Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Red Love

Looky here, girls! I love RED in my kitchen! It's Christmas all year round in here now! There's my dot cookie jar for the grands and my framed vintage Christmas cards behind. I know. My window is a bit much but it makes me happy to have dots, strawberries AND a gingey girl in the same happy spot!

Love these colors in this little vintage pot holder! Remember this, Queenie?
My duplex/rental kitchen cupboards are so ug,ug, ugly! This is my pitiful attempt to change that without paint! The lace is sticky vinyl that I've used off and on for years.
I made several of these little check/floral color pops for the centers of the smaller cabinets.
Here's a close up of one. I took sooo many pics trying to get the light right! There's no natural light in here so it's really hard. See the sticky tack? I didn't even know it showed till I saw this pic! ☺

So, even though I'm known as a Pink girl in blog land, I love Red, too! And Blue and Yellow and... ☺
I had a great day off yesterday! It was fun to look around at the antique mall without Micah. I picked up a couple little treasures that didn't break the bank and I'll try to get pics today!
I'm not sure what's going on today but it's bound to be fun! Hope you have a fun day too- even if it's not *your* weekend.


Connie said...

That's darling what you've done, sweetpea. There is no reason to NOT do something to a rental because it can all be taken off when you leave. I love what you did!

rosechicfriends said...

Hi Holly!
Oh girl you and I have something in common! I too love POP's of red in my home. I have done that in my kitchen and fam room and it always makes me happy!

Hey, I have idea for you to cover those *ugly* cupboard, w/o out messing them up. Liquid Starch!!! You can use it with fabric. Cut your fabric to size, then dip your fabric in liquid, squeeze out excess, then put it over your surface. It dries on and will only remove when you are ready to. You could then use trims on the edging to cover up any indiscretions. I have seen this done on an entire dresser, it looks way cool. Let me know if you decide to try it.

No formal word yet...but things are progressing in the work arena! Keep praying..this process is just going so slow! ugh!!!

Hugs and love...Lorena

Lisa said...

I love your kitchen window! The valance is great! And if it makes you smile it is perfect!
Have a great day!
Hugs, Lisa

Nan said...

I love that little pot holder so darling. Red dots one of my all time favorites. I'm attracted to anything with red dots. I have a set of those vintage red dot bowls do you? Nan

Sandy said...

You have a lot of fun items!!!! Love the window!!! I think your idea to make those kitchen cupboards colorful works!!!!! You know when I saw them, I thought aha....fabric and some temporary glue ( that you could wash off) ...it would change the feel of them for sure! And some places you can get the cloth for 2.00 a yard! Sorry....just thinking out loud! Have a great day!!!!!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

love your cute lil curtains!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Holly! Red is such a cheerful color! I am liking it more and more, myself. The kitchen is just a natural place for red. We used to use that sticky tack stuff all the time. Great idea! Twyla

Lori said...

Hi Holly
get you! As much as I adore my frou frou pinks and white, my family room is red, white and blue. I just need that room as such! About once or twice a year I think I'd like to do it gardenie, but nope can't do it. I have alot of patriotic Uncle Sam and such, very so not like the rest of the house!! Watch the mail!!!

Free Pretty Things For You said...

i have something for you!!
come see!!! :)

Persuaded said...

What a great idea to put those little "pops" on your cupboards. My kitchen cupboards are hideous... I just might hafta steal your idea;-)

Melly said...

Hi there Gorgeous Lady!! You make any space look homey and happy but the best thing is that the heart of you is what makes your home a place to come and just be.

Thank you so much for your sweet visit, Holly!

Queenie said...

Hey Holly,
oh the red looks so pretty, that's really creative and cute what you did with the valance and the framed vintage cards...I know it makes you happy. What a great idea for the cabinets...that red gingham goes with about anything don't it? I love gingham, too and especially red.
I know it feels great to be getting things back to normal after that big move :)

What fun that you got to go diggin' by yourself at the antique mall. That sounds like my kind of fun for sure :)
Big Hugs,
P.S. Yes, I remember the little pot holder, it looks so cute with all of your kitchen stuff :)