Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Found My Samantha Cup On The Net!

I had so much fun searching the Net for this cup last night! There's no name stamped on the bottom so the hunt was on! She comes from the Taylor Smith Taylor line called "Ever Yours Boutonniere" I found them being sold on several sites for a whole lot more than the 25 cents I paid at the GW! ☺ One person said they remembered their mother getting them out of boxes of Quaker Oats! If my sources are correct, my hunch concerning her age was right. One site said that these were discontinued in 1962. Here's the link to one such site if you're interested.

Since I'm not decorating, crafting or treasure hunting in the midst of this big move coming up, it was really fun for me to go "treasure hunting" in *this* way! I was so excited when I finally found the cup and its *real* name! But of course, she'll always be Samantha to me.

Have a great day everyone!


Mom Walds Place said...

Hellloooo, Nice to Meet You!

Thanks for stopping by Mom Wald's Place. A dear friend of mine purchased an entire set including hard to find pieces of Boutonniere, and I have photos to post soon. Isn't this exciting?!

You must come again! I know I'll be back here, because I am a girl at heart!

Creative Breathing said...

Holly, You are as bad as I am watching the kitchenware in the background of old television shows! This has always been a favorite of mine as well. Have a good move! E

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Holly, there is nothing I like better than a good treasure hunt! The internet and ebay are very valuable resources for learning what you are interested in finding. The cup is so delightful with the aqua interior. I will definitely be on the lookout for these in our area! Have a beautiful day! Twyla

stefanie said...

how fun..you were a detective!!


Hi Holly,
Sounds like you are busy packing and the 15th will be here before you know it!
You have LOTS of faith to move and go to a new state with no job! I sure believe that God Provides.
Take care.
Deb :)

Lisa said...

How fun! It is wonderful to search and find great info!!
Hugs, Lisa

Tina said...

Aren't you the clever detective - what an amazing story - great job.

cute cup.

mommy scraps alot