Hi, I'm Holly! Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Hi, I'm Holly!  Welcome to cutie pie cottage

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Easter Swap Surprise!

Yum and swoon! I adore paper Forget Me Nots! I could almost eat them! If you've never done a swap before, you'll want to after seeing this post! I saved my Easter swap package for Easter morn and I'm so glad I did! Here's the front of the cutie pie tag that Sandy O made for me! Meow! The Forget Me Nots and baby bootie she gave me wanted to be in the picture, too!

Here's the back! Isn't that little envelope sweet? I adore gingham and kitties, too!

Sandy gave me other goodies also and here they are all wrapped up still. Am I not -just so patient? ☺

Such pretty little surprises!

Look! An altered Journal! I've wanted to make my own for so long but this is much better! I love the "rag" binding! I love it all!

Such a cute clothes pin posing with little doo-dad friends!

Unlike most of you girls, *MY* candy made it into the photo shoot! ☺(Sorry- all that chocolate made me kind of bratty!) ☺

An itty bitty basket! Just the other day, I was marveling over the lack of fuzzy chickies in my life! I'm so glad Sandy included these guys!

Thank you so much, Sandy! You made me feel so special!
Well, I hope you all had a happy Easter, even if you didn't get a swap package as cool as mine! ☺

I took some pics of the tag and egg that I made for Sandy but I'll show those in another post.


Sandy said...

Holly.... I'm so happy that you liked your little goodies.... I had fun making most of them or embellishing the ones that needed embellishing. Great pictures! I love all my goodies too...they made them to my Easter table for ALL my family to enjoy. Thank you again for being the best swapping partern a swapper could ask for. Not to mention becoming my new friend. I treasure that.
xoso Sandy O

Kim said...

Oh you lucky girl... What an awesome box of swap goodies. Everything looks so cute.

The Easter bunny was definately good to you today!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Easter Holly Sweetie...
Looks like the Easter Bunny (Sandy) was certainly good to you.

Love the little fuzzy chickies, I kept looking for some, but never did find one, maybe next year. Look at the chocolates you have there, yummy.

Such a wonderful share from your friend. Looks like you had a wonderful exchange sweetie.

Hope you were surrounded by the kids and grands today. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Lisa said...

Oh Holly!! What a wonderful swap! I loved the one I did, just haven't gotten into another one since. I do hope you enjoy all the goodies!!
Happy Easter!
Hugs, Lisa

Sandy said...

WOW! What a wonderful Easter surprise all of this had to be for you! Sandy did a wonderful job! I want to thank you for being in my first swap, I learned a lot and I hope to have more in the future! Sandy

Susan S. said...

Wow....that very impressive! All the goodies are so cute and sweet. This was my first swap and I'm looking forward to doing more! Happy Spring Ya'll from Houston, TX

Amy said...

Holly, I can attest to the excitement Sandy had in 'making' these things for you. She was all giddy like a kid. Enjoy!

Linda Ruthie said...

Another adorable tag! I'm having so much fun seeing everyone's swap.

Jane said...

Love all your swap goodies, Holly! You really have some cuties there, even chocolate too!
This was such a fun swap!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

how fun! im glad you were able to do a swap, you deserve it hun ♥ cute cute goodies you got!