Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Craft Room Emerges!

Hello, girls! Here's just a few glimpses of my new craft room progress! I love my light colored walls!
I love re- purposing things- don't you? What once was a porch planter, now becomes a fabric and kitty holder! Little by little, my supplies are being found and organized.

How do you all decorate around your thermostats? Do you try to cover them up?
Here's my newest wicker shelf! Since I now have a smaller room with less table space, a lot of my supplies are going up on the walls on the little shelves I've accumulated.
My next big project will be trying to find a way to organize all my paper crafting materials! Any hints? Next week will be little Becky's turn to come to Gramma's house and she wants to scrapbook with me! Which just means she wants to play with paper. ☺ It's a good motivation for me to get all my papers organized!
Have a happy and creative day, girls! Idaho is finding some relief from the Summer heat and I hope you are, too!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My First Idaho Craft!

It's about time- right?! ☺
After helping my Lizzy start on a mini wreath last week, it gave *me* a hankering to make one, too! Mine is just one size bigger than hers. It's the smallest I've ever made- just 6 inches across. Florals, polka dots and ginham!
It was really fun to make such a small one and it took a LOT less time. Over all, it just felt so good to craft again! My craft area still isn't organized but I *can* find things. I need Bobby to help me hang shelves and then I can have at it!

Today is grand boy Joseph day! He is so excited to come to Gramma's house and play with MICAH! Well, like I said on facebook, it's okay because everybody needs a fan!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Cute I Can Hardly Stand It!

I think it's the cutest high chair in the world! Can you blame me for buying it from my antique mall? A bunny + bonnet + mirror + diaper...

equals ADORABLE! No tray but that's okay! She's going to sit next to my shabby shelf.
She's saying, "Do I look cute, mommy?"
A close up of the diaper and even roses! Eeek! ☺

I have never seen this decal anywhere else- have you?

I hope my littlest grand girl likes it because after all (ahem) it *is* for her to sit on when she comes over!
Thanks to everyone who cheered me on in getting the high chair- especially you, dear Twyla! I *would have been* so heartbroken if I went back into the antique mall and it was GONE! Whew! That was close!
Have a great day!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fun With Shelving

Hee-hee! How do you like that title? Does it remind you of 5th grade film time?

The other day, I was sick unto death of unpacking stuff like this so I decided to have a little fun with my shabby book case! Top shelf

Second shelf

3rd shelf and evidently my favorite. ☺

Another peek at the bottom. It's Very hard to get a full shot of the book case or get good shots of the individual shelves because they are so deep that they cast shadows...
I have my large pfaltzgraff pieces gathered on top.

For those to you who are new to my blog, this Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic book case came to me via the Goodwill- $30.00! The price was so low because there is damage at the top that will be repaired (some great day) by one of the handy men in my life!
I love to play around with these shelves. I'll probably change them up more and more as the days go by! Every time I walk by, I have to tweak!
Today, I begin a new tradition. Just one grandchild comes over each week for the afternoon/evening to have alone time with us. Since Elizabeth (6) is the eldest, we are starting with her. She wants me to teach her how to make a rag wreath so we will have girly craft time and make a tiny one for her room. Yikes! I need to go organize the craft room!

Thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh Baby!

I decided to gather all my Meyercord and vintage nursery goodies in one spot! (Minus one planter from Twyla that has the privilege of going in my craft room!)I can't wait to show the grand girls! They really like having a Grams who loves baby stuff!
This is what you see on top of my roll top desk when you come up the stairs to the main floor. I think I should lower the banner and pink picture. that's one of the nice things about photographing your decor- you see the mistakes!
My poor men... Their big screen area is a bit more masculine! I'll show it when I'm done decorating over there.
I have my eye on a light "Lellow" ☺ chippy highchair at the antique mall. It has a Pink bunny decal on it that I've never seen before. I want it soooo bad I actually teared up in the mall! Ha-ha! I actually have enough fun money to pay for it but then all my fun money would be gone! :(
Have any of you had any success with offering less at a mall and getting it? How about you stall owners? Do you consider counter offers?
Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not Even The Filing Cabniet

Is safe from being cutified!Lots of decorating going on around here! More to come tomorrow!

We're taking the whole family out to eat at China Buffet tonight to celebrate Bobby's new job!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Groovy Girl Give Away Win

Happy Monday girls! Check out this box full of fun nostalgia that I won from Jackie over at Once Upon A Fairyland! I had so much fun looking through everything and then photographing it all!I've always wanted a little candle like this!

Gumby and Pokey earrings!! ☺
Flower power, baby!

This is what I saw when I first opened the box!!!! The *first* Bobby in my (age7) life. Bobby Sherman! I'd kiss his and Davey Jone's pictures every night! ☺I've been boy crazy forever! ☺

See the long legged girl on the right? That's just how I looked at that age only my legs were even longer and skinnier! I wanted to be that "shaped" girl in the middle soooo bad!
David Cassidy! What a cutie pie! (My big brothers made fun of him to no end so I had a secret crush at around age 10!)

I so remember wearing these groovy colors!
I hated this "perfect cool" girl! (See the legs?) Hee-hee! I appreciate her much more now! ☺

Thanks again, Jackie for bringing some fun giggles and memories to my day!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

NOT For Sale

Don't you hate the following signs when you're out thrifting:
Not For Sale
For Display Only
I saw so many of those the other day while out thrifting that I about lost heart! But my poor heart leaped once more when I saw this wicker shelf on the wall! But THEN I reminded myself that it was probably NOT for sale!

I was SOOO happy when I found out that it WAS for sale and for only $3.00! Yippee! It's going in my new crafting place. I think I will put cute/pretty paper down as a shelf liner.

Bobby is supposed to report for work for the city of Pullman on Monday morning! BUT, since his police record check hasn't come back yet, they can't officially say, "The job is yours." It's kind of annoying... We want to be totally excited but there's a bur under our saddle! Bobby will eventually be working evenings and for the first time in 10 years, we'll have free insurance! Woo-hoo! God is good!

Have a great week end everyone!
Love and joy to you!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eeekedy-Eeek-Eeek! Meyercord Nursery Decals!!

Did you know that Eeek has 3 'E's? ☺ My dream of finding Vintage Meyercord nursery decals in person has come true! They were right here in Moscow, just waiting for me at my antique mall! This one below is my fav. It's the one I copied from eBay and put in my side bar! FAINT! I sat on the floor and went through STACKS of assorted decals and the nursery ones were hiding! I picked out my favs as I made all sorts of "I can't believe it and I'm so excited!" noises! ☺

I own some adorable repro Meyercord decals that I've had fun crafting with but these are originals! Some of them are even flocked!

And they were much cheaper than the ones I've seen on eBay plus there was *NO* postage! Yay!

Just had to grab this kitchen one, too! Hmmm... might have to change the color scheme of my kitchen! ☺
What will I do with these? Well, I won't try and use them as is . The store lady "warned" me that they wouldn't work and I already assumed that. I told her I just wanted the images. So, I will probably scan them and make my own decals once I learn how! I'll also craft with them as paper images. A special thanks to Heidi Ann of Gold Country Girls for being the one to originally reintroduced me to these old decals! ☺

Monday, July 12, 2010

Just Some More Thrifting Finds

It's another week peeps! I wonder what all will happen in it... Maybe, just maybe, I'll get my lap top set up and working and my craft supplies set up too! Ya think?

I thought this wall pocket/planter was pretty cool and I know many of you would use it as is but I'll probably paint it a fun color- some day. For now, I think I'll hang it on the outside of the duplex as an entrance thingy. ☺ I couldn't pass up this little bitty do it yourself lamp shade. Now if only I had a little bitty lamp to go with it! Why do I do such things? ☺ I wonder how many years this thing will sit around before I actually use it OR give it to the GW!? Ha-ha! Do you all do that, too?

I only have about 15 boxes left to unpack! Well, maybe I should say unpack AND put away. Some times I'm at a loss as to where to put things in this smaller home. I know I will have to re-pack some stuff and put it in the garage...
Bobby is still working a bit with our boys but he has a job interview this week with the City of Pullman WA. Pullman is just over the border from us. That's where we went to see Eclipse. When we drove through the old down town area, I got the warm fuzzies because my mom went to college there way back when. It was neat to envision my mom and her friends walking down that street. Oh how I wish I could ask her about those days. If you still have your mom with you, ASK her questions. Mine was gone before I even had any!

I started taking my morning walks again yesterday. I know this will really help me increase my coping skills which have been quite absent lately! I've had a hard time bringing myself to walk in town... If I go early enough it will be okay- no cars zooming by!

Have a good day girls! I'll be back tomorrow with a decorating dilemma!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vintage Thrifting Treasures

Another treasure from Sally Anne's AKA Salvation Army. This is an Avon salt shaker. 70s I'd say but I haven't had time to look it up yet. The bottom is heavy and the top is light plastic. It reminds me of a Weeble!Next, my Bobby brought this home to me from SA the other day and I was thrilled! I knew it was vintage right away and my brain said "60's".
When I flipped it over and looked for a date- sure enough- 1962! The year after I was born!
I know a lot of you girls see this type of stuff all the time but finding things like this is still new to me. ☺ I want to use these "Show Offs" but I hate to open the package when it's been closed for this long!
Well, my polka box from yesterday was officially christened as a cookie jar last night! The grands were thrilled. ☺ Throughout the course of the night, as one by one they would wander into the kitchen, I would whisper to them and show them the contents! Fun! Of course they then found a little cookie popped into their mouths! I love being a Grams!
I can hardly wait to show you what I got at our local antique mall! Gotta get pic first! Have a super duper day bloggy girls!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Polka Box!

This ceramic gift is one of the treasures from my anniversary weekend. I got it at Sally Anne's. What a great store! It's the biggest and best that I've ever been in. I will definitely be going back there- even if I *haven't* unpacked all my old treasures yet! ☺
Now... I'm just trying to decide if I can use this as a cookie jar in my red kitchen now or should I save it for Christmas time?

More treasures in the days to come!

PS Comments won't publish yet for me today but I am reading them! Thanks!