Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Tag And Egg That I Made For Sandy

You all know how I love to play photographer so I had to do a photo shoot with the cutie pie tag and egg I made for Sandy! For my tag, I used one of my Meyercord nursery images that Sandy had previously admired. I'm on a dot kick so the tag had to have the dot treatment!

I paper Forget Me Nots so they had to go on there, too! I loved this yellow doily and had saved it for a long time before finally using it. I know someone gave it to me but I can't remember who! Was it you, dear reader?

I also made another sugary Meyercord nursery egg! I put a few different images on it but only two would photograph well.


I have lots of pastels going on here lately- don't I?! Don't worry. I'll be showing more good reds soon!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Doll Chair Make Over And Decals 101

I found another little Home Interiors doll chair at the Goodwill! It was exactly like my other old brown one so I gave it the exact same make over! No need to show a before pic. Just imagine this chair in brown wood. ☺ *I'll give you some decal applying tips at the end of this post.* I loved this morning sun coming through my bedroom window! Hello, sun! Yes, we LIKE you!

Primer+ Pink paint + Meyercord decals = Girlie Ever After! I display my melamine sugar bowl + decal in its seat.

This new chair is a *bit* different than the first one which is pictured in my side bar. The pink paint is lighter and I arranged the decals slightly different.

Decals 101:

*I still feel like a beginning decal applier but here is what I've learned so far!*

1. If you've never worked with decals before, applying them to a non porous surface is easier than unfinished wood or flat paint. The wood or flat paint will grab fast to the decal and there is not much opportunity for sliding it around and positioning it differently than where it lands. A satin or gloss finish paint is easier for the decal to slide on.

2. Leaving the decal in the water too long can be a problem- you'll lose too much glue. Less time in the water is better than more.

3. Practice working with small decals before attempting a larger one. Applying a large decal is NOT easy! They crease easily and they are less forgiving. You must work quickly and precisely.

4. Placing your fingers on both sides of the decal while positioning it is helpful and with this small chair, that wasn't possible. I can imagine that applying a large decal to a larger surface space would be much easier.


I hope to make my own decals some day but the decals in this project were purchased from The Decal Cottage. Go take a look!

Have a great day everyone! You are the frosting on my cake!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Easter Swap Surprise!

Yum and swoon! I adore paper Forget Me Nots! I could almost eat them! If you've never done a swap before, you'll want to after seeing this post! I saved my Easter swap package for Easter morn and I'm so glad I did! Here's the front of the cutie pie tag that Sandy O made for me! Meow! The Forget Me Nots and baby bootie she gave me wanted to be in the picture, too!

Here's the back! Isn't that little envelope sweet? I adore gingham and kitties, too!

Sandy gave me other goodies also and here they are all wrapped up still. Am I not -just so patient? ☺

Such pretty little surprises!

Look! An altered Journal! I've wanted to make my own for so long but this is much better! I love the "rag" binding! I love it all!

Such a cute clothes pin posing with little doo-dad friends!

Unlike most of you girls, *MY* candy made it into the photo shoot! ☺(Sorry- all that chocolate made me kind of bratty!) ☺

An itty bitty basket! Just the other day, I was marveling over the lack of fuzzy chickies in my life! I'm so glad Sandy included these guys!

Thank you so much, Sandy! You made me feel so special!
Well, I hope you all had a happy Easter, even if you didn't get a swap package as cool as mine! ☺

I took some pics of the tag and egg that I made for Sandy but I'll show those in another post.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Cutie Pie Lampshade Tutorial- Sort of!

I bought this old hobnail lamp at the Goodwill a long time ago. It needed a lampshade so I finally gave it one! It started out the dirtiest, ugliest ole thing you can imagine!

I cut out a lampshade pattern with unwanted paper first and then chose this yummy dot paper for the final cover up job. I cut out 2 pieces like this:

And one piece like this. It was incredibly difficult for me and I can't even begin to tell you how I did it! Ha-ha! Can you tell that I notched the tops? That was for folding over the top of the shade.

I used 2 kinds of glue: Tacky and hot. ;)

I used tacky glue for gluing down the notched top. I put the glue directly on the lampshade and glued one section at a time. I kept a wet cloth handy for wiping the glue off of my fingers as I would go. Sorry this is so blurry on this cloudy day but you get the nothching idea- right?

I used tacky glue for the side seams also and then a drop of hot glue on the bottom corners. I ended up gluing it wrong, burning myself and I created too many seams but I'm still happy with it. Here it is looking cute on my craft table. (The seams are hiding!)

Oh, and I hot glued the pom pom trim around the bottom which in my opinion is absolutely perfect with the hobnail!

You likey?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rednesday Bunny

This bunny tag and red gingham coaster hangs on one of my kitchen cupboards. I guess I can call this my Red Easter decor! I just love the Red and Aqua together!

The tag was actually a Valentines gift a few years back from Lindsey of Two Crazy Crafters and Lindsey's Paper Scraps. Lindsey is an awesome paper crafter!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pics From Shabby, Pink and Pretty

**** The following pics are from sweet Kim's blog *** Have you ever visited Kim from Shabby, Pink and Pretty?

Kim's blog is one of the first girly blogs I found 3 years ago when I first started blogging! If you need a pretty fix- go to Kim's!
This pic demands to be on here twice so we will let it! ☺ I ♥ paper forget Me Nots!
Kim collects and takes pictures of the PRETTIEST dishes and linens and she has also been gathering craft supplies all these years. And now! Kim is crafting! Hurray! I knew she could do it! Take a look at these sweet and pretty tags that she made and gave to me this last Christmas. (Thanks again, Kim!)

Aren't they sweet? If you've been wanting to dip your toes into the pool of crafting- go for it! you can do it, too!

The sun is shinning here today and the guys are finally finishing up the work on our spare room! Hurray!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strawberries For Rednesday!

Isn't this kitty just adorable?! Sue, thanks so much for coming up with such sweet images for our special day! Welcome to Rednesday, girls! Today I want to show you this strawberry pic that hangs in my vintage farm house kitchen. It sure was hard to get a pic of it without a glare!The frame was from the Goodwill and the strawberries are just scrapbook paper from Joann's. I just took the old goodwill pic out and popped the paper in. Easy peasy custom decor! I'll be showing you more strawberry items and "decorating on a budget" ideas on Rednesdays to come!

I'm linking up with Sue and the Girls over at It's A Very Cherry World!
Go check it out!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Life On The Farm

Every morning, my boy walks all over our 345 acre farm in hopes of seeing some wild life. He remembered to bring the camera the other day and he took this picture for me from the highest wheat field. Nice shot of the mountains, eh? He also took a pic of a huge pile of moose droppings but I won't show you THAT pic! ☺ Have a great day, friends!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Look at me- posting on a Saturday! My baby took me out on a date the other day to MacDonalds and Sally Annes! (The Salvation Army) My SA has sooo many dishes and many of them vintage. I love to go hunt for them there. Here is what I brought home. This lovely Eggshell Nautilus plate. I had fun looking it up on the net and haven't found another one like it!
An unmarked blue bowl... I wonder how many Thanksgiving dinners this bowl has seen?
I'll admit that I've thought about being jealous of the "new dishes from Cath girls" and even the "new dishes (that look like Cath's) from TJ Max girls" but I decided I will be content with my delish dishes from the thrift store and be THAT kind of girl! Besides, I think they need me. ☺ Ya think?

Have a great week end, girls!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gooseberry Patch On Rednesday

I'm doing my part to spread some cheer on this snowy Rednesday! Yep, that's right! We have snow in Northern Idaho this morning! Well, I love me some good ole Goose Berry Patch! I know coasters are not supposed to be stuck to cabinet fronts with sticky tack but I've always been one to bend the rules! These are the cabinets above my fridge. I didn't like my chrome knobs at first but now they are growing on me!

Enjoy this day my friends! Go hunting for something really good in it! You *will* find it!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Heart Of The Home Party

I just love the colors in this little Heart Of the Home button! I'm linking up with Shelia @ Note Songs for this favorite cupboard party! Click here to take a peek into cupboards all over blogland! are you ready to see my favorite cupboard? If you've been here before, you've already seen it! Tah-dah! Here it is! So I sort of cheated. ☺ I call these my happy shelves above my kitchen sink but it is actually a cupboard with the doors off. I guess you can call my style of decorating: Vintage Kindergarten ☺

The "Aunt Bee" cake carrier and canisters are recent additions to my farm house kitchen and I love them so much! They came from my local antique shop that opened right before Christmas. That's my mother's rolling pin up on the top shelf. She made great pastries with that rolling pin- a knack I did NOT inherit!

Thanks for coming by my blog! I will do my best to return the visit.

A big thanks to Shelia for hosting this party!