all the rage! It's hard to tell in this pic but I had a little Burgundy heart on the planter on the porch and on the wreath at the door, too. I had so much fun decorating that tiny porch in different ways. People out sight seeing used to take pictures of my little cottage- even the locals. Yes, I'm bragging AND exaggerating! It was just one tourist and one local. ☺ The local was my neighbor who lived in the BIGGEST house in town so when she wanted to take a pic, I was flattered. I had a quilt hanging on the line that day so maybe it was more the quilt than the house! ☺

This cottage was located in a tiny, former coal mining town called Carbonado. It was up in the mountains near Mount Rainier and this is actually an old coal miner's shack. Cottage sounds cuter though, dontcha think? ☺ We worked *really* hard on this little house and yard and we eventually sold it back to the person who originally sold it to us! This was only a 2 bedroom cottage but we turned the utility room into a tiny bedroom for one of the boys and we turned the attic into a bedroom, too!

Sorry I don't have good pictures of the inside. I do have a VHS tour of it that I made for relatives that I hope to convert to DVD someday. Through the years, I have had SEVERAL dreams that we've moved back to this house and it is always so real! I'd never want to move back, though. Living there was like living in a fish bowl. There wasn't one place in my yard where I could go and be unseen. I need my unseen time!

Have a great day, wonderful girls- wherever YOU live!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Yet More Cards And Big News!!

I love a pretty girlie card but I have to have my cutie pie ones, too!

I got a little carried away with this next one!

I lined it front and back...

~ Blush~

Okay- now for the huge news!
I got a phone call from my son LAST NIGHT saying that he and his family plan to come visit! AND they should be here by midnight TONIGHT! Ha-ha! They plan to stay at least for the week end but maybe longer before they head off to visit my daughter in law's family in Michigan. I'm so excited that I can hardly type! I had always hoped that if they ever came to visit here that I would have more time to prepare but since I know my son, I figured it *wouldn't* be that way! To his credit, he did try to call yesterday but we were gone on our date to the Cracker Barrel and treasure hunting.
All that to say- I'm taking a blogging break because I plan on having my lap filled with grandchildren!!! I'll take lots of pics! Rejoice with me!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh Dear!

Here's one of the reasons that I've been doing so much cleaning lately... When we had our house insulated, little bits of insulation found it's way *everywhere* and in the strangest places, too! I keep finding it. I had no idea it would be such a mess. Poor, poor teddy garland!

We've had 2 whole days in a row of sunshine! Woo-hoo! We also have 6 inches of snow but it's nice and wet and perfect for throwing at Micah! I actually hit him sometimes, too (Much to his delight!)

I had a nice long chat with my grandchildren on the phone yesterday. I'm reading a series of books to Elizabeth over the phone. It's a good way to stay connected. The other 2 are a bit young for a story over the phone yet- too active. The grandchildren always want to talk to Uncle Micah, too... Like Micah says, "The more I talk to them, the more I miss them."

I'm trying really hard to get on the computer more! My comments might be shorter and my replies few but I'm going to try and post more because I really miss you! (Hey, that sounded like a corny valentine! Hee-hee!) I have to keep my eye out for an empty computer chair and then ZOOM over here! Like Bobby says, "That computer chair never has a chance to get cold!"

Have a great day, sweet friends!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Kitty Paper

Happy February and happy Monday, sweets! I forgot to show you this kitty paper from my recent treasure hunting! There was juuuuust enough of it to wrap this box that's going off to loved ones in Idaho!

I hope to post more often this week!

Have a great day!