Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Have A Mystery To Solve!

Do you like a good mystery? ☺

Over four years ago, I rented a hog farm in South Dakota. The landlords of that farm recently called to let me know that I received a package from Reimen publications! Reimen publishes Country, Country Woman, Birds and Bloom and Backyard Living magazines. I subscribed to every one of those magazines while I lived on that farm. I couldn't imagine what the package contained but since I entered lots of contests back then, I thought that I had won something! But after four years? I couldn't wait until the landlords forwarded my package so I could find out what was inside! Well, lo and behold the package arrived with this farm/dinner triangle inside and a thank you note for submitting something that they chose to publish! But what was it? And after 4 years? Was this package lost somewhere all this time?

I wrote a lot back then and I know I submitted several pieces of writing to them because their magazines are reader written. It may have been something as simple as a gardening tip but maybe even an article but I simply don't know what it was! Ha-ha! I'd love to be able to say, "I've been published!" But I feel pretty silly about not knowing WHAT I wrote! ☺

I wrote to Reimen to present the mystery and they wrote back to say that they are working on it. I find the timing very interesting... I had just been telling a few people that I felt like I could write again once we get out to the quiet of the farm. And now that I'm moving back to a farm, I could certainly use a dinner bell for calling Micah from the back 40!

I'm glad life has funny little mysteries like this! It makes life interesting!
Thanks for coming by!


Creative Breathing said...

Holly! This is a mystery with a happy ending. What a perfect thing to receive for your new home. I just loved those magazines when they first came out. It made me feel like I could live on a farm! Let us know what they published! Elizabeth

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Holly Sweetie...
Oh my gosh, you have been published for 4 years and didn't know it? Oh how funny is that.

The sweet part is this dinner bell came at the perfect time. Won't your grands love it when you call for dinner? Oh I can't wait to see it hung in its' proper place. I hope you will take pictures.

When is the big move? I know you are going to be blessed. With all the circumstances behind this farm, God is leading you there. It is SO meant to be.

Have a beautiful day sweet friend. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

NanE said...

How interesting! Maybe the dinner bell IS your signal (literally and figuratively) to start writing again! My friend Tammy calls these "God Winks".

Beth Niquette said...

Perhaps this is God's way of saying, "Hey, GIRL! It's time to write again!"

How cool is that? Wow--what a fun mystery, indeed.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Holly, I used to subscribe to all these magazines and loved them, but let my subscriptions fall off over the last few years. I wish oh wish I had the one that you were published in! I wish I could just say 'here it is, I found you!' Congratulations on being published and I hope they can let you know what it was so we can all read it. I think it would be wonderful for you to write when you move to the farm! I know you are a great writer. Have a happy day! Twyla

Beth said...

How awesome! I also have a kind of secret dream to write. Not for the money...or lack of money...that they pay...but just to write.
In July I entered a contest at the local fair and I won the Sweepstakes! I was really upset because I couldn't find my poem and when I asked where it was, they told me that I won the top placing! They put it in a special place and that's why I thought it had been lost! How much fun it that??

stefanie said...

oooo, the suspense!!!!

Diane said...

Very cool, cannot wait to hear the mystery unsolved, I know that will be handy at your new farm home, such timing! oxox, Diane

~~Carol~~ said...

I love when stuff like this happens! Could this be any more perfect for your farm? Maybe your family will need to ring it in order to get you to come in from the back 40 and make dinner!

Jenny S said...

It is meant to be!! SOMETHING is telling you yes, it is time to start writing again!
Hey, send me your new address so I can send you something!!

Rebecca said...

Now THAT is really something! What a story!

Man...I'd want to KNOW what I said!


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Holly,
WOW what a great mystery. Love the dinner bell. Will you get to find out what you wrote? It would drive me crazy not knowing. But the bell is going to be perfect at your new farm home.

SO EXCITED for you to move to the farm. It is going to be wonderful. Love the pic of the house. You will have it so cute and decorated.

Thank you for stopping by. Always so great to see you.
Love to you, Celestina Marie

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Well go figure! How's that farm? I hope it is skunk free! I have plenty to share. oh yeah, Mr. snowman is still waiting for you,lol!

Sherry from Alabama said...

What a fun mystery! I have taken two of the Reiman magazines in the past, "Country Woman" and "Birds and Blooms." I entered one of their cooking contest in "Country Woman," and didn't win that one, but they made it a winner in another of their magazines, "Country." They published it in several of their cookbooks also. My recipe is still on their Taste of Home website. It's the Sweet Potato Cobbler recipe. I've been thinking of posting the recipe ~ without their changes ~ on my blog soon. Hope you enjoy your dinner bell. Ring it loud and maybe I can hear it too!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

gin said...

very interesting story. Can't wait till you move again to see pics. I like farms.

Queenie said...

What a mystery and I would be very curious too, If I were you...congrats on getting published and it does look like the bell came just in the nick of time for you to use at the farm...what fun! Hope you have a great week Holly! Wish I could help you get settled in the new place...you know I'd help you pack and unpack all those boxes if I could :)
Big hugs,