Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Newest Red

A new potholder picked up at my local antique shop! Isn't Red just so cheery when Winter keeps raging?
Hang in there, girls! Spring WILL come! Meanwhile, we can keep fluffing our nests!

Head on over to It's a Very Cherry World to see a list of more cheerful Reds!


~~Carol~~ said...

Those old red and white potholders are just the best! My Grandma always had some ready to set her pots on, and now I have them. I don't know if I believe you about that whole Spring thing though. It keeps snowing here!
Happy REDnesday,

Bloggymom said...

Love the potholder.

LV said...

That is a neat little red pot holder. At least, red does help us feel a little more alive.

Elyse said...

so sweet!

so many of us are filling our posts with bright colors!!! we're all ready for spring.


Ann said...

I'd love to find such a pretty bright potholder at a thrift shop.
Great find!
Happy Rednesday. :o)
The Tattered Tassel

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

That is a charmer! You should see the haul over at A Bee in My Bonnet! I love those old-fashioned potholders. What a lucky find!

Donnie said...

That is a lovely find. Looks new.

Sherry from Alabama said...

Your potholder is beautiful! I seem to be drawn to the color red right now too. It's such a cheery color.

It's been feeling like spring here for the past few days. But then this morning...it's back in the 30's with frost on the ground!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Jacqueline said...

Dear red hot Holly mama...you are the best! Thinking of you and I love your post on the kitty kats rump! What a laugh and hoot and a giggle!

SueLovesCherries said...

Yes, Spring will come - I can "feel it"! Love your potholder, don't think I've seen one in that design before.

VintageBettys said...

What a beautiful vintage potholder! Great find!

Happy Rednesday,
Laura and Michele

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Holly! I love vintage crochet potholders! I collect them whenever I find them for a good price. I think I have one similar to this. Have a nice day! Twyla

By the Bluegrass said...

What a lovely find! The color is beautiful.