Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Picture Window

Here I am again girls- live from the library parking lot! I'd much rather be in the parking lot than inside because I am to easily distracted by voices. Do any of you remember when libraries were quiet places? ☺ Here's my darling Bobby walking off the living room floor. I'm so thankful for him and for the 2 large windows, white walls and the wood floors in here. The floor still needs refinishing but I'd much rather that than oooold filthy carpet!

Guess what Micah and I had Sunday night? ☺ A free ambulance ride from our new town of Troy to the Moscow emergency room! I thought Micah had broke his arm but it is just a bad bruise which only requires a sling. It was a scary night but God bless all volunteer EMT workers! They were so wonderful! I was holding together fairly well until they arrived and then I broke down! Hee-hee! I don't do trauma very well! Given the fact that I have 4 boys, it's amazing that I've only ended up in the emergency room two times now. Silly me, I was a bit traumatized yesterday but I feel all better now.

I'm unpacking very slowly this time around. Are you surprised? I'm just now getting my strength back and it seems like just my regular work is about all I can do! I do look forward to setting up my craft room though and when I do, I have a Michael's gift card to spend! My boy Adrian gave it to me for my Birthday and he didn't tell me how much was on it! If Michael's was just down the road, I run find out but I will wait and be surprised! I love surprises.

I've been having fun learning how to use my new wood stove and I am once again building a compost pile. I feel like such a Carla Emery! Anyone know her? Also, last night, our doggie Lexi found a porcupine and thankfully, she only brought home two souvenirs! Ah, the joys of being in the country again!

Thanks so much for coming to visit me even when I can't get over to see you much! I love you all!
Until next time,


Marydon said...

So glad that it was only a bad bruise for your son ... scary for sure. Bet you are excited to start decorating ... what fun.

Have a great week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Sandy said...

Oh Holly! I am glad your son's arm wasn't broken! I have two sons and I was in the ER at least once a year! But no broken bones, except for a smashed fist when anger got the best of one of them, and he was really sorry about that! LOL
I can't believe how the house is coming around! I am sure it is going to be quaint and cute and oh so cozy!!!!! Sandy

~~Carol~~ said...

Thank goodness Micah didn't break his arm! If it was his writing hand, you might have had to do his homework for him!
You've got a wood stove? Could there be anything cozier than that? And just out of curiosity, what color is your kitchen going to be?
I'm enjoying watching this whole process so much! Pace yourself, otherwise Mr. GAH will have to do the decorating!

Lisa said...

I too would go for the not so great wood floor than old carpet any day!! Enjoy your place! i took a small load over today and the kitchen is full!!! Ugh! It will all work. Tomorrow I have to get my car fixed!!!!!!!!!!!! If only for no money I would have a great life!
Hugs, Lisa

Scrap for Joy said...

Kids! They're what ages us-LOL! Glad it wasn't more serious Holly. I was never at the emergency room with my son but I was with my daughter twice!!
Your home is going to be so charming when you're finished putting your touches in it. Just take your time...there's no prize for rushing and being over-tired.
Hope you have a smooth week!

Queenie said...

Hey Holly!
I know that was scary for both of you...thank goodness it wasn't broken...my youngest son a few years ago, had broken both arms, of course not at the same time, but I won't ever forget it... it was scary, especially when he had to have surgery and have a pin put in his arm. I know what you went through, with wondering if it was broken or not, what a relief that it wasn't...hope Micah feels better soon.

Yay! you got wooden floors...this place is going to be so precious....with all of your sweet decorating touches everywhere...I'll be staying tuned to see everything as it unfolds. Take your time unpacking...that's half the fun...right?! I know it's fun for you...seeing each treasure come out of the box and setting it in it's new special spot.

Hope you have a great week and yes, the parking lot of the library is much better than being inside....library's aren't that quiet anymore, and it seems that someone's always looking over your shoulder when on a computer there. I went once when ours broke and it wasn't fun...so I'm with ya on that. Gotta go now, before I write a book...
Big hugs,

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Holly, plenty of drama at your new home, but God Is with you! I am so glad Micah is okay and Lexi too! Can't wait to see your decorating progress. You will be living your dream! Twyla

Creative Breathing said...

Holly, What I wouldn't give to have your wonderful, charming house. All the work is going to make it such a showplace. I'm so glad you are feeling better, and can't wait to get you crafting again. E

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

You could do A LOT worse than enjoy THAT view! Who needs decor when you've got vistas?????