Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, August 2, 2010

Familar Faces

Unpacking my belongings reminds me of seeing familar faces. "Oh, there you are! Hi!" ☺ And what's even more fun...
is that these familar faces have real faces connected to them! AKA pressies from friends!

You know who you are! Thanks to all of you for making my life a better place to be!


~~Carol~~ said...

Just catching up with you Holly, and boy have you been busy! The craft room is looking cute, and I'm so glad you bought that highchair. Anything that makes you want to tear up is something that needs to come home with you! It's darling, but I'm wondering if your granddaughter is ever going to really get to sit on it!
Happy Monday!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

It is nice to see your stuff again I am sure and then to be reminded of all the people who love you. Those little lambs on your mirror are so cute! Hope you are having a wonderful day. We reached 100 degrees this afternoon. I am miserable:( Twyla


It is great putting personal things into a new home. What great gifts for you.

Queenie said...

Everything looks so pretty against your light walls Holly!
I know you are having such fun re-discovering all of your treasures that have been packed away :) Sort of like when we unpack the Christmas ornaments and treasures each year! It's fun to see our things again.
Hope you have a happy and wonderful day! My world is a better place by having you in it :)
Big Hugs,

Diane said...

Holly, That garland is just precious, I see you too love Vintage baby items, I buy them to re-sell but man they are always hard to part with! It's a good thing we have a tenant right now I have no extra room to stash stuff in. LOL Hugs, Diane

Lori said...

I swear I am losing my mind, why is it all day long I walk about doing things and at midnight remember a sad box waiting to get mailed? I feel like a imbecile about this. I've got to turn on my brain and make it happen. I'm sorry again and again, yeesh, July was a blur around here. Lori

Beth said...

Isn't that sweet when you see something that immediately takes you to the person who gave it to you? We are trying to get our house ready to sell and I can't part with much of our things!!

Jacqueline said...

It must feel grand to get yourself snugged in and start to decorate. I know that you are going to make your home darling and inviting.
If you want a feel good moment come visit my Postive Thunder Storm post...did you get thunder over yonder...my word, it was scary!
Heading over the North Cascade Highway today to Diablo Lake.