Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Spring Peek!

Hello girls! I've been washing up my vintage linens and decorating for Spring! Here's a sneak peek of one of three vignettes! I have been a busy bee lately! I've been painting the living room for just about 10 minutes a day. I'm so proud of myself for not over doing it but it sure is boring pacing myself!

On the crafting front, my main project is working on a new wreath for my friend Rika. I will show you once it's done and she receives it. I also hope to write up a little tutorial on how I make my wreaths.

I've also started making a garland for my kitchen out of the "red and yellow country thingy" I bought at the thrift store. I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet but it will have polka dots so it has to turn out cute! Right?! I decoupaged a sweet bunny the other day and I'll show that to you soon! Fun stuff going on here and I hope you have something fun going on, too!!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Holly Sweetie...
Everything looks so beautiful. I love it. You tablecloth is gorgeous. I so love textiles, that is one of the first places I end up at in the store, when I go to GW. Your bunnies and eggs look so festive. I am getting there slowly.

Hope you have a beautiful Friday. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Julie said...

Very pretty, Holly! I'm just getting started decorating for Spring at my house, too--so much fun!

Good job on the painting--that's a big job--don't overdo it!

Hope you have a lovely day today!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

HI Holly!! You have been a busy busy girl!! Everything looks just darling! I am so glad it is the time of year for bunnies :) Cant wait to see your latest creations :)

Persuaded said...

I always love seeing sweet old linens♥

Can't wait to see the things you have been making!

rosechicfriends said...

Oh Holly,
You are ahead of me. We've gotten so much snow the past 2 weeks...spring decorating seems like years away! I am creating tho in my newly cleaned craft room...actually painting..which is soooo theraputic for me!

Also...love that neckace..how fun and creative that domino is!

Hope you are doing well!

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn, Holly ~ Lovely decor, all spring-y for Easter. I am not there yet.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, TTFN ~ Marydon

Shelley said...

Hi Holly,I am loving your Easter Spring vignette. You are putting me in the mood to decorate for Spring as well....can't wait to see the other things you have going on....have a blessed weekend.....

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh Holly, I still havent put away my snowman but I did put an Easter sign at my door. the birds are nesting outside my kitchen window....spring is coming!

Queenie said...

Hey Holly,
Your Easter Vignettee looks so cute....that's Great that you've been having fun! You'll get that living room wall done in time...keep up the good work...I know it will be worth it when you're done. You'll be so glad you did it. Hope you have a great weekend!
Big Hugs,

Jacqueline said...

That's the only way to fly...on the wings of fun. Happiness is radiating out of your blog...I love it and I'm happy your happy my Holly friend`

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

very cute!! i want to get easter stuff up this week too;) i need to do a MAJOR dusting around here!! i don't know what is going on this winter in my house but i swear its dust central!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Ooh! A tutorial! I would love it! Your wreaths are so cute! Everything looks very pretty, Holly! Twyla