Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Monday, February 28, 2011

Cutie Pie Cottage

Hello neighbors!

This is my adorable logo that sweet Keren of Free Pretty Things For You made for me! That's one of my fences in the pic! Not only does Keren have an adorable blog where she gives away cute graphics but Keren also does cute custom work for a fee and she knew just what I wanted when I didn't! Now that's service! You should go check out Keren's blog if you've never met her!Cutie Pie Cottage is the name of my product line of crafts. I can't really say that it's my shop name because I don't have a shop- yet! But I am selling some of my crafts through Jackie's store, Once Upon A fairyland and I might eventually open an etsy as well.

I added a few Easter graphics and "home" pics to my side bar this week. I like playing with my side bar- even if I'm the only one who looks through it!

Well, I hope all my blog friendies can get through the day! It's almost March and with it comes hope and sunshine!! Even though I get out to the sun every time it shines, it still isn't enough and my "batteries" need to be recharged!

Big hugs to you all!


~~Carol~~ said...

That logo is so perfectly YOU! I still say that you need to have a sale right on the property this summer. And girl, I always look at your sidebar, because you've got the cutest things on there!
Happy Monday!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

YAY!!! Holly, I love it!! The name is perfect as is the graphics. It is so you, it isnt even funny! I really hope you open an Etsy, you make the sweetest things!
Big hugs,

Nan said...

That is darling and I'm glad you got this for your items in Jackie's store. I have been buying my tags from an Etsy shop she makes just darling little tags perfect for my stuff I'm hopefully selling.

Kim said...

Cutie Pie Cottage pretty much sums it up. Your crafty creations are always as cute as can be and I hope that someday you are able to open your own Etsy shop to sell your creations.

The log is just perfect and Karen did a wonderful job in creating it.

As for March almost being here, I'm not sure if I am looking forward to it or dreading it to be honest. I long for spring and summer, but many a time, March ends up being our snowiest month and beings we've already broken records with the amount of snow we've gotten so far this year, I dread thinking about what may still be to come. I can only pray we will get through the month without any major snow falls.

Talk on the news now is all about spring flooding predictions from North Dakota down through Minnesota along the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers and it isn't looking so good for those folks living along the rivers.

Only time will tell..

Holly said...

Hi Holly! I found your blog through a comment that you made on 521 Lake Street. My eye went right to your comment because my name is also Holly and my blog is called Hoosier at Heart. You've got a cute blog and I also love vintage linens and finding great deals at thrift stores. I'll be following you. Have a great day!

Sherry from Alabama said...

Love the cute logo! Keren is certainly a talented young lady. I love her blog site and use a lot of her freebies on my blog.

I'm hoping to get out in the sunshine and recharge my batteries a little today too. Hope you have a great week!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Jacqueline said...

Rolling out the cute is what Holly girl does best and I love your cottage tags, almost as much as I love you!
~Jackie~ From that very famous cute, adorable shop...
Once Upon a Fairyland

Sugar Pink Boutique said...

I LOVE your new logo and name too it's so adorable! Keren is very talented and does amazing work I'm glad you picked her to do your logo! Your blog is adorable and I hope you do open an internet site you would sell a lot! Have a blessed weekend and big hugs, Jennifer