Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Birthday Lamp

My boy Caleb brought me this Pink lamp the other day for a belated Birthday present. He got it from a lady he was working for. She was going to list it on eBay but Caleb rescued it for me! He knew I'd love it! I had a hard time getting a good pic of it! I'll try again once I get a shade for it!

This will go in my craft room/bedroom. BTW, I'm not making much head way in that department! Good things come to those who wait!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Greetings From My Johnies!

And see my Aspens in the background, girls?! I love them! And I love Johnies. I'm so glad there was already some planted here.
I know my kitchen window is dirty on the outside but new ones are soon to be installed so I'll pass on hauling out the ladder! ☺ I'll miss the charming old wood windows but I WON'T miss the draftiness! BRRRR! They are so old that the glass wiggled in the panes when I washed the inside.

I hope you're all doing well. It might be another month before I have Internet. Booooo- hooooo! I miss you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dinning Room Progress

Here's my dinning room built- in! I work on it in spurts throughout the day as I try to decide what will go in here and what will go on my Shabby Chic shelf. I'd like to change out the knobs some day-or paint them.
I'm working in this hutch first because I still haven't' decided where my shabby shelf will go... It needs the perfect spot, ya know? I'm trying to mix all my pinks and blues together while adding touches of yellow... I'll show you again when I'm finished! (Are we ever really finished with such things?!)
I'm parked here in town in front of our little community garden. I love my little town and I love my life. I'm having peanut M&Ms for breakfast. It's fun being so naughty!
I look forward to being able to spend more time with you in the future. Thank you for all your comments! You are the frosting on my cake!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitchen Friends

Look, girls! Little by little, all my red and yellow kitchen "friends" are gathering together in my farm kitchen!They're so happy here! I keep moving them around, adding to and taking away and just generally playing with them. I love to play house! These shelves are above my sink. I don't have a window above my sink but for some reason, it doesn't bother me with my friends here.

My silly cupboards won't shut all the way! Hee-hee! That's one of the quirks of living in an old house. I'm a bit quirky myself so it's okay. I'm thinking about painting my "knobs' RED WITH WHITE DOTS. ☺

Dinning room pictures tomorrow!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bedroom View

This is the view outside my bedroom window. I love this hill. It seems like Laura and Mary Ingalls could come tumbling down it any minute!

I've started decorating! Now that I have two "display cases" I'm having a difficult time deciding what should go where! What a problem, huh?
I hope to show pictures of my dinning room built- in very soon.

I miss you all!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just Enjoying The View

Happy weekend, girls! I'm still not decorating- just enjoying the view!
Hopefully I'll start making things cute next week!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Picture Window

Here I am again girls- live from the library parking lot! I'd much rather be in the parking lot than inside because I am to easily distracted by voices. Do any of you remember when libraries were quiet places? ☺ Here's my darling Bobby walking off the living room floor. I'm so thankful for him and for the 2 large windows, white walls and the wood floors in here. The floor still needs refinishing but I'd much rather that than oooold filthy carpet!

Guess what Micah and I had Sunday night? ☺ A free ambulance ride from our new town of Troy to the Moscow emergency room! I thought Micah had broke his arm but it is just a bad bruise which only requires a sling. It was a scary night but God bless all volunteer EMT workers! They were so wonderful! I was holding together fairly well until they arrived and then I broke down! Hee-hee! I don't do trauma very well! Given the fact that I have 4 boys, it's amazing that I've only ended up in the emergency room two times now. Silly me, I was a bit traumatized yesterday but I feel all better now.

I'm unpacking very slowly this time around. Are you surprised? I'm just now getting my strength back and it seems like just my regular work is about all I can do! I do look forward to setting up my craft room though and when I do, I have a Michael's gift card to spend! My boy Adrian gave it to me for my Birthday and he didn't tell me how much was on it! If Michael's was just down the road, I run find out but I will wait and be surprised! I love surprises.

I've been having fun learning how to use my new wood stove and I am once again building a compost pile. I feel like such a Carla Emery! Anyone know her? Also, last night, our doggie Lexi found a porcupine and thankfully, she only brought home two souvenirs! Ah, the joys of being in the country again!

Thanks so much for coming to visit me even when I can't get over to see you much! I love you all!
Until next time,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Linen Closet

Remember this rose paper? This is the cupboard it is in. See the surrounding wall? Looks like those walls had the same paper plus many other layers, too! The previous renter was in the process of re-doing this wall but now it gets to be my job- some day!

Old houses are so fun! I counted 7 different layers of wall papers in my bedroom closet! Ha! This house has enough projects to last a life time!
I'm blogging from the library parking lot again! I plan on having a good long Internet sesion sometime between Monday and Wed. and then I'll get by to see all of you! I've so apreciated your comments since I feel a bit isolated without Interent! I'm still glad to be on the farm but checking email has been a part of my life for the past 20 plus years!
Our landlord is paying big bucks to get high speed internet to the farm! What a Godsend! We don't have a time estimate yet. They have to put up poles, towers, and all sorts of gizmos to make it work! I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

High Ceilings!

Here I am live from the parking lot of the Troy library! I sure have missed you all! Our landlord has taken over the task of getting good Internet on the farm but we still don't know when it will be hooked up. I'm glad I (at least ) have this option for now. I would have gotten down here sooner but I've been really sick. I can't wait to feel healthy and excited again! I know those days will come soon.
All my kids and grands came out to the farm for my Birthday with presents, cake and even a balloon! I felt very loved. Thanks to all of *you* who sent birthday wishes my way! Between my blog and facebook, I knew I must have some Birthday wishes waiting for me and it was really fun to get online and read them just now! Here's another "farm" post that I already had lined up. Here's my partially stripped back door and stair window. In this pic, you can tell how high the ceilings are! Although high ceilings make it more difficult to heat a house, I still love them since I'm so tall! Can you tell that there's a cool old door knob on this door? I'll try to get a good pic. One of my rooms even has a glass/crystal knob but I've yet to get a good pic of it!

I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to be online again but hopefully SOON!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


*I set this to post automatically in case I don't have Internet for a while!*

Here's where Micah and I went on a picnic in between house scrubbings the other day. This is up in the South pasture on the farm. It's a good little hike! I can't wait to get back into shape again. Not having my pool this summer really kept my winter flab on!

Sunday- Oct. 3rd is my Birthday and I will be 49! This farm is my present.

You might think I'm strange but I'm really excited about being almost 50!