Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Scoop Of Cute, Please!

Is anyone hungry for cute? ☺ I'm having so much fun with my blossom and dotty creations! This scoop fits perfectly in my little sundae dish! It's a scoop of cute! Is it vain to call my own creations cute? Then I'm vain! Ha-ha! I made a tootsie pop size pop in this fabric, too. I'll show it on another day. I have so many crafting and treasure posts lined up for you this week so stay tuned!

The work on our spare bedroom begins today and guess who is doing the work? My boys! I'm so excited!

Hope you all have a great day! You make my life sweet!


Christie said...

Hey Holly,
Oh yes girl...always hungry for cute...I love this, how creative...and it's perfect in the dessert dish! Your other red and white flower pop is adorable too :)
Love that chandy too, and for 4 bucks...what a deal!
Hope you have a sweet week...looks like you will!

Jacqueline said...

SOS...send those cute flower pops my way girly. Love to have your pops in my shop and anything else your heart desires. You don't even have to show me first.
If interested let me know and I'll send you the cutest starter package with all the details the west coast has ever seen!

See pics on my blog of my new shop!
Love from Molly to her Holly.
I think you should call your goodies

stefanie said...

oh, its super cute!!!

Shelley said...

Cute fits this well...love it Holly and love the new look of your blog..I was going to suggest you send some of your creations to Jackie's new shop but,I see she beat me to it :) blessings

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

You are killin' me girl!! SO darn cute!! All I can think about is spring garden tea party place settings when I see this!! EEK! LOVE! And you should adore your creations!! Dont tell anyone but I am loving my latest pieces too, lol!! Cant wait to see what else you have created! The tootsie roll sounds so adorable!
How sweet of your son to do your spare bedroom! So fun!!
Love ya doll,

Sugar Pink Boutique said...

Oh this is such a yummy scoop! What a great idea you're so talented! I love the Dotty Pops too the trim looks gorgeous used on those adorable sweet treats! I just love your blog there are so many sweet things to look at! Thank you for sharing Holly I will be a follower for sure! God bless, Jennifer