Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm All Moved In!

My computer is still here at the duplex where I'm writing now but everything else is at the new house! I've been sick as a duck but I'm still happy!

This old house has many wrinkles in it but I'm very thankful for this spanking new fridge that the landlord put in! I hate cleaning out the old ones! Here you can also see what my cupboards are like. They are all white! They need fresh paint some day and I don't like the hardware on them but they are White! Hurray! No dark wood paneling or cupboards in this house! I love to think about the lady who painted it all and how the Lord thought, "Oh, Holly is going to love all this White when she gets here!"

My counters are a very old vintage medium Green with dark Green lines criss crossing all through it- which I'm not too happy with but I know I'll get used to them.

Internet woes!

Blog posts might be scarce around here because we still don't have Internet on the farm! We don't know when or *IF* we'll be able to get it either! ~ FAINT ~ We've gone round and round with several companies. At first they say yes we can have it but then later they say we cant! One company even told us we couldn't even have a phone there! It's been crazy. The Internet man who came to the farm yesterday told me that we could get set up for Internet for about $2,000.00!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha! If worse comes to worse, you'll be hearing from me from the library or a restaurant!

I hope you'll hear from me soon! I've missed visiting with all of you!


Bunny Rose Cottage said...

AHHH!!!! I am so jealous of those white cabinets Holly!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are soooo lucky!! In my new house, mine are HIDEOUS brown ones!!! I have to paint them white someday because I HATE them!!!!!!!! I love your kitchen!! I have paneling in my new house too, lol! Luckily it is super light and in one of the kids bedrooms, lol. The family room has dark wood walls but I am making that the man cave, lol! My room is bright and white :)

so sorry you arent feeling good sweetie :( That is just the worst! I hope you are better really soon.

I have loved seeing pics of your wonderful farm house and look so forward to more.

Love ya sweet friend and thank you for EVERY THING!! Your the BEST!!Amy

Scrap for Joy said...

Your new home has so many charming features. You will have so much fun using your personal touches to make it yours. There is no rush...you have lots of time to plan and dream. We will all love seeing what you come up with. Now..take care of that cold.

stefanie said...

what a sweet kitchen, I have seen where you can paint your counter tops, I don't recall where but I have seen it and it looks great!

gin said...

glad you are moved in, almost!! no internet access! that's crazy, huh? where there is a will, there is a way! hope you get it soon.

Free Pretty Things For You said...

my dear.. i didnt even think about it!
i sent your prize to the old address you gave me. not to the farm!
wil you still get it??
they told me it would get there By OCT 1st!

Elyse said...

hi holly,

bloggers always find a way, right? thank goodness for the library.

i'm just getting over a cold and have been scarce myself.

take care!


Connie said...

I'm so happy you're settled in your farmhouse here in Idaho, sugar! I just hope you can get internet.

I like the kitchen, green counters and all. Knobs are easily replaced though. Looking good, chick.


Sandra said...

Glad you are moved in and I like your little white kitchen. I love white kitchens. I live in the desert of Arizona and we are limited on access to phones, internet, etc. We finally went all mobile for phones and got a great family plan we could afford. We could not get any kind of internet when we moved here 10 years ago so we found a Broadband company. We pay $60 a month for internet and all the radio stations on broadband like BBC from Europe etc. They installed a dish on our workshop roof and did all the wiring into the shop and we have a wireless connect to our laptops in the house. They have a tranmission tower somewhere around this area so we have great coverage. Hope this gives you some more options to try.

Sherry from Alabama said...

I love all the white in your kitchen! And you can work with that green. There are a lot of colors that will look good with it. I hope you get internet service of some kind soon. I want to keep up with you. We live on a country lane where cable has never been run for tv but we do get DSL internet.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Carolyne said...

Love all the vintage images on your side bar. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh Holly, don't scare me! I couldn't stand it if I couldn't visit with you on your blog:( I hope you get internet and at not such a ridiculous price. Praying for you and your situation. Love your kitchen cabinets and the new fridge. Lucky you! Twyla

Shelley said...

I love the green in your kitchen...its going to go great with all your red...I know you must be so exhausted after all the work you have had to do...hope you can rest some now and feel better real soon...blessings to you Holly

~~Carol~~ said...

From what I can see of the counter, it looks alot like the counter at my Grandma's house!
We eventually want to retire to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, and I often wonder how difficult/expensive it will be to get internet. I guess we'll jump off that bridge when you get to it!

Lisa said...

Miss you! Love the house!! Very retro kitchen, you can make it work!

Queenie said...

Hey Holly!
The white cabinets are just perfect and yay that you got a new fridge too...I just know the Lord had this place in store for you all along...he knows all things and knows what's best for us always :)
I sure hope you can get the internet out there at the farm...I bet you did about faint when you were told the news that you might not can...I've got my fingers crossed for ya sweetie :)
I hope that you get to feeling better soon too...
Big Hugs,